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  1. Not available in French. And this is quite a difficult text if not in your native tongue, and I find RQG easy to read in english.
  2. The french Oriflam release is (was) a good translation of the AH one, and is very close.
  3. We've tried it on a SF game. It's nice for a fast paced action game.
  4. It was the case in RQ3. You had to enchant each location separately. This is why I never made more than 1 enchant per location.
  5. You could (I haven't checked if it still the case) cast the spell in advance. In RQ3, Spirit Magic had a duration of 5mn, so you could 3 or 4 multimissile 4 in advance and you had 5 mn to fire the arrows. Another possibility is to have a matrix, with linked Magic Point storage, and a condition for casting. IIRC, in that case, the casting was instant.
  6. It is not a failing of Stormbringer, it is a problem with the variable armor rule that caused this problem, but this rule originated in Stormbringer and is present in all it's inheritors: I systematically rolled 1 on the dice and thus had 0 armor.
  7. This is exactly why I hate Stormbringer and it's derivative. 3 Campaigns, 5 characters and less than 2 hours total play (with 3 different GMs). I dislike them for other reasons, but my main point is exactly here.
  8. Completely agree here. First, choose the campaign and the mood (and the players), then choose a system that can fit with those parameters.
  9. Not currently, but I tried it. It's quite pretty. Apart that, mixed feelings. Some points are clearly major improvements compared to previous editions, but I am less enthusiastic on some others. All in all, I agree with Soltakss, this is the best version, but with problems. Yes, you are right, this would help. And examples are needed. The question is correct. You roll POWx5, if successful, spend the Magic Points, then test the resistance. Welcome on board.
  10. Except if you want to play said caravans, yes. And this economic model abstraction is one of the great points of RQG, removing part of the micromanagement.
  11. In fact, for some groups, the crunch is part of the fun.
  12. We definitely don't play the same way!! MGF, yes, but rules that change?
  13. Yes, we've tried it with RQ3 about 10 years ago, It seemed a good idea until my character (a sorceror with over 50 MP stored in matrix and crystals) used it. It was instantly decided (by others) to be overpowered: we had settled for 1MP=+/-5%, and I could easily allowed a +50% when needed.
  14. Oh, somebody else remember Danold.
  15. Kloster

    Arfritha Vale

    I have the same (reversed) problem, switching from US to french release for years.
  16. The D10 dices AH brought in RQ3 deluxe box were of that kind.
  17. What el_octogono meant is that, as in Top Secret S.I., you used the one's die of your D100 to hit roll to determine the hit location.
  18. For me, yes, if duration is sufficient. For me POW is POW, whether from spell or nature. I treat them the same.
  19. 1) To avoid that (real) problem, take only what you need or what you want. Start small, local, and thus avoid to explain everything. And if you are not canon, don't care and just continue if you and your players have fun. 2) Glorantha is not Darksun (it is darker), nor Stormbringer, nor Conan. It is his own vibrant world. Don't expect to find in it what you find elsewhere. This is especially what brought me here (and I am still here since 1986). 3) If you love gritty sword and sorcery, Runequest is the right game, and Glorantha can be the right world.
  20. I wanted to both say 'laugh' and 'like', but it is not possible, so I clicked on like, but I would say I can't stop laughing (and I love Treasure of the Sierra Madre and a lot of other old westerns).
  21. This one was sold in France about the same period sword canes were. It was intended to protect against wild dogs.
  22. As I have understood it (from RQ3 Trollpack), this is a bit different. Trolls acknowledge both DF (as ancestor of all man rune mortals) and KL (as great great ... great grand mother of all trolls) as ancestors, and venerate them as such, but both are a separate source of shamanhood, and a troll can be in either (or both) cults, or even a non cult shaman.
  23. For RQ2, I don't remember, but for RQ3, no. shamanhood comes directly from KL, as an ancestor worship, as all trolls are supposed to be her grand grand children. And in RQ3 Trollpack, KL shaman were limited in the kind of spirits the could handle and were incited to look for Daka fal initiation to get the full shaman package. Of course, they could also be Arkat initiates ... but this is another matter.
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