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  1. I'm pretty sure that Chaosium isn't keen on the discussion of the merits of National Socialism on their Pendragon forum. Just saying . . .
  2. Yes, yet in all games people have to accpet the rules and setting that they exist in. I disagree. RPGs require everyone involved to accept the rules they and setting parameters they agree with. Nobody runs a game exactly as written. If one can make exceptions because a rule seems out of balance, they can certainly make an exception to the setting. Nothing stops you from running your campaign with male knights only. Why do you think the rules shouldn't support other approaches? Indeed, and that includes keeping existing customers. Putting the existing cu
  3. A. It's a game. Games are supposed to be fun. B. It's the product of a game company. C. Game companies like to make sales. D. At least half of the RPG market is now female. E. Like men, many women like the option of playing characters of their own gender. F. The game now puts slightly more emphasis on female PCs. G. If this bothers you because you feel that it is historically inaccurate, discredits the source material, or in some other way runs afoul of your vision of Pendragon, refer back to A.
  4. Here's my take on lethality in any game, be it RQ, QW, D&D, BitD, Y0, you name it: Dice don't kill characters, players do. I don't kill characters unless their player thinks it's a good day to die. That blow that crushes a PC's skull? It looks worse than it is. The PC will wake up later, probably in captivity, and facing a new adventure! But what if you're trying to reduce how newb PCs go down, not just how often they die? Well, I can't really give much advice on RQ specifically, because I'm not an aficionado of those rules, but the most obvious answer is to apply a thick layer o
  5. Canon for authors of official products is useful and beneficial. It helps keep a product on course, maintain its "voice," and preserve consistency. Canon wielded by consumers is a narrow gate in which one old grognard can hold off hundreds of potential new adapters of a setting. Combine canon with a deep lore, much of which is no longer in print or was never available for general sale and there's the potential to create an insular sandbox, populated only by old cats and their own cherished products. Internal canon helps build great games. Canon wielded by consumers is a game kil
  6. Ducks are okay. There are several operating at Black Spear Village and the Anmangarn never participated in the Duck Hunts.
  7. That's cool! Thanks! Have fun with 'em!
  8. If you're not writing an official supplement for Chaosium, Glorantha canon is nonsense. No setting survives contact with actual play. This is true of all games and all settings. Don't waste hours researching who the thane of Whozitstead is according to canon. It's your game. The thane is who you need it to be. Don't like how a cult is written up? Change it in your game. Change ANYTHING that doesn't fit your vision of YOUR Glorantha. Have fun running your game and your players will have fun running it. Leave laborious research, synthesis of disparate sources, and thesis w
  9. When I ran RQ, I did as has been suggested and gave PCs until the end of the next round to heal their fallen comrades. That still has a tactical impact on combat and introduces some tension without being murderous, particularly to characters who drop to 0 at the end of the round. I honestly assumed the RAW was a typo of some sort, because it's pretty unfair to PCs who are taken out in later SRs.
  10. I take a pretty simple and admittedly simple-minded approach this sort of thing: Never let the rules get in the way of the PC doing something cool. It's a big part of why they play the game. If the Movement Rune seems logical to assist in moving up a wall, let 'em do it. If some of your players don't think that's restrictive enough, they're perfectly free to only use Water for Agility skills for their own PC.
  11. Maybe you can become one of Argrath's warlocks!!
  12. YES! This is an awesome tactic to use. Give the PCs a chance to influence the story without spending any Hero Points. That's a great suggestion, that I'll definitely start using!
  13. Investigation rolls are a great time to use costly automatic successes. This allows you to ensure that the players get the info they need to move the story forward, while potentially suffering for bad rolls or benefitting from great rolls. I usually assume that any result gets them the info they need, but failures include some potentially misleading information and brilliant successes allow them to deduce something else that increases he value of the clue. If my players are investigating something that doesn't impact the story (although they may THINK it does), I have them make normal con
  14. Also anything stupid that Minion1stClass says the GM does or says in this campaign is completely fabricated and libelous!
  15. PCs taking on NPCs as PCs! It sounds almost like troupe play!
  16. Nobody else has character art to share? Anybody want to commission some?
  17. Here's what her back tattoo would look like (although on a significantly more feminine back).
  18. No worries. I wrote my response in a rush, so I probably wasn't as clear as I could have been! In a simple contest of any kind, the prize states the overall outcome of the scene, which is narrated based on how well or poorly the contest went for the PC. In an extended contest, there should be a prize for each exchange. AP bids should reflect the nature of the prize. The more ambitious the prize, the more it exposes the PC to harm. Since each player's turn order is firmly established, there's no problem with narrating the result of each of their contests in the exchange as they happen
  19. Wow! Thanks! It takes some adjustment as both a player and a GM. One thing that I did to ease myself and my players into it was using group simple contests for most combats. That seems counter-intuitive, but bear with me. After running several combats, I got players used to giving me more descriptive descriptions of what they were attempting and the specific prize they were after. They also started setting each other up for success, i.e., player A's prize would give player B an advantage. Then I'd narrate the outcome and let the players interrupt if they wanted to say what they though
  20. What do you think is lacking in QW for combat oriented games or scenes? That isn't an ambush question or anything. I'm really interested to hear what you think about QW and combat heavy scenes.
  21. Godspeed, Mr. Holloway. Your illustrations fueled the inspiration of a whole generation of escapist kids. You'll be missed.
  22. My Anmangarn are a small, semi-nomadic hunter gatherer clan. They maintain the village of Blackspear to provide a safe haven for children and elders who are unable to withstand the rigors of living in the wilds. The clan is responsible for maintaining the safety of the Black Spear, which they do through a special warrior society called the Black Spear Guard. Only Anmangarn or those adopted into the clan as Anmangarn can join the BSG, and they still must survive the society's rigorous initiation tests.
  23. That's how I treat them in my home campaign.
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