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  1. Good time to share that video too!
  2. Or maybe make nerf guns looks like the real thing! 😮
  3. A relatable metaphor: stealing a Ferrari. Poor player, in lawless world steal a Ferrari. Congratulation the player now own a Ferrari. The player now takes the Ferrari in a wild pursuit through the wilderness on what is barely a dirt road. Chance are good the body takes quite some damage and the engine and tires might need some work and replacement. I will bet it's going to be more expensive that regular auto maintenance, and certainly more than a motorbike. Well.. I'd like to do the same thing with full plate armor.
  4. Well.. I just want to break the gear... (in fact it's only vaguely related with the character being poor as in, it's hard to keep up good gear, while not having the money to buy / maintain it in the first place) In BRP at least we got weapon breaking rule. I wonder if anyone has armour breaking rule too?!
  5. Fritz Leiber, I believe, is the one who originally coined the term "Sword and Sorcery" when he created the adventures of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. It was back in the 50's and 60s. Nothing to do with Lovecraft.. though there might be some inspiration occasionally. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Leiber I think I can say without exaggerating he is one of those author who stand the test of time (thought it's a bit early yet to be so affirmative). I say that because I realise one day, in my French lesson at school, that Victor Hugo's story are as readable today as they were back then.. unlike some other... And I think Fritz Leiber has a timeless fantasy style... (I much prefer him over Tolkien.... he is more.. relatable and funny I'd say). As for your take.. I never really like super hero (in theory) because they are so unrelatable (it might be why I like Marvel movie nonetheless, because they try hard to make their hero relatable in the movies), plus both Fritz Leiber and Marvel movie have this self deprecating humor while staying true to the fantasy they describe. So.. with those forewords you can guess I might like your take on the Mythos even more than the original! You never played Overwtach hey?! 😮 Well.. a PvE game is coming (Overwatch 2) and they might do some book / movie.. maybe.. at least we know they like the idea..
  6. I am playing Revolution D100 now and there isn't much (that I have seen) rule to break equipment. Even in BRP weapon, with an easy weapon break rule (on special and crit attack) (which is one rule that is attracting me back to BRP), armour doesn't break.. Now the problem is that my players accumulate ever better gear. Now I got nothing against looting and getting better gear... and while I slightly (I admit) annoyed that they wear full armour full time (slightly understandable in the context though) I have a feeling I am missing something that contribute to full plate mail cost and rarity. You only need to defeat 1 knight, boom you get an armour... and then a second knight (much more easily), boom 2 armour... At that stage the simplest option for me was to make (at least full chain mail) quite common... But I think adding some sort of expensive armor maintenance rule would be more appropriate... Any thoughts on that topic?
  7. Wow, would you believe it? I just stumble right now on another video of Dr Matt O'Dowd! 😮 Not from PBS! The title sounds fun though (haven't watched it yet) Sharing (and watching) now
  8. And that's their Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_gcs09iThXybpVgjHZ_7g Oh it says it there on the youtube channel: Dr Matt O'Dowd
  9. I don't know the narrator, I dont even know his name! But out of hundreds of video from PBS he does most of them. I think he is an astro physicist and they might be sponsored by BBC or something other TV network. mm... here you go! https://www.pbs.org/show/pbs-space-time/
  10. Speaking seriously some physicist does postulate non energy conservation at the moment of big bang... https://phys.org/news/2017-01-violations-energy-early-universe-dark.html Not that I was trying to argue it seriously.. Just thinking there was a question here for the neophyte to ask.... (and a funny one at that, you know, with the apparent paradox! in fact it's only funny if one find that paradoxical) (also the paper, while more rigorous and scientific, is not quite what I had in mind, which is less rigorous and more... perhaps biblical? maybe I should have just said "God, apparently, doesn't follow the conservation of energy") (mmm... maybe I should stop, sometimes nobody else find something funny too... 😕 )
  11. Great story! I wonder... and I guess it could be possible on some planet that if they see in big armor, they send heavily armored official to check you (heavily armored for safety) and then billed the person for the extra cost they inccured! In fact it might be a fun way to reduce player's money and incentivise more stealthy gear at the same time....
  12. That's ok... I don't really care about horror or Cthulhu, I am here for D100 system! (BRP and Revolution D100 being my latest favorites) Not to deny I did read some entertaining story in the past with Cthulhu mythos, just to say I am NOT a stickler with .. "authenticity" (is that the right word?), good and (or?) inventive (and believable) writing is what appeal to me! For some reason I just thought of Fritz Leiber and Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser while writing that, hahah.. maybe I should read their stories again, in English this time... (Read it first in French when I was a kid... since I used to be French ).. but speaking of which, didn't Ningauble of the Seven Eyes itself said that all story are true in the right parallel universe?! BTW, good on you to enlist DVa, she could be quite helpful there indeed! And she is kind of forgotten those latter day! (but hey, she might be back soon ) Fighting in the street of R'lyeh! Wow! The untold truth finally revealed! 😮 Or is it now?
  13. I forgot to ask.. where to buy those books once published?!
  14. Sounds interesting! 😮 I wanna play with you as GM now! Could I play Tracer back then when she was fighting alien monstrosity in unknown corner of the time streams?! 😮 And.... does Winston knows about Cthulhu? What does he plan to do about it? is Cthulhu's daughter a monstrosity herself or it's just propaganda? So many questions! 😮
  15. Don't worry about it G33k, if you had read the thread you will have seen that we already identified that this thread is neither relevant nor funny.. unfortunately... And yeah btw.. mass was not conserved... in fact mass conservation is just an approximation.. energy conservation is the more general version... in fact even energy conservation is an approximation! (as I think is video explains: )
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