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    Started playing AD&D around 1980, played various games between 1980-85, including RQ and CoC, became a RuneQuest GM in about 1982, stopped playing when Avalon Hill bought RQ from Chaosium. I started playing again in January 2019 and am greatly enjoying it.
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    A Scot living in Kraków, Poland for the last 25 years.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Will that be IRL or an online game? If the latter, count me in!
  2. Totally off topic, but John Wick is renowned for killing 3 men with a pencil. [EDIT] Pencil skill at 150%?
  3. We decided not to swap out beast for spirit because that would set up an opposition between man and spirit which would lead to strange game situations where one was pitted against the other. The spirit rune is associated with Daka Fal, though, as can be seen on p. 47 and 291 of RQG, so there really ought to be some game mechanic for it, no? Thanks for the suggestions on how to use it, I'm pretty sure we can come up with a house rule that covers it. 👍
  4. Oh, excellent. Sounds like we may be team mates then.
  5. Sure, I can do that. It's not up to me, of course, but to the GM. But I'll see what I can do.
  6. Even in chargen, there's no space on the character sheet for the Spirit rune, which is as important for the shaman profession as it is for Daka Fal, the cult of which my character is an initiate. 1. Where would you put the spirit rune, if you would. And if you wouldn't, why not? 2. Corollary of q. 1. If not the spirit rune, where does the assistant shaman get his/her runic inspiration from when they want an augment? Think that'll do for now. All suggestions of advice gratefully accepted.
  7. I'm currently playing in 2 RQ: Glorantha campaigns on Roll20. Unfortunately they're both full at the moment, but you never know!
  8. I'm not a newbie to Glorantha having started playing RQ in the early 80s, but I most definitely am a noob on these boards, and I'm still grappling with half-remembered rules from RQ2 and how they interact with RQG, so everything here is of intense interest to me. From my perspective, I've found your input to always be most helpful, and I would echo others in saying don't let a couple of emojis put you off.
  9. What an excellent creature. They should be added to the Bestiary.
  10. Yeah, what's that about? The RQ:G cover is amazing.
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