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    Started roleplay at uni, after listening to a friend describe the adventures of Riatha of the Spiky Bits wandering around Prax. Started GMing about a year later, and after running one scenario as written, one adapted, and one session completely on the fly, never looked back (or used another pre-written scenario without massive modifications).
    Played in a lot of settings and with a lot of systems, but my deepest love is Glorantha. Longest campaign I've GMed was "Swords", the adventures of a group of Humakti mercenaries.
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    Pausing in GMing due to health issues and resulting acute shortage of energy. Playing now and then as a tester in RQG - not too keen on the system, it's too crunchy for me. Keep bringing "The Great Duck Point Boat Race" to conventions, and writing short stories.
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    Biggleswade, UK
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    Former programmer, former renactor, used to play with swords, bows, cannons and so on. Still do wargaming. Now teach historical cookery and a few other history-based things, plus running "Porcine Aviation Crafts".

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  1. Or to put it another way, and one rather more relevant to anyone but newbies, the three shelves or so of Gloranthan material on my shelves can all be used together, as later things (RQ3, HW, HQ) gradually built on and expanded others, with the few suggested horrible clashes (all female Wind Lords vanishing because Greg was an oblivious idiot) being firmly squashed at the time. The new RQG not only clashes, but apparently does so deliberately, so we won't even be getting errata to put things right as we used to (remember the people who repeatedly failed to read KoS and got the date of the Bat at Whitewall wrong?). So, choice between one new and rather expensive book, or the last twenty years of development? Shame it has to be a choice, but it is, and it's a no-brainer.
  2. And I'd say that adapting RQ to HQ is even easier, since RQ needs lots of detailed stats, and HQ doesn't. HQG needs even fewer.
  3. And is therefore wrong. She's got a crystal embedded in her forehead. Incidentally she is most definitely female and proud of it, and if there's any doubt at all, in the Sky Ship scenario we get to meet her son.
  4. HQ and RQ are just rule systems. Tools to help simulate existing in Glorantha. I also use "Hordes of the Things" for battles, we've used "The Pool" in the past, there's 13th Age... All just tools. What matters is the setting, and the story. Coming Storm is wonderful, and I still say Thunder Rebels would help you no end.
  5. That's two specific requests. I'll see if I can find it. Once up, I'm sure people will look at and and suggest ways it can be expanded and improved.
  6. I'll have it somewhere. Not even sure if I ever finished it. I'll go hunting.
  7. Oh, nice! I'd completely overlooked the "Trader Princes" connection. And of course, Sartar himself was very much a Hero of Issaries. His descendants, somewhat less so... though possibly the cult of Sartar could be seen as a sub-cult/hero-cult of Issaries? Specialists in road building, and in getting people to work together.... sort of. Just don't ask about Salinarg. And now I think about it, there we are back on topic. Female values. Getting people to work together, and building non-warfare things, probably with earth magic.You get good enough at female values, you get to be top ruler, even if you do have the handicap of a penis.
  8. RQ? Why? This isn't rules-specific in the slightest, and in fact the next thing I was going to quote was from Thunder Rebels - HW. I agree that we're drifting somewhat, though. It does look as if the main problems female rulers have isn't their gender, it's the Lunars, and possibly excessively loyal tribe members.
  9. CHDP has her as "queen of the Kheldon tribe council" in 1613 (odd phrase in itself, but then Denseros wasn't Sartarite) in contrast to "Hofstaring Treeleaper, king of the Culbrea Tribe". Then in 1625 "they forged a new ring of Sartar. Kallyr Starbrow was named queen and warlord". Which still isn't either Prince or King. And then "Kallyr was queen of the Kheldon tribe in her own right". I'm beginning to think he or his translator was picking titles at random But yes, the Kheldon seem to have been very stubborn and refused to give her up. Leika, sadly, lost the backing of her tribe: Kallyr didn't. Which implies a whole load of fun adventures as she tries to sneak back in to keep the tribal magic going. I should think about that. After all, while she could use her standard team(s) for the purpose, she'd be better off with people who aren't known to be Kheldon, aren't on the Lunar Most Wanted list (yet) and aren't known to be her associates. Like, say, some group of PCs or other....
  10. Depends on how into Star Wars you are Seriously, though, we're being misled by the limitations of the English language, normally used to describe a very different culture. "Prince" comes from "Princeps", first among equals. Which still isn't an accurate description of the role played by the House of Sartar in forming and leading the "kingdom", but English simply doesn't have the right word for the job. Welsh gets closer, but that doesn't help much. In fact, describing Kallyr as Queen of the Kheldon is odd in itself: the role she's usually described as filling is that of tribal King. Back in the "Sartar High Council" scenario in "Wyrms' Footprints", she's described as "Chieftain(ess) of the Kheldon, Priest of Orlanth Thunderous. .... appears to be the next in line for the kingship after the present king dies." So not only is she not yet the leader of the Kheldon tribe (in 1613), the title she may get is King, not Queen. I think we simply have to assume that titles are in Sartarite (obviously) and the various translations into English have varied in quality, and never have access to a word that really carries the required meaning. It's rather like looking at the leaders in Britain in "Arthurian" times - "kings" of various tribes can be identified, and then we have to look at who was getting them to fight together under one leader. "Dux Bellorum", among other possibilities, but one thing we can be fairly sure of is that whatever title "Arthur" held, it wasn't "King". (Insert detailed and very knowledgeable rant by Chris Gidlow, I expect, but as a rough analogy, I hope this works.)
  11. Yes. It reminds me of a "joke" (too potentially true to be really funny) about Afghanistan. Under theocracy rule, women were forced to walk behind their husbands. After they'd been freed, it was noticed that they still walked behind their husbands. Asked why, they said "Land mines".
  12. It's because we let the children men imagine they're important, when they're really just expendable. They're happier that way http://www.jane-williams.me.uk/glorantha/stories/elbq.cfm Read the last paragraph.
  13. Yes. The tribe as a whole has done well, with built-in self-correcting mechanisms. If someone comes out with some daft brain fart like "only men can be Orlanth initiates" plenty of people can and do point to the existing female Wind Lords and Priestesses of Orlanth Thunderous, both PC and NPC. Also, you may notice that when I was pointing at good sources for female-based material, I was recommending male authors. We have a lot of good blokes around here, much more so than in the average RPG community.
  14. Reading through this lot, a few more thoughts occur. The ambition of many Princes of Sartar, and of Tarsh, and of a few other places, is to be King of Dragon Pass. How do you do that? By persuading the Feathered Horse Queen to marry you. How did Orlanth become King of the Gods? By persuading Ernalda to marry him - well, to accept him as one of her many husband-protectors. The idea of "Orlanth is the King, and he has his wife's permission to say so" is no joke, it's hard fact.
  15. They may well have been, but that's two very different things. I am not Chaosium, and they are not me.
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