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  1. Ok, I am only halfway through my first read through... Which I think I will need multiple of them.... I got the idea with skill and trait, so far.. neat... and I guess some interpretation is left for the GM to decide (which trait/stunt use the same slot, hey?!) 😛 But on another completely different topic: Sword do D6 damage, average human has 6 toughness. Looks like human can't harm themselves! (But we are notoriously good at that! ) What am I missing? Also simplified combat doesn't seem to use toughness at all? Am I missing something else?! 😮
  2. Thanks Soltkas for your reply and comment.s... To discuss the multiple attack point in particular.... My first reaction would be when I went from Mythras (with AP, and bonus AP like CF) to BRP: 1 attack per round, I felt relieved, so much simpler.. so I am afraid it might get complicated again this way... However... I used feat to still provide multiple attack.. (occasionally) and was counting down attack rank by 5 increment.. and it proved relatively simple... I guess I shall read the point you mention again And the power more in details...
  3. I am just reading the rules now, which are somewhat difficult to understand occasionally... but they seem overall attractive. I like, in particular, how the trait, skill and XP system both force (enable?) the player to chose some specialisation while also giving good general ability. And one can still make Spell Sword... but it's a lot of XP to increase both combat and manipulation (with the increase XP cost of skill as it goes up) I guess there is some latitude for the GM to group traits in a single slot... I was wondering whether power manipulation take 1 slot each or not.. and the same for power.. (I was thinking to have a power pack trait that gives you the ability to learn 4 powers).. anyway the whole power section still need more reading form me. On missing appendix that would be nice would the she skill, (existing) trait, stunt list. Start with the caveat: 1 trait/stunt per 10% unless the GM find fit to group them. Followed by the 15 skills and a list of (existing) traits and stunts pertaining to them. BTW it's not clear how motivation work. I read the motivation section twice, still confused. One thing which is clear though, and that I somehow miss from BRP, is: - how you can defend against any number of attach, with -30% penalty on each consecutive defence after the first - how score superior to 100% can be used to have double efficacy (2 attack in the case of weapon) is there some kind of similar mechanic in the game? BTW I did 3 rule swap to my players so far: Mythras - Classic Fantasy => Plain Mythras => BRP Might swap again ^^ but will wait next campaign.. no hurry now (I was just very depressed with Mythras sorcery oppressing power, and somewhat happy with simplified combat book keeping in BRP) I particularly like how BRP magic is LESS powerful (but just as flexible if not more) than Mythras magic (no years durations and kilometers range with ridiculously low cost, but still combine as you will) It would be good (I am talking hypothetically here, still trying to understand the power section) if Revolution enable all those playstyle clearly, ie. do this for high OP magic, do this for high weak magic (i.e. fix range and short duration), do this for low magic...
  4. Another idea after a night's sleep Level and table are annoying... Basically some spell should be "more complicated", i.e. cost more to cast and learn perhaps. But how? Example of "more complicated spell": Fireball, Disintegrate, Prismatic Wall, Resurrection, Gate (between planes), Charm-Suggestion-Control, Petrification Some spell might just be different, with maybe some extra cost: Petrification: Might be like Change, but across reign (animal to mineral), last only 10 round or pay 1pow to make to permanent Some spell might be combinatory spell. For example Fireball and the like can be done by making them the combination of 2 spells: Flame + ElementalBall. Flame for damage, ball for area. Disintegrate: maybe blast and disintegrate. blast for damage, disintegrated for SIZ point. If the creature is killed it is disintegrated? cost 1pow? Resurrection: might need to be called with Heal. Resurrection enable to heal dead character, its level cater for time since death or bodypart, and heal should heal to full HP for success + 1 POW Gate, Planar Gate, Teleport DimensionDoor could be 1, 2 or 3 combined spells Charm-Suggestion-Control could be either weaker version of control (1mp instead of 3) or new spell (last much longer hey? PrismaticWall: the odd ball out hey? Who need thats? Or maybe it's a combo of: CounterMagic, Blast, Wall, Petrification, Gate + PrimasticThingy
  5. But even the BRP book is a bit vague... Sorcery > Summon Demon "Unlike other sorcery spells, summoning a demon costs 9 power points, paid when the demon appears." ... "Typically, your character is limited to his or her INT in D8s of demon POW, just as if were a spell. For example, a POW 3D8 demon counts as 3 levels of INT that your character cannot fill with sorcery spells." But then the Demon, Greater in the bestiary is "POW 3D6+6" no D8?! Or Magic > Conjure Elemental Cost Per Level: 1 What does higher or lower level do?! And only 1MP to summon a rather powerful creature? (I know, only 10 round, but even so..)
