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  1. Never fear, have a beer, and be in good cheer Conrad is here!;-D

  2. I'll come to Nottingham if Mythic Iceland ever gets printed, and you can show me your copy, or run a game for me. By that time teelportation will have been perfected, as it will be in the far future.:(

  3. You will have to visit some time and get in on a game, or run one! ;D I hope you like beer too!

  4. Chaosium have annouced that they are publishing Enlightened Magic, a Western Tradition Sorcery & Alchemy Sourcebook for Basic Roleplaying. Enlightened Magic combined with the newest, long awaited, edition Cthulhu by Gaslight looks like it would make for a great Victorian occult game. I get tired of the Cthulhu mythos being the only "occult" background for BRP and would like to see more. Nephilim didn't work for me as there wasn't an option to play the nephilim as the bad guys. Maybe Enlightened Magic will kickstart a small diversion from the path of the Cthulhu mythos?
  5. Oh, so its not just a reference to them after all. Good. So there is plenty of stuff (a whole chapter, as you write) to do with elves, or as they were known to the Norse, the Alfar. I know the difference between full on Tolkienistic fantasy and a more historical, more realistic fantasy, with the fantasy elements a lot less full on. I never wrote that "you have elves running over the place (sic) all time." That is your misconception. You were the one that misled me into thinking that there were no stats for the Alfar when you wrote this... When in fact there is an entire chapter on them, according to you, with yummy yummy stats. Thats what I am looking for. Thanks for elaborating on the contents of the book. I will definately buy if it ever appears in book form.
  6. Any supplement that has the term "Mythic" in its title and deals with an Icelandic/Norse setting had better have the original concepts of elves and dwarves, Alfar and Dvergar, mentioned in it; otherwise it isn't doing its job. If there are no stats for them I'm glad that I bought MRQII Vikings, which does more than reference them, and the mythic elements in that setting are also optional. They are very different from the original Norse concepts. Gimli would be a statue if he went about in daylight if he was more like the Norse Dvergar, and Alfar can be more like spirits at times than physical creatures.
  7. I think you'll find plenty of elves and dwarfs in Mythic Iceland. The original concepts from which Tolkien derived his fantasy folk.
  8. Last time I checked an hour or so by bus.:)

  9. Romerac, you must be crazy to want a half troll as me on your friends list. I hope you don't regret it! And how far is Sheffield from Nottingham?;)

  10. Does this get some kind of award for the longest time for a supplement to get published?
  11. Thanks for the welcome Trifletraxor.
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