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  1. This is one great mystery I have also been pondering! 😮
  2. I just checked this thread out of bored curiosity at work... And now, Smiorgan, you sold me, gotta buy it (it's only $7 )
  3. mass is multiplied (or divided) by 2 every 8 points, and chance go from 50% to 90% or 10% when the difference increase from 0 to 8... Seem fair enough?
  4. I never realised that, ideally, there is this precise relation between SIZ and weight. That implies that body significant length (height for human) is somewhat proportional to 2^(SIZ/24) (and also depends on the geometry). Hence every +24 SIZ point should be a doubling in height or length.... Cool new precise perspective on that characteristic
  5. I wanted to try Random AP but it seems just too bad to give it a go... But this new table make it attractive again! How about helmet though? What's your suggestion?
  6. After trying various system.. I am looking forward to the simplicity of 1 action at DEX/INT (+D6) rank for my next GMing.... But.. mmm...this system makes me think again about initiative... it might be simple, yet allow some variable attack speed, without it being too much of an OP advantage... Might give it a go and change.. by now my players are used to change!
  7. Stumbled on some Chaosium tweet about Australia and... I couldn't resist add some input! First this particular tweet is about an investigative plot twist! Koala has similar thumbprint to Human! Which begs the question.. who, or what, else has similar thumbprint hey?! I will let that question hang unanswered.... Then they have a link about "Terror Australis" where they talk about the main major cities... (Sydney, Melbourne....) https://www.chaosium.com/terror-australis-2nd-edition-hardcover/ As a contemporary Australian, I can tell you, even today, in everybody's mind, there is like 6 cities in Australia... and the rest is more or less... the bush.. with dots of population here and there.... Finally, they are missing my favorites attraction, as a former inhabitant of Darwin, we have our own Roswell! That is right! Alien visited us! Somewhere in the middle of the hot nowhere that is the Northern territory: https://wikitravel.org/en/Wycliffe_Well https://www.ntnews.com.au/lifestyle/abduckted-im-not-quackers-but-aliens-stole-my-feathered-friends/news-story/ae17b48a07184d78ce408613e1f6acbb
  8. I was not planning on a twist on that.. what would you suggest? I won't make any "monster story" though... and I don't see why there would be someone or something in cryo freeze in a ship that was lying on a fine (until now) inhabited planet.... In fact I am still debating on how the escape would work... The game will start with some forcefield dome sabotage (city life system goes kaboom, mysteriously) followed by some unfortunately coincidental space bombardment by the ultimate MoO bugaboos, the Antarians... And I was thinking someone could think of some place where some space ship could be stolen to get the fuck out of there... that's the premise I have in mind for now for adventure 1... Not sure how to make a game session out of it, practically though... 😕
  9. So many options! In fact, the first adventure, which need to be fully fleshed out yet, will be escape from doomed planet, and the ship will be a salvage and free acquisition from there!
  10. That depends who is your patron? I think if you borrow from the state, you will need to pass an ability check (i.e. minimum in some skills) to get it, and then it will be an advance to payback as you see fit in a timely manner. And they can easily get you anywhere in a 100 light years radius! Private entreprise might follow a similar pattern but ask from some more specific mission on more tighter deadlines.. but with better initial ship?....
  11. It's only Master of Orion as far as flavor, races, and technology and background atmosphere is concerned.... But the players would just be scrubs, or a space grubs, or a spaceship owning grubs, struggling to get ahead, not the leaders of the empire by any means!
  12. I already have the starting scenario.. which will start with a big bang! At this stage no patron... But I have a reputation system in the works, and was strongly angling for the patronage idea.. this whole discussions convinced me to take that idea to the next level! As in they will give you a spaceship! Side bonus for GM, they will take you to jail if you destroy it without cause.. 😛
  13. Wow... the hidden content is extra cheeky! 😮 And, btw, this short discussion gave me some good idea and clarity now!
  14. Back in the day, I used to hate the notion of playing a "subsidised merchant" in Traveller. Freedom! Yeah, then I got a job and saw how liberating the scenario was. You have a patron, they provide you with missions and baseline operating expenses, and you get to fill in the details during the several weeks between reporting for updates and resupply. Luxury, if not resulting from frugal bookkeeping, came from side jobs that didn't interfere with the company mission. My players actually loved it. So, TANSTAAFL, yeah, but at least the bread and meat are complimentary -- you supply the condiments. In that instance, the company is the "administrative body," but it could be a government as well (or a private finacier). The political aspect is who's footing the bill and why. I had that has a vague idea.. but you took it to the next level with some added clarity!
  15. it's Master or Orion. Players will be denizen of a (soon to be fragmented) space empire that is 100 light years wide! With FTL ship crisscrossing it at 500 times the speed of light! not sure how exactly the "boundary" works though.. I am still wondering about that... Obviously there will competing space empire.. and maybe a void between galactic arms.. (spaceships only have about 9 parsec ranges without refill, or 14 by stretching it.. although I guess it could make sense to really stretch it to 30.. though I plan to add space travel damage, so perhaps not...)
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