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  1. The wisest Heroes who can predict what will happen, do not get divinations from the Gods. They really are mere mortals possessed by powerful Spirits with Knowledge of all ages, present, past and future. This entities were lured to Glorantha by mad warlocks' fumbled invocations. And it's probably all Eurmal's fault. 😏
  2. In addition to the previous answers, we can think that since Chalana Arroy has the power to heal chaotic wounds (https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-cult-chalana-arroy/), adventurers can conduct a Hero Quest to rid themselves of the Chaos stain they've gained through ignorance and deception.
  3. Yes, pretty evil. πŸ˜‰ You have pointed out interesting details. Clan members must know this Krjalki conection, so they have volunteers (pariahs) who are in charge of the ritual and suffer the consequences. Of course, if only foreigners participate, much better. Like you, I think PCs shouldn't know what kind of ritual it is. But if the PCs in charge of keeping the beast away manage to catch it before it devours a single victim, they can save themselves from the mark of chaos. Although the idea that they think they have been empowered by the ritual plus an encounter days later with a band of Storm Bull initiates is tempting. πŸ˜„
  4. Hi! I bring an Adventure seed. πŸ™‚ This idea that came to me when I saw the image. Ritual to drive out "jack o'bears" and make them the others problem. If you are not going to develop and direct the adventure, better not continue. The PCs come to a clan or mountain village, depending on the area and culture. It seems that there are preparations for some kind of festivity and everyone is busy but happy. When see the PCs arrive, the people receive them with great joy and invite them to participate in the party. No one asks for money or barter; everything is free, food, drink, even shelter. Complete hospitality. All free? Well, they prefer foreigners for the ritual. It is a great honor, they just have to run around the area a bit. One of the PCs (the most appropriate) should put on the "rare bear" costume. The other PCs must flee from him along the path that leads them away from clan / village. Everything seems like a normal representation until the mythical world gains strength. The "bear" PC begins to feel a compulsion to catch and devour his prey, he could even feel the caress of Chaos. Meanwhile, his prey, the other PCs, transformed into heroes that maybe not recognize, feel the urge to get him away from there. Everything will end when they guide the beast to innocent travelers camped on the road or the edge of another village or clan, where the "bear" PC will find unaware victims. Is this how the story ends or will they take the risk to change it? What will happen to the "jack o'bear" PC if he devours human flesh during the Ritual? Photo owned by National Geographic.
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