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  1. I stumbled on that today, perfect for scifi settings! 😮 Plus it's real (allegedly)! 😮 http://www.hyperstealth.com
  2. Well there are other generalists in the D100 family! I am having a go at Revolution D100 now... It has lots of good things The only "bad thing" is that despite an apparent simplicity at the get go, plenty of unexpected complexity comes into view when playing... But eventually it become simple again!
  3. I was not planning to "help" 1H sword, only Guns and Daggers, without increasing the overall damage done to the target... Rhino hide.. good image! I was thinking it either boost the armor (and has the armor coverage weakness) or it's an egg like forcefield, so up close (with short weapon) won't help... I guess it's up to me... but hurt my suspension of disbelief less this way... Although.. my players seems to like the Rhino hide version more.. mm...
  4. I am sure there is a Cthonian creature somewhere that looks just like that! 😮
  5. I will have to check the conspiracy theory... Mmm.. it seems to me that we are not that much of a disagreement... if I rephrase it... we could even be totally agreeing let's see.... 1. the D8 damage bonus for impale attack is good enough no need for by pass armour bonus, mm.. something to think about (since I was thinking bypass armour 4 top anyway, it's even better) 2. you said what about a stunt give -3 coverage roll.. well I said I was just thinking about such stunt, but make it usable only with short range weapon (mostly specific daggers) But I was also thinking to help those weapon when coverage is 0.... for example the gothic armor has 0 coverage on many location, but there are still many joint that can be used.... 3. you said to combo stun and coup de grace, it is even better than coverage roll modifier, there is just no armour! Yeah I guess I have to work that angle... ^^ one of my player can't use it though, with his strength 0 of 10 and main weapon is a sword... I guess wrestling it is Point 1 and 3 would be better use of the rules that my initial thinking, thanks hey! Point 2 is a bit of a difference (maybe?) which is, after some consideration, weapon that have the best coverage modifier should be the small ones, like narrow and pointy daggers. On another topic, coup de grace makes me think.. it implies (like other realism issue) that magical armour is not a totally impervious thing. We had an "argument" my player and I, (nothing serious, more like a debate really) I created a swarm of (magically summoned and venomous) spiders, while small and easy to kill they were fast, numerous, and climb on player and bite them with poison ignoring armour. And they were like.. Protection (spell) should help! And I was like... protection is not an impervious bubble.. one can breath through it.. and... be "coup de grace", ho well , something to think about for next time
  6. Reading about heavy armour fights.... Apart from the ambush, or slow them and shoot them hard and fast and a lot, I am talking heavy armoured melee.... https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/heres-how-fight-wearing-15th-century-armor-180955204/ https://www.scienceabc.com/social-science/warriors-wore-full-body-armor-killed-battles-ancient-times.html I think I might give bypass defence stunt on normal attack for (some special?) dagger (like the gunners stileto on the second page)... And I also think I want to introduce some bypass armor (value) to some weapon (like musket), like they do in Mythras... The little ball doesn't really do much more than a big ass sword... but can punch through an armour better though.... And should maybe only work at short range or decay or something.... (Not that muskets matter much right now.. I might start to use them at a much later stage)
  7. Omg, could it be? That Gloranthans Ducks are the ancestor of the proud Alkari master of Orion?! 😮 https://masteroforion.gamepedia.com/Alkari
  8. Hi! Well this is perfect horor background information for a game like Cthulhu! Or in fact, as general culture, I wonder what famous books or story will feature such that I could read!? My inspiration as a GM, however, comes more from a love-hate relationship with D&D (as far as fantasy settings are concerned)... Magical statue guardian are on the love side of it, and have little horror background associated with it!
