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  1. Reading this scholarly report on the Elder Things, it is increasingly clear to me, that one should or indeed must give those proper respect and acknowledgement, for they are our progenitors! All Hail the Elder Ones!
  2. well.. if you must know my tweaks now.... (fireball being dear to me ^_^) new skills: Arcane Knowledge: maximum MP spend per cast= MIN(this skill/10%, INT/2), at 100% and each 10% beyond can learn one new spell Mystic Power: +1MP / 10%.. (simply increase MP, I don't like staff and familiar) Ritual Casting: can cast any spell with this skill, but powering 1MP/round, so no combat casting.. also can spend up to Arcane Knowledge/10%, not just INT/2. Also can cast with other wizard for much higher MP limit. Spell Skill >= 100% bonus: -1MP cost reduction (min 1) at 100% and every1
  3. one idea is to use ClassicFantasy for magic.. which has the desire to emulate D&D... ad also go to the download section for the monster compendium other than that I am working on a magic system.. quite similar to DD with some tweak that enable more liberal use of elemental damage spells (without making Wizard OP) and eventual spamming of spells... (and urban castion) and with about 100 spells.... give it a wekk and I can send to you... The gist is more skill need to be used to do magic (i.e slower progression), use general HP (this way 3D6 fireball doesn't mean automatic death), and
  4. Speaking about this some more... First in, what might call an unrealistic uncharacteristic fashion, I decided to go with general HP! I feel like localised HP is fine for medieval game where it in fact increase survival (many small cut can do more that overall HP..), with high damage modern weapon it become very oppressive... Also I find HP was mostly beneficial to PC to cut enemy's head but were not essential to the story hey!? Also.. grenade, rifle.. I get it they are mean to be deadly... But I'd like to offer a window of opportunity to my player to escape... make sure that, perha
  5. Thanks for your excellent reply! Otherwise... Yeah... While I never questioned D&D and its save for half mechanic... In BRP if feels somewhat uncertain about this mechanic... so I wanted a (this!) thread to elaborate on that
  6. You gave me an idea.... In fact a few ideas! But the one I am particularly quoting here.... Throw skill will give the grenade 10SR less than the thrower... (easy to dodge if you see it coming), but the grenade skill will work just the same but with reduced SR cost.. maybe 5, or D4 in case of crit....
  7. BTW I use general HP... Localised HP seems fine in medieval setting and "low damage" weapons (in fact it increases survival since you can take chip damage on each location for more that overall HP! 😮 ) , but as soon as you go modern or futuristic weapon or high damage spell... It doesn't work so well.. i.e. it's much less fun to have instakill whoever lose initiative every fight....
  8. Thanks for the detailed physics explanation I am particularly interested n game mechanic ideas though.... Explosives are listed page 267 of the BGB You can see "Grenade, Shrapnel" 4D6/4 meters, or "Grenade, Plasma" 6D6/1 meters. It looks like, I succeed at my roll skill, you dead. I have a problem doing that to my players, I feel bad about it. I like it better when they can attempt something.... (even though, I guess futuristic grenade should really kill you hey?!) So, in game mechanic term what can they achieve? According to the BGB you can "evade area damage" for half da
  9. I was looking for game mechanic guys! I guess it means you agree with the game mechanic I went with?! 😮 I guess kickback is another option, if your initiative is before the grenade initiative... On that topic, wondering if the grenade should go same round (initiative tricky because it need be less than the thrower, obviously.. but how much less?) or at the beginning of next round! How does that work? Damage is on a 3 meter radius, is it not?! 😮
  10. Another grenade question! How do you "defend" against grenades? I am thinking: 1st I can do the game-y version. Roll evade for half damage ("jump" to the ground, end-up prone). I am also thinking: if your initiative is high enough and you can use your move action to get out of the area, and/or into some sort of cover then you can use your move action if evade is successful and take no damage. If you already move but did not engage anyone you can also amend it. Maybe need a perception check as well.. (spot the grenade in time) Anyway, how do you do? Also thinking to app
  11. Behold! I give you: The Energy Vampire!
  12. We should write such wisdom in a scroll hidden in a coconut, for future generations to behold in wonder!
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