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    Call of Cthulu Runequest and Elric! Ringworld and Superworld, Golden Heroes. Fallout and Lords of Creation.
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    I'm an armchair anarchist with delusions of grandeur
  1. Never fear, have a beer, and be in good cheer Conrad is here!;-D

  2. I'll come to Nottingham if Mythic Iceland ever gets printed, and you can show me your copy, or run a game for me. By that time teelportation will have been perfected, as it will be in the far future.:(

  3. You will have to visit some time and get in on a game, or run one! ;D I hope you like beer too!

  4. Last time I checked an hour or so by bus.:)

  5. Romerac, you must be crazy to want a half troll as me on your friends list. I hope you don't regret it! And how far is Sheffield from Nottingham?;)

  6. I have been lurking too long and have decided to join the ranks of BRP Central. It is nice and easy logging in from Facebook.
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