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  1. Someone was working on a Glorantha mod for Dwarf Fortress at one point, and was planning to include playable uz and Mostali. Unfortunately, they only thing they seem to have coded in before promptly abandoning the project are... scorpion men, of all things? Shame, really. If I didn't have enough on my plate as is I'd make one myself.
  2. I'm no rules maven but consider: perhaps the fact that sorcery requires a protective screen of warriors is why their society developed separate wizard/warrior castes, instead of the Rune Lord warrior-mages common in theist societies?
  3. You have to choose a specific Melee Weapon, but yes, that works. Remember that Rune Lords need multiple skills at such a high level (not to mention multiple other requirements), so it's not like you can become one straight out the gate.
  4. Given extensive archaeological and anthropological evidence for the existence of enormous amounts of gender fluidity and variance throughout history and across the globe, it'd be more accurate to say that the imposition of a strict binary hierarchy upon history/pre-history constitutes a "reactionary conservative utopia" Anyway what surprises me is, despite the supposed existence of six genders and accepted homosexuality is that none of these things get mentioned outside of the little blurb at the beginning of the book. Going from real world examples, you'd expect to see more cults and cultures with codified roles for gender-variant people, at the very least some eunuch-only priesthoods, things like that; as well as actual named characters in same-gender relationships mentioned in the text. But.... well, "surprising" is the maybe the wrong word. Disappointing and expected, perhaps. But hey, YGMV; if you want to base your Bronze Age on the self-censored writings of squeamish Victorian archaeologists (who'd regularly destroy/leave out artifacts they deemed "immoral" from their reports), well, nobody's stopping you.
  5. Question: Page 219, Mounted Combat: The Lance: A lance can be used in a charge, a straight run of 20 meters or more. If a target is hit during a charge, the damage bonus of the animal ridden is used, not that of the rider. If the adventurer using the lance has had no training in its use, they can use it at 1/2 their normal attack chance with a one-handed spear, unless their Ride skill is below that. It can also be used as a one-handed spear if the adventurer has the necessary STR and DEX to use a long spear one-handed. The highlighted sentence is the confusing one. Where is this information located? What is the necessary STR and DEX to wield a long-spear one-handed? The weapon table on page 209 explicitly states only short spears can be wielded one-handed, as does the write up on page 211. Is there some universal rule stating that two-handed weapons can be one-handed with sufficient stats (eg. a multiplier of some kind), or am I missing something here?
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