  9. Nice, I am going to follow the golem construction course this semester! 😛
  10. It's a common trope of movie and story: the light armoured quick guerilla fighter now I was wondering, one of my player like the light armoured style of fighter, but clearly a big armor offer better protection, why would any one use light armour if they have the choice? looking for ideas! - it takes time to put the big armour on and it's annoying, should offer some kind of malus to agility, perception and stealth? And make some thing annoyingly slow (like going to the privy ) - it's expensive - increased exposure, more hot in the sun, more cold in the cold? some other kind of malus? - leather armour should protect better than it does? (seem like it protect little, as far I can see..) - something else? how to grade it?....
  11. Thanks Simon! Will check it out tonight!
  12. Hi Archivist, for your spirit thing, I have to say spirit confused me a bit in RQ, and Mythras... I mean a few tray ghost here and there.. but a rich spirit menagerie.. so ... no advice here... As for the random protagonist, I find it easy to wring it up, even without knowing the rue too much... Here is my personal approach to that problem: - decide class size and whether the creature has average toughness or a bit more (for bosses) - decide the value of interesting skill (mostly combat, for animals and mobsters)(be inspired by players value! ) - decide the eventual power / poison / movement ability combat style / weapon / spell And I summarise it all in 3 short lines on my notebook! :P In fact, got though the character creation rule once.. you will see it's pretty easy.. starting skills average to around 25%, you got 1 +20, 1+10 a free bonus of ~+13 and about 8 traits (IIRC) to chose in a thematically appropriate list. Check the monsters too, they have close to human like characteristics, save for toughness / size and an occasional power
  13. I am having a lot of magical statue, i.e. golem, in this Dark Elf setting. In fact we stop the game today just before fighting one... I am wondering about the stats... Bear in mind that the stat should be, somehow, linked to an Enchant spell. I just came up with that creation spell, how about that? Create Golem Enchant Each material has an inner strength / AP value (Stone 6, Iron 8, Steel 9, Adamantium 12) and the spell’s might should match it plus the size of the statue. Additional point can go either to improved toughness or physical might. Base toughness is size class (and NOT size class x2) but the golem is immune to slash and impale. Remark: For a given size class a golem is smaller than the same class size real creature, due to the statue solid and dense material. So golem are likely to be small, after all! 😮
  14. Say I try to Dominate [Human] Spell is successful. Now start a conflict phase. It's concentration vs concentration, right? (i.e. no +30% from the spell trait) Although arguably the initial roll for spell might be the start of the conflict and included the spell trait bonus...
  15. Updating my summary tables... (now that I have a small laptop I can carry my word document around, handy ) Anyway I spotted a big mistake, page 48 of the book, in the roll for effect table! In the column description, attacker and defender are swapped around, that create a bit of confusion, i.e. on Attack Failure and Defender Success the result is: The Attacker inflict.. 😮 While I am at it here are the 2 table that I created, they have less words per cell, but their meaning might be more clear perhaps?! Speaking of which, could we have in the international edition, just like BRP does, an appendix at the end of the book, with all the useful table there?! Conflict Table Defender Failure Defender Success Defender Advantage Attacker Failure Higher roll inflict 1D6. Defender inflict 1D6, 2D6 on higher roll Defender inflict 2D6 Attacker Success Attacker inflict 1D6, 2D6 on higher roll Higher roll inflict 1D6 Defender inflict 1D6, 2D6 on higher roll Attacker Advantage Attacker inflict 2D6 Attacker inflict 1D6, 2D6 on higher roll Higher roll inflict 1D6 Advanced Combat Defender Failure Defender Success Defender Advantage Attacker Failure Nothing happens. Attack avoided, defender gets 1 Effect Attack avoided, defender gets 2 advantage effects Attacker Success Attacker hits, gets 1 Effect Attack avoided, higher roll get 1 Effect Attack avoided, defender gets 1 effect (advantage on higher roll) Attacker Advantage Attacker hits, gets 2 advantage effects Attack avoided, attacker gets 1 effect (advantage on a higher roll) Attack avoided, higher roll gets 1 effect Remark: I didn't put in the table, because it is evident and I wanted to keep the text straightforward, that damage effect are use when we roll for damage, otherwise normal combat effect are used.
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