  6. I am baffled by Demon and Elemental summing. Can someone help me understand by making a detailed example of a lesser Demon/'Elemental summoning with maybe one extra power? I wonder.. how many MP does it cost, what are the creature characteristic and power.. etc... Let me have a go to, so far, as I understand it: With 9MP you have 8D8 of characteristics or 1 of MOV. which would be STTR:4 CON4 INT4 POW4 DEX4 MOV4, you need to pay at least 35MP for a lesser demon with 3D8 in all characteristic and 10 in MOV, is that so? But base damage 0. Add like 6 more MP for D10+d2 damage. Add more MP for power. Or if one is limited to INT D8, say 16D8, that mean 5 characteristic at 2D8 and 2 at 3D8 which would below human average, an no extra power I.e. those spell have ludicrous cost..... But if one has access to such ludicrous power, maybe using multiple brazier of powers and chain of being, it is unclear if there is any limit to their power.. For example chain of being with 8 sorcerer having 15POW each will have 120MP.
  7. I am playing in a D&D inspired kind of settings... The magic chapter in BRP while nice is lacking something for that settings. Inspired by Classic Fantasy I think I will divide spell in Rank (1,2,3 / Common,Uncommon,Rare) and also categories(in CF it is Illusionist, MagicUser, Cleric, Druid spells).. Inspired by these I am tempted to: Create various Sphere skills: Alteration, Illusion, Mental, Evocation (still coming up with those), .. that would unlock some spell list... (Rank1 at 50%, Rank 2 at 100%, Rank 3 at 150%)... Going to put spell in the various rank / make list of the various spheres.... Probably not gonna use cost reduction, it's good enough to do fantastic feats, I feel, and spell can be at different rank in different sphere... Plus a Wizard staff helps a lot Magician can memorise INT/2 of each rank that they can use... For Psionic the skill would be "Psionic Mastery" only 50% need for Minor disciples and 100% needed for Major discipline unlock. This has the advantage While the system is still classless it create an entry cost to each power, and make some power inherently harder. Coupled with XP I can have all power (feat, magic, divine magic) in the party and still have each player specialising.... despite authorising people to learn anything anytime and players to teach each others! But this is prevents me to: 1. have individual (or profession) that practice just a couple of spell. I'd like some Elite forces of some sorcerer to also know Teleportation and Sharpen. 2. some races might have some natural abilities, like the Mind Flayer.. 3. I wonder if I could use that to provide some entry cost to the feats power (from Blood Tide supplement) Problem 1.. is a conundrum... maybe use a special allegiance skill to unlock some unique spell list perhaps? (with spell unlocking at some allegiance %), this is very ad-hoc.. but has a nice secret society feeling... dunno how it would work well out with player creating a secret society though... Problem 2: might be easy to solve. For example MindFlayer might start at.. say 45% in psionic mastery and have psionic blast as minor. And one can imagine funny outlier mind flayer without psionic. Problem 3: maybe I need a Feat skill... and authorise Feat% / 10 feat to be learned? Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions?
  8. 25 combat rounds / 5 minutes for lockpicking hey? this thief is never gonna get away! 😮 but thanks hey, you nailed it!
