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  1. mmmm..... for me GoogleSheet is like a whole new world, never used it! Nor have I any idea where to start! 😮 Though I can see how having Javascript can go further that Excel for example I can use.. variables! That said my spaceship designer is now finally complete (only took 8 days! )
  2. I am working on a Master of Orion 2 settings and rule set... I can share with you my progress so far if you like ^^
  3. I think Vehicle attacking Character can be worked out.. I do have multiplier, and I am going to add armor destroying bonus (like, when a canon ball go through that armor, the armor is ruined!!) But.. where I am unsure.. what about players attacking spaceship/vehicle? Those don't have damage reduction! Even if I divide character damage by by, they can still burst the thing "relatively easily".. 😕 I.e. tank should have armor and the hand gun do absolutely nothing instead of chip damage as it will be.. Mmm.. got it! Handgun don't have "armor destroy" bonus! So.. hey should work di
  4. Added precision. The problem is more obvious with some numerical examples. If I take the weakest Spaceship weapon (all the other kind of work): Laser Cannon, with D4 damage. And my intended multiplier for Vehicle vs Character of x2. One can see the problem. Laser Cannon does 2xD4. Plate Armor does 8, character is immune 😮 While spaceships take chip damage! 😮 What about a vehicle with 10 Laser Canons? Player is still immune (-8 on each weapon), whereas enemy vehicle take a lot of damage! One could maybe use the armor against the end result of the 10x2xD4.. but this is a
  5. I guess this document is mostly relevant to someone that wants to publish a game. And also, whether you want or not, it's really a matter of personal taste and you could stretched it as much as you like. I.e. if your intent is to improve / tweak the gameplay experience of some BRP/CoC/MagicWorld/Stormbringer, however much change there is, it's still based on the BR OGL. But if you have a totally new game that just happen to have the famous 6 characteristic and percentile skill. well it could very well have nothing to do with BRP... I guess in your case, the answer would be
  6. I am trying to merge the spaceship combat system, inspired by Master of Orion, with the creature combat of BRP. Why you ask? Fair question! ^^ Because, I am inspired by the spaceship combat, to design vehicle weapon and armor (since I could reuse many techs / weapons / devices). And obviously a character vs an armored vehicle is a possible scenario... So.. where is the problem? In the spaceship combat there is very little damage reduction, instead a spaceship has 2~3 HP layers. An (optional) forcefield layer (that regenerate), an armor layer, and a structure layer. Dama
  7. I used to read Casus Belli when I was at Uni! But I cant remember any article on BRP or RuneQuest..... Mind you, it was back around 1995-1998! 😮
  8. Did a bit of experimenting..... I found how to make absolute cell reference and the method XLOOKUP and it's becoming much easier! And also I stored intermediary calculation in some cells on the side....
  9. Hi, I gave some thought to leveling up rewards and want to share my ideas so far for feedback! First why? We play BRP to get away from Level! Yeah, right.. but when I reflect on RPG video game or D&D session, I think it gives a nice buzz to have some "getting noticeably better" stat thingy.. and just increasing you percent chance of success a bit feels a tad underwhelming... But what about 100%+ skills? Yeah, can give a very nice boost... but I would like more such things.... I started to play with pseudo skills (works better with XP since they are not really skill w
  10. I recently stumbled on that free RPG. Nothing to do with D100 system.. but cool freeby made available by Shadiversity (South Australian Youtuber) I got no particular opinion, though the rule have an interesting new take on an an RPG rule system https://cogentroleplay.com/
  11. I was mostly using INDEX function so far.... Gotta check out INDIRECT, VLOOKUP and think of using cell to store tmp data.... I shall try harder indeed, Excel is a perfect choice indeed... Although I quite like my C# (9) declaration of all Techs so far.. took me 1 hour of thinking, 5 hours of typing (so far).... 😮
  12. I know, I know this is not a programming web site! But just you wait a moment, I think it shall soon all be clear... I am working an my Master of Orion booklet for BRP, and the Spaceship construction rule closely follow the rule of the video game. Which is a tad involved to calculate how much space is left, how much is taken by current device, how much it cost over all, etc.... to say the least. And I thought to myself! Hey maybe I should make an Excel spreadsheet that does it? But, well, Excel is not my forte, so I dunno if I do something in suboptimal fashion but, I am ending
  13. g33k you make some good point... an idea comes to mind, if I make it a conflict (in fact it was my proposition ) with a very high value (say the MoO research cost / 10, like 400) with a penalty to player roll... it becomes.. while theoretically possible, quite very unlikely...
  14. Interesting... I missed that because I gave them haste.. the PC were just too fast... (and I think I might have messed up the calculations as well..)
  15. One trope of Master of Orion is that if one successfully capture an enemy ship, one *might* be able to reverse engineer it... (if they have any unknown technology, including advance tech) Wanted to introduce that at the player scale! In the unlikely case it happens to them!
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