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  1. Black Dragon Mountain Pictoglyphs - Glyph 28: "...Only the Red Moon remains in the sky, fed by sacrifices to the Blood Sun." seems to suggest they're one and the same too. I have the idea that it truly becomes the Blood Sun because of a total solar eclipse, what makes it a sun god that trolls are willing to accept and worship is that the full brightness of the sun is blocked
  2. p49 "See The Return of the Grey Crane sidebar (below)." - The sidebar is actually titled The Grey Crane Returns and is directly above that sentence. p 92 "He marked out the walls of the city using the old magic and called forth Sartar to watch over the new." It feels like a word was dropped there, maybe city? "The Prince’s masons build the fine stone walls that surround Alone" should be built
  3. nabda

    Enjossi town?

    That would be Spawn according to a few sources, though it's in a slightly different location on different maps
  4. According to the Sourcebook at least there's a change in tribal leadership for the Cinsina by the time of the Battle of Queens, their section of the army is lead by Farandar Red Cow, who I presume is Orendalson, but nothing in print currently describes the fate of Ivartha as far as I know. She's not exactly a lunar toady but could she have been at the dragonrise, not necessarily a casualty but present?
  5. The cliche protective farmer with a sword telling the handsome stranger staying for the night he better not lay a finger on his precious Uraldina-Mae, but she's a prized cow not his daughter.
  6. I know nothing of the process but I know that the glorantha digest archive had several yahoo groups already saved so there's definitely some automated way to do it. I've never looked into the yahoo side of things so I don't how completionist it already is but it might be worth getting in touch with the archivist
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