  9. Some ability seem to last a number of "turns" How long is a turn?
  10. I am still in my interdimensional adventures. My player have been abducted to.. "another plane / dimension" though, come to think of it, could just as well be on another planet in the one prime material plane. They will have to find some "gate spell" to go back. And I was thinking to drop them clues and directions toward Celephais, one of the big town of the dream world for a library holding such knowledge. But now I wonder... Dream world seem to be missing the denizen of my player's current location (like Dark Elf and Dragonewt), what of it? Should I add all manner of creatures from all world in the dream world? Should they "coexist"? I wonder who other have done about such conundrum / topic?
  11. I switched to general HP. Makes futuristic weapons, area spell and effect less oppressive. So general HP with major wound (though planning to redraw the major wound table using hit location, but that is a small detail). Mmmm I can see how it is very important... 1D6 in every location is very different from D6 to general HP indeed. Very good remark! 😮 You should get 10 likes from me for that very important question! 😮 As a side comment, the more I think about it ,the more I like Classic Fantasy approach, with a Spell Lore skill, Spell grade (common, uncommon unlocked at 100% spell lore, rare unlocked at spell lore 150%) and cost reduction (for Spell lore above 100%) But I also plan to use Sorcery (as divine magic) in the same setting and Psy power (a bit in this setting and a lot more in a future scifi campaign) and.. mmm... Sorcery (i.e. divine magic) does not need cost reduction. BUt Psy power might.. Might need to do some work here... And Psychic power could benefit from power grading... Thinking more about it: Only Elemental attack spell are prohibitively expensive and beg for cost reduction... I Think I will reduce the cost of those, as Prinz.Slazar implied, it's costed for hit location. And got rid of of cost reduction with spell Lore. But keep Lore spell to unlock uncommon/rare spell and increase spell limit. It seem all fitting better that way!
  12. I am not quite happy with the Fire spell. On one hand I like that it's expensive. On the other hand I don't like it's priced to such a ridiculous degrees as to be useless. For example Mind Control is only 3 and probably way more potent. Polymorph would cost 4~5. Both would be resisted with a likely hard POW vs POW check. But a (deadly) 4D6 fire ball would cost 12, and be resisted (cumulatively) with parry/dodge (though you can game that by casting last), armor and the resistance spell. I was thinking to make it, and other similar spells such as Lightning and Blast, somewhat less expensive. Which add another complication. Lightning is hard to avoid, should I make price it differently? I had the following ideas: - reduce price with skill. reduce cost by (score% - 50)/10 (i.e. -1 at 60% up to -5 at 100%) - I notice that Classic Fantasy supplement used reduction cost on all spell base on Spell Knowledge score beyond 100%.. I am not sure I like that... maybe I should play more BRP to see how common it is. - reduce base price to 3+1, i.e. 3 magic point + 1 per level, or maybe 3+2, 2+2.... 3+1 is my latest idea. With 3+2 for Fireball, but then I wonder.. what about.. Lightning... maybe they are not all the same cost? and Lightning could be 3+2? Anyway, I am very undecided as you can see, and I might dilly dally and stay undecided for a while... But I would be curious to know what other people have tried / changed about those spells.
  13. mm... if you read carefully I switched in the opposite direction. using BRP now. But wondering whether to keep XP.. particularly as BRP has more skills (1 per weapon and 1 per magic spells) I like the definitely less powerful (and more enchantment friendly) default magic of BRP. Though not quite happy with Fireball... And for combat it's a toss up.. but I am happy I got rid of action point, happy about random armour (i.e. less armour, really), and while general HP might seem a step back, I am not losing that much, really, but now area attack (spell, grenades, breath weapons) and scifi weapon are less oppressives ...
  14. I just switched from Mythras to BRP but I was wondering whether to go tick mark on skill or XP for improvement rolls... I was edging toward xp and I guess it's one more reason to do it!
  15. I used D20 under for the same result And D20+characteristics vs characteristic+10 for resistance, no need for a table!
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