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    Grew up on Vampire and Hunter in the 90s, I've been running games for a three years as a GM, currently online only, i run about 2-3 games a week from campaigns to 1 shots.
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    CoC, Dead of Night, Achtung Cthulhu, Plup, tiny bit of COD.
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    I run a Discord group called RPG Nook, and produce content to keep the members content. Sometimes those scenarios find their way to Drivethru.

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  1. I've gone back to playing some 1920s scenario recently and i've been a bit spoiled with the Old West Character sheets. There is a History section for a character bio of the PCs on the old west one, i'm just looking to see if there is there any plans to update the standard Classic sheets to include this newer style? Its pretty handy. Where it does cut down some of the space for equipment, i think its worth it, especially for pregens.
  2. 9 pt Georgia font. From the MR templates.
  3. Page 133 second paragraph; Meeting Hawkings, page @@
  4. Yog-sothoth's wiki is a very good resource for this sort of thing, tho be aware sometimes not as complete as it could be All the listed deep one scenarios: https://www.yog-sothoth.com/wiki/index.php/Category:CoC:Deep_One_scenarios
  5. I'm actually interested to see if The Dreaming Stone makes it on the makeover list. We know Dreamlands is in full swing, and Ross is back writing Old West Stuff... I guess we can dream.
  6. page 119 Shantak, top of second column ....the proper bindings lest they unseat and east their riders. Should be eat their riders.
  7. a lot of groups serialise the 1 shots into a grander campaign that you can tailor to your own needs, I've just finished a year long arc of these. However you can make the arc as long or short as you feel you would need for your groups tastes. I recommend Crimson Letters as a gateway into something grander. Its a scenario that should take about 6-10 hours to complete and is fairly open ended, and has some nice NPCs to build contacts and receive work (or build as reoccurring villains) from such as Abner Wick, and Dean Fallon. From there i'd have a look at some of the mentioned collections
  8. I do photoshopped realistic images for my games. They might be of interest to you. You can see them here. https://www.instagram.com/bitesizehorror/
  9. yeah you can upload images into roll20 very easily. i also use mostly historic maps and blueprints from architectural firms. https://www.oldmapsonline.org If i can't find what i need i'll create my own, but i know that isn't an option for most. there are building design programs free online that can be used to map floor plans. i've seen good results with those.
  10. have a look at the download files again, they come in their own PDF which is separate from the main book, so should be there as a second download file.
  11. i don't fudge dice, but i will alter/fudge narrative to help the PCs along if they are floundering. Once i call for a roll it is in the open and the tension is high as they know PCs die on single dice, and have done several times in my games. I make sure the players always are the ones stepping in the way of risk themselves. They know what they are doing, and i explicitly ask them if they want are sure. Usually i'll hand that player an NPC to play afterwards if someone dies so they can continue to play and join in. My GMing mantra on this is; I don't ask for rolls that i don't want to know the
  12. Yep, but oh, this opened a can of worms. Questions that have already been ask. Is the point blank (1/5th dex) considered the definition of in Close Combat for shooting into it. which is 10-18 feet at 50-90 dex. Range weapons (bows, other primitive weapons) and throwing attack have this rule pointed out already as they are slow to use, but now it included handguns. Why only handguns, and not all guns. As Rifles/Shotguns are more cumbersome (Point Blank Revisited even gives them no bonus in this range), so why couldn't you grab those within 10-18 feet too. Walking up to an oppone
  13. This recently came up with a player that was pinned down, and while i think it is intended that you aren't meant to be using firearms in close combat, it isn't written explicitly like shooting INTO combat. My reasoning for not being able to do it are: you can't attack back with firearms if you are defending from a melee. You have an action to escape close combat. You would make a lot of melee redundant by allowing it. the Point Blank rule states 1/5th DEX for an advantage, i can't see rolling about in the mud giving an advantage. So i don't think the intent behind
  14. Also remember shotguns aren't impaling weapons unless a solid shot is used. An often overlooked disadvantage to them and no one seems to carry solid shots. Elephant guns have the 1 or 2 rule too. Pump actions don't have the "1 or 2" since they are single barrel. they have the ( ) which defines the shots that can be made.
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