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  1. Old, out of print, and licenced. They could put PDFs up on DTRPG like a lot of older RPGs from the 80s which are already available, but all these you mention are licenced to an author which they have little hope, or no interest in renewing for re-issuing.
  2. Again, it's the combination of the two that seems unusual, I have no difficulty in understanding the OGL, but thanks for Crag- 'splaining it.
  3. It's not the "no open open game content" disclaimer that's unusual, it's that plus the OGL used at the same time that I think is unusual. No Mongoose Glorantha books ever used the OGL as far as I'm aware.
  4. Thanks for the correction, it doesn't mention that in the contents and the 'no open content' disclaimer is unusual.
  5. PDF also on DTRPG https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/344904/Jackals-Bronze-Age-Fantasy-Roleplaying From reading the reviews, it's quite a bit different from OQ, and it does not use an OGL of any kind. Apparently it does use the OGL, p.270.
  6. If you can get @Belgath to re-surface this sounds like it's right up his street.
  7. CoC and Mythras aren't settings, they're rule systems which have various settings written for them. I can see a game jumping across different settings (Luther Arkwright is designed for this) but mixing settings and rules together is probably a waste of time outside of a one-off game or short campaign. There was a White Dwarf scenario called "Ancient & Modern" which used CoC rules and characters for the modern part of the scenario, then switched to AD&D for the millions of years in the past, ancient world fantastical setting, but I don't know much else that does that. There are a number
  8. Upping power level of PCs is one way to make them robust, but what I would do is emphasise the importance of Luck Points, and in your case I would definitely use Group Luck - where the group of PCs has access to a pool of luck points that can be spent to assist one of the other characters. Using group luck is a good device for promoting group cohesion and assistance. Mythras luck points allow a player to re-roll a roll they just made, or reverse the roll (a 10 becomes a 01), or compel the same for the GM. Luck points can also save a character from a lethal wound, or allow a heroic last ac
  9. Correct, CF emulates (AFAIK) AD&D 2nd edition well enough that you can run modules for that edition fairly easily. It has the races, classes, magic systems and monsters from d&d. There's a kind-of-but-not-really levelling system for classes (4 ranks in each) but it's largely level-free. If you want non-d&d fantasy there's a number of supplements - big ones are the ones set in Thennla https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/4057/Design-Mechanism/subcategory/8030_32288/Thennla There's Lyonesse https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/4057/Design-Mechanism/subcategory/8030_3
  10. M-Space is a standalone book, not a Mythras supplement, so you do not need any other ruleset alongside it, M-Space reproduces anything it needs from Mythras Imperative. For obvious reasons it's easier to use Mythras if you are using a Mythras supplement, but you could reverse-engineer fairly easily. Bear in mind Mythras Imperative is not the core Mythras rules, the main Mythras core book is the best place to start if you are going to run a game using the system. The core rule book is 10 times the length of Imperative. I think it more comes down to which supplement you are most likely to base a
  11. Chaosium should probably just publish a version of BRP as a SRD under an Open Game Licence, this would allow anyone to publish their own game under that licence and do whatever they wanted as long they conformed to the terms of the licence. That way you would not need to seek permission for any rules changes.
  12. You can ask these questions ad infinitum, why not just read the first two pages of the BRP OGL? It answers your questions, which I suspect is its function. 😎
  13. There are no hopeful folks, there's just my suggestion that Mythras Gateway is one way for the Renaissance settings to continue. I did not suggest, nor do I hope that TDM would 'throw extra production resources' to support such a project. It is simply the case that there is a close relation between both the system for Renaissance and Mythras and the approach to the campaign settings, and that Mythras is very active, with TDM's own publications and Gateway authors releasing independently. TDM has recently released "Fioracitta" which is a fantasy city setting based on Renaissance Italian city st
  14. Too ambitious for me Noz, but you might have some luck on the Mythras discord - https://discord.gg/RqwyHdG There's a "Mythic Britain" channel in the campaign settings category.
  15. As Prinz says, there are a number of previously-BRP project which have moved to Mythras - Classic Fantasy and M-Space, for example as well as TDM's expanding settings for Mythic Earth and other campaign settings in science fiction and fantasy. There's a growing number of associated authors writing both for in-house TDM and Gateway publications. Reading what Peter has said in April, it sounds like an interested collaborator would help, the Mythras community is very active and there are lots of people interested in historical settings. At the moment there's nothing in the Mythras range which cov
  16. Perhaps translating the system to a version of Mythras? The Design Mechanism look pretty busy these days, but a Gateway publication with a partner might be the way to go, in the way that Clarence has done with M-Space and Odd Soot.
  17. I would just make the "man" a druid, as per Mythic Britain. As an "elf" he may be a kind-of-spirit himself, or at least a supernatural creature manifest in the mundane world as a normal-seeming man. Maybe I've missed something but it does seem very much like he is a druid (shaman) ... so why the need for sorcery? So, if you haven't looked much at Animism, all he needs is Trance and Binding to find and negotiate with the spirits, and Lore(Annwyn) and Lore(Tír na nÓg) or the Saxon otherworlds, so that he has knowledge of the places and spirits there.
  18. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/322125/Dawn-of-the-Red-Daggers-RA1 Dawn of the Red Daggers RA1 From Cthonic Creations (by Umbral Dragon)
  19. Raleel and I talk about and around Animism in Mythras. This episode is less rules-noodly and a bit broader than our first two discussions. https://anchor.fm/opposedroles/episodes/Animism-in-Mythras---Part-One-egitr5 Show Notes: Raleel and Bilharzia discuss how to use Animism in your game, drawing from depictions of spirits and Animism in media, other games, and their own experience of using Animism in Mythras. HeroQuest Voices was mentioned in the podcast https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/issaries/heroquest-voices/ Bil use
  20. Thanks for the sheet. For those that use it, the rtf document can be pasted perfectly into a Roll20 handout.
  21. Mythic Babylon - I made some notes a while ago listening to the podcast, but I would recommend giving it a listen, I certainly missed some bits and may be mis-representing some things here. Mythic Babylon podcast notes. Set in the land between the rivers - Mesopotamia. Covers the old Babylonian period 1765 BC and can be used several hundred years from that date. Originally designed to be historical setting later added Mythical elements The rise of Babylon under Hammurabi & the clash of great kingdoms - the rivalry between Elam and Mari Mythic elements - monsters and magic
  22. We're back with Episode 2 - this one is about Movement and Engagement. https://anchor.fm/opposedroles
  23. $25.00 for the PDF only version.
  24. It's not clear from the podcast, but are power points to activate powers completely gone now?
  25. You can quite easily borrow Mythras' treatment of skills and shields - one or more Combat Style skills cover a group of weapons known, and shields are treated as weapons with specific traits, one being 'ranged parry' so you can both parry missiles with a shield and also use them to passively ward a number of locations, if you're using hit locations. Mythras Imperative is a free download and has the core combat system detailed. Combat Styles are as broad or as narrow as the campaign setting wants, so a Roman Legionnaire might include all the weapons he is equipped and trained with, a barb
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