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    Grew up on Vampire and Hunter in the 90s, I've been running games for a three years as a GM, currently online only, i run about 2-3 games a week from campaigns to 1 shots.
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    CoC, Dead of Night, Achtung Cthulhu, Plup, tiny bit of COD.
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    I run a Discord group called RPG Nook, and produce content to keep the members content. Sometimes those scenarios find their way to Drivethru.
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  2. Very cool. I like that they should come in various shapes and sizes. I don't mind the nails etc either. They should have a culture and society behind them they are mean to be the darkness in mans heart, but they are still thinking and capable humanoids, not beasts. They know spells, worship gods, and befriend humans all the time. I made up a ghoul language a while back for Wail of the Witch. Players loved it. Based of Arabic.
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