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  1. Thank you very much, this overview is very helpful. There's maybe one question very dear to me. I mainly play with my family including kids between 6 to 12. So in every rpg I look for options making characters very resilient, because the children tend to become very frustrated if their characters are too squishy. They want to feel somewhat heroic. I have seen, there are rules in the Mythras Companion to set a power level to pulp hero and paragon. I have no real practical experience with Mythras yet and how squishy characters tend to be in adventures with much combat. I know in Pulp Cthulh
  2. I was thinking of Mass Effect, mainly. In the meantime I've skimmed a bit through Mythras and I could absolutely imagine to use it as the generic D100 system for homebrew settings as it seems to be kept more updated than BRP, which last revision was in 2008, if I'm correct. Update: @clarence, btw looking forward to M-Space and the Companion, I just purchased a moment ago. Looking forward to the books. 😊
  3. So it is not a general Fantasy supplement but a AD&D specific supplement? Is there a more general fantasy supplement?
  4. Being new to Mythras on my search for my "to go" generic mechanics, I stumbled over Mythras and delving into Mythras Imperative, I really like what I see. Now there are quite some supplements, I try to figure out which one is the setting agnostic "standard" book for each genre. For instance, I was told M-Space is the book to go for homebrew scifi settings. Which would be the books for: - SciFi - Modern World - Fantasy - Flexible supernatural powers in any shape, from Psi to classical fantasy magic or singular powers? - Equipment Guides - Bestiaries - Hor
  5. Thank you very much, I will certainly take a look into Mythras. Btw, is Classic Fantasy similar to Mythras for generic fantasy as M-Space is for scifi?
  6. As I slowly dig into D100 games and purchased a lot of RQG and CoC 7th, which I love very much mechanics-wise, I decided to go for BRP as my to go "generic system" for homebrew settings. Here's some context. Of what I understand from the "New Version" thread, it is very unlikely that there will be an updated version of the BGB and no generic material for different genres appart from what was already published a while ago. There are books for specific settings like Cthulhu invictus for late roman republic, for Pulp Cthulhu for pulpy CoC, Darker trails for a Western setting, but nothing s
  7. This "of all kinds" includes different variants for supernatural effects, if it's classical magic, or modern psi or the kind of "The Force" and "bionics". Is there a supplement compatible with BRP/CoC to create certain flexible effects rather than vancian style lists of spells?
  8. A BRP newbie question about M-Space, which is mentioned alot when BRP SciFi settings are asked for. I tend to go for BRP/CoC as my to go "generic" system for homebrew settings. There's lovely Pulp Cthulhu with the Pulp-O-Meter to make playerchars more resilient. There is Cthulhu invictus for ancient play, Down Darker Trails for Western settings. The only thing I miss is an elaborate source book for SciFi settings. So here's the question, how much, if at all, is M-Space compatible with CoC? Is it possible to salvage it for BRP/CoC? Or is there too laborous conversion to be done? This inclu
  9. Are there any supplements or Monographies which could help with a scifi approach? I'll do as well, because I really do like these game mechanics and love to see more. Even if it's just pdfs.
  10. I was planning on running my wife and son first through the CAC quick start scenario and then through the RQG. So having a horror and a fantasy setting I might do an Alien one-shot with the CaC iteration of the rules to have the scifi genre covered as well. I'd love doing Mass Effect with a generic system, so my hope is somewhat high that BRP will get some love for Chaosium.
  11. The main task for me is, to keep the amount of systems to a minimum for my family, especially the kids are not keen to learn a multitude of game systems. And especially when I do some spontaneous one shots, they don't want to learn a new system each time. I agree that specific game systems for specific settings do best, due to my point from above a very good second best generic game system would perfectly for me, save me much time and gain the acceptance of my family. I want to enthuse my kids for RPGs and not confuse them. You are absolutely correct, as BRP is a much deadlier sys
  12. My online FLGS had every box already sold via preorder and were only able to restock after the following KS by Gurps for a reprint of the box and that was immediatly sold as well. True, though having an updated BRP Corebook based on an updated SRD could prove worthwile. For fans and for licensees. And I agree, a generic corebook is probably not as much in demand as setting but it can still produce a sizable following. At least sizable enough to make the production of the generic system worthwhile. Take FFG Star Wars and the Genesys system for instance. In my case I played FFGs S
  13. Exactly, just look at what they made out of the Gurps Dungeon Fantasy pdf document line. This Kickstarter was advertised as "Powered by Gurps" and reached close to 180k. Not bad for a niche product, based on what is almost solely perceived as a Generic System without any setting on its one (maybe Discworld being more or less the only prominent exception). Indeed, for me as a newbie for instance, I'd have a hard time to create a homebrew setting based on the SRD. Like I mentioned in my Mass Effect example: And as BRP/BRP SRD is the concrete of all those settings, it wo
  14. It does indeed really look very nice and I backed it, but I struggle a bit diving into such "abstract" games. Something with skillsets like BRP or Gurps are rather my thing. It's probably due to having solely played D&D for decades, that I am used to defined skills. Genesys is a neat generic system as wekk, but it's dice system is a bit too clunky for my taste, like that of savage worlds. But BRP could be right up my alley crunch wise between Genesys and Gurps. Knowing that @Jason D is involved in BRP and the line editor of RQG, I have high hopes for some BRP love. I appreciate his wo
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