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    Started RPing in 1980 and have never looked back. D&D, AD&D, 3.5, Pathfinder, RQ (mythic Europe edition), Ars Magica, White Wolf, GURPS
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    Pathfinder, mostly. Looking for RQ and new V5, currently.
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    Gen X-er, Old-Goth-Boy-That-Grew-Up-and-Got-a-Straight-Job, science nerd, recent father

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  1. Just caught up with everything since the Heroquest. One does not mess with one's dog. Wonderfully entertaining as always, gentlemen. Can't wait for the next session.
  2. I have been running and playing RPGs (mostly Pathfinder, lately) in a play-by-post style on Roll20 for several years now. A virtual table top has the advantage of having your dice and layout right to hand (as opposed to a forum play by post.) None of my friends ever have the luck to be free to sit down and play live over VTT together, but it works fine for play-by-post. Something like a Roll20 also lets you keep and update character sheets online with the game, as well. Oh, also - I'd definitely be up to play in a RQG game...
  3. What a cliffhanger indeed! Brilliant as ever, send my compliments to the party.
  4. I just found and greedily consumed this thread, and wanted to join in the heaping of praises! This is a fantastic work.
  5. Please keep them coming! Definitely enjoying your recaps!
  6. Crodan( spelling?)'s pronouncements of "Don't worry, lads, I have a plan," are rivaling Blackadder's Baldric saying, 'My lord, I have a cunning plan..." But none of Baldric's involved baiting a triceratops.
  7. Fantastic as always! Thanks for this- to you and your players. It makes my long commutes fly by (Though people beside me in traffic may wonder why I occasionally howl with laughter for no apparent reason...)
  8. I just caught up to your latest episode, and I'm eagerly awaiting more! It sounds like you have quite a crew of players, and I'm having a blast listening. Well done, all around.
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