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    I run a Discord group called RPG Nook, and produce content to keep the members content. Sometimes those scenarios find their way to Drivethru.

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  1. The package is a board strokes experience. One that creates a non believer scientist that is set in their ways. Its not a real world personal tailored pack. If you wish, you can create the young genius scientist, and you have to remember this is set in 1920... its not today's enlightened and rapid education system. I could easily do the same to existing experience packages, saying the Military Experience Pack that is included in the core book does accurately reflect my grandfathers experiences, in fact he couldn't stand blood, and bodies. Where the rules would give that PC immunity to see such things. So what i'd do as a keeper is modify it if a player came to me with this issue. The rules are a base line not the ultimate authority, modify it to suit, this was what this was for. A player came to me with her experiences, and this was born. I thought i'd share it for a bit of fun... Saying that, how about i lower it to 40? would that appease you some?
  2. I did Civil Eng but moved into modelmaking and 3d design, i do have several friends are in the industry (medical labs, grant work from Edinburgh/Bristol). but even then it doesn't matter. So yes you could discredit my argument, stating i'm not a scientist, if you wish.
  3. This is covered with Specialisations: Transferable Skill Benefit - pg78. If you wish to use it, go for it. Scientists are famous for not letting go of their theories in the face of evidence to the contrary. Their whole careers can hinge on them being right or wrong. Famously Einstein quote "god does not play dice with the universe" was about this. He was unable to accept new evidence and change his belief in mathematical laws of nature which challenged by quantum physics. You can also look at the harsh exchange of letters from many scientist from the time to see that it was a real fight for recognition and see the struggle to over throw readily held positions of belief. Look at climate change now, both side are admit and are angry to the point of mentally crumbling. Experience, invested time in a field means putting in the years, so it really does. Where you will have the odd stand out genius, and yes i know young scientist too. But are they leading the fields in a science? no. They are presenting papers to 50+ old heads of departments or just cleaning out test tubes. 75% in a skill is an expert level, and i'd like to think to get there, the investment isn't just high school and a winning smile. I wanted to give it meaning as with the package it will mean probably breaching that number. 10000 hours and all that, this also plays into the inability to accept new ideas.
  4. To expand on what senechal said which is spot on. the mythos is also real, the point is the sceptical scientist would make the argument for it being a rational phenomenon where science can explain it even if the answer is not apparent, the limits are only from the starting of the PC, there is meant to be a breaking of the archetype as its non believer status is removed offering good RPing candy and an personal arc as everything they hold dear is torn away. This is much like vehemently defending their theories even in the face of mounting evidence it was wrong. The extra Intel roll to deny the reality of the mytho is there for this reason.
  5. How could you not have a hunchback! That would be a glorious thing.
  6. There has be some discontent with creating scientists with the starting rates of 01% in science within my groups. So to combat this a bit i've come up with a Scientist Experience Package to appease them as a house rule, and i wondered what others thought about it. Or if anyone has thoughts on playing scientists in general. Must start over 50 years old Must start as a non-believer, and must pass a INT roll as well to change their staunch view or remain a non-believer even in the face of the truth Gains 70 bonus skill points in the any of follow skills: Science (any two), Library Use Note: Cannot spend skill points on occult from the start.
  7. They will protect and raise their own children, Innsmouth looked out for themselves, so i would say they would nurture sure, in a way Innsmouth is all about this, they are a cult living what they see as a normal life. They have a town with civics, industry, and religion. Cultists are humans and would still have those values until they lost themselves to insanity, and even then they aren't mythos so their values are grounded somewhat no matter how abhorrent they become. I'd add that full Deep Ones would be mythos, and those wouldn't care i wouldn't think, they would use humans, much like a bot fly would. It's just that the humans they use are fans of being used, ie the cult.
  8. Nice to see it get an update to art, Alan Bligh's scenarios were some of the best, crimson letters is very underrated.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Very cool. I like that they should come in various shapes and sizes. I don't mind the nails etc either. They should have a culture and society behind them they are mean to be the darkness in mans heart, but they are still thinking and capable humanoids, not beasts. They know spells, worship gods, and befriend humans all the time. I made up a ghoul language a while back for Wail of the Witch. Players loved it. Based of Arabic.
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