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  1. Well, you know, Hollywood and the video game industry are now winning awards for remastered old title.. so you are in good company! 🙂 Good time to count down... 2 1/2 weeks to me starting new job at EA Games! 😄
  2. The small amount of automatic damage I mention is from the BRP resolution table (which I mimicked more closely after my first playthrough and update of my own resolution table) which state, for example: in case of say Special attack on normal parry, both do the damage and inflict 2 damage on the parry weapon. So, basically, weapon AP is irrelevant.... it's only Weapon HP... BTW 40 damage? jeez talk about one shoting! 😮 And we have a winner for best comment 2021! 😄
  3. Thanks.. I needed that info right now... Can finally thanks you 2 years later! 🙂
  4. That looks good in practice.. but BRP automatically applies a bit of damage on a better attack than parry for example... Though.. you could make the item last longer, obviously... Good to know.. I was thinking perhaps the power is in the pommel? I think I might just roll with that!...
  5. Well one can easily break weapon in BRP compare to, say, D&D, and I like that. I am just starting some dungeon crawling with BRP and I look forward to break some equipment.... Now, as I though about it... Can you repair a sword? It would be like reforging the blade then, me think.... Which bring the additional question, what about Magical Sword? It such a big bummer when they break, they might not be worth forging in the first place hey? (I mean all those POW points spend on something that is so likely to break seems a waste...) Anyone can shed some light on those ques
  6. All sorted out.. I had some weapon damage wrong and I was not using my own resolution table properly! regardless I simplified it (fewer chance of misuse) and tuned done the damage output and simplified effects.. the enc vs shield rule is great! 🙂
  7. I am mostly using the BGB (Big Gold Book of BRP). Not using Mythras which has it own 5 magic systems which are... quite different to the 2 in BRP (BRP also has psychic power, mutation and superppowers, don't discount it! 🙂 ) Classic Fantasy (the old BRP supplement, not the new Mythras inspired one, by the same person!) has plenty of Magic spell ideas (100% compatible with the BRP Magic system, and 100% inspired by D&D) and Magic World (& Advanced Sorcery) has plenty of (BRP) Sorcery spell. There is some overlap of course.. but Sorcery does have its own flavor... Anyway
  8. The MoO thing is unfinished.. So we started some old D&D module of yore, with a BRP/MagicWorld/hobrew game system... Using my general MoO rules ^_^ But restricted to medieval equipment of course.. PC steam rolled the enemies... and I am thinking how could I make my enemy more effective? or what went wrong? My player had magic on their side... and also they rolled lots of impale special .. whereas my bandits and orc had mediocre rolls and no or weaker magic... So that might be it... Regardless I am trying to think how could an average bandit challenge players.... And I see big
  9. Fatigue is a bit tricky.. I always good intention with it but.. never use it... although my latest idea was similar to yours.. run a check every now and then... if I add a malus like yous suggested.. I think this looks good.. 🙂
  10. Haha. we are thinking opposite way! 😄 The Magic spell list has more bang in it... (i.e. spell are more powerful and varied and you can also always power them up, up to INT levels!), Classic Fantasy use it as main magic system as well. And the sorcery description does mention that sorcery powers comes from (page 124 in "how do I learn sorcery") "be given the information by a powerful supernatural being". Those facts together are what motivated me. looking at it again, page 124.. does suggest that supernatural gift is only one way to learn the power... How about sorcery that c
  11. ha... I see... On one hand I can sympathise... 🙂 On the other hand I like the idea that human are not the top dogs! However losing to a mere bunch of space monsters, instead of a whole civilisation, strikes me as wrong...
  12. Oh, and also, what about using big 2 handed weapon in the narrow corridor of a dungeon? Doesn't that incurs some sort of penalty?
  13. Me neither, I simply donot care about horror and "role play" But its about the story.. and this video game has a cool story! 🙂 just happen there are some maddening times and some monster you can only hide from, at best... 😮 😄
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