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  1. I've never been The Keeper (and only have two sessions under my belt), but if I DID get the chance to rum a game... either Melbourne, Berlin, or Harlem. So, anywhere with an official 7e book in the standard ERA but not the standard AREAS, I guess. Random thought: I want an LA book, now that I think about it. And, yes, I know Trail had 'Filmland', but that's not 7e...
  2. And it's out! I hadn't expected it to be out THIS quick. I knew it was next of the docket, but... But yes, all three of Chaosium's official Solitare campaigns, together in 7e. A lovely sight.
  3. Especially with the massive infusions we got from Crit Role and are now getting from Acq. Inc.. I wouldn't be suprised if that was half the point of this release. Anyway, the cover's fine and now I can NOT wait for the Dreamlands. I didn't even know that book was happening.
  4. Going by the title and cover (which I couldn't find a full version of or I'd attach it), it looks like 'Alone Against the Wendigo' finally getting update to Seventh Edition as 'Alone Against the Frost' and is next on the release docket. I'm glad to hear that we will now have all three of Chaosium's published Solitaire adventures in Seventh. https://rollingboxcars.com/2019/09/13/editors-desk-chaosium-announces-the-impending-release-of-alone-against-the-frost/
  5. From what I've gathered, this is another adventure compilation. Specifically, three short (about two hours) one-shots. My guess is it's meant for newcomers who still need to get their feet webbed... I mean, wet.
  6. If this leads to those idiots summoning Nyarlathotep, Laundry-style, I am going to be so annoyed.
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