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    Started playing AD&D around 1980, played various games between 1980-85, including RQ and CoC, became a RuneQuest GM in about 1982, stopped playing when Avalon Hill bought RQ from Chaosium. I started playing again in January 2019 and am greatly enjoying it.
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    Runequest Glorantha
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    Kraków, Poland
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    A Scot living in Kraków, Poland for the last 25 years.
  1. I'm not a newbie to Glorantha having started playing RQ in the early 80s, but I most definitely am a noob on these boards, and I'm still grappling with half-remembered rules from RQ2 and how they interact with RQG, so everything here is of intense interest to me. From my perspective, I've found your input to always be most helpful, and I would echo others in saying don't let a couple of emojis put you off.
  2. What an excellent creature. They should be added to the Bestiary.
  3. Yeah, what's that about? The RQ:G cover is amazing.
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