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  1. My approach was not really in Glorantha and / or RQ. More like D&D inspired, and also inspired by ancient Greek (and "Isu") imagery in Assassin Creed Odyssey (Atlantis DLC) where you can still a lot of hybrid creature (starting with Cerberus and his 3 heads). And I though that such creature concept was cool and totaly mad if you explore it a bit further. And also in D&D,, soulless Zombie do not seem inherently evil...
  2. that's interesting. and perhaps a bit high if it added to weapon damage? Anyway an idea I am toying with.. is to "democratise" magic.. Add a lot of "cantrip" which work like an intensity 1 sorcery spell.. many of them known culturally or racially or professionally and perhaps mesh with other skill.. Many will be ripped off folk magic spell from Mythras But for combat I created some original one which I am still undecided for the mechanic, do they last 10 round, or do they are cast as a free action before each combat roll?! - power strike: increase damage bonus by 1 step - empower strike: damage is magic, for the purpose of overcoming resistance - stunning strike: if target takes at lest 1 damage, make a POW vs CON roll or be stunned for next round
  3. Just a guess here, but the shotgun mechanic might be here to represent the multiple pellets And the semi automatic mechanic are here for automatic gun, when multiple bullet are fire continuously I imagine the pistol trigger can also be triggered fast.. but somehow, it need to aim everytime (getting increasingly harder) where the semi automatic can swipe the room and is bound to hit something? I guess they try to emulate the feeling of each machine, much like they do in video game! In fact.. (I am not playing CoC), those rules are interesting! ^^
  4. It occurs to me that CoC has built in official rule for fudging role! You have luck point, you can modify your skill roll with them! šŸ˜› The GM have the extra power that he/she sometimes use bad luck points! to make roll fails!
  5. I just realised... From a purely rule nazi point of view.... CoC is onboard with you, it has an official fudge dice roll mechanic! It's called Luck Point! And who is to say NPC can't use luck (or bad luck?) point too, hey?! šŸ˜› Could you restore luck by using negative luck point to fail skill?! šŸ˜® Mwahaha
  6. Ha! Those are the worst! And look, the helpful necromancer find a family member to help you! šŸ˜…
  7. I am with you on that! Though, personally, I don't fudge rolls, I fudge stats! But this made me wonder if CoC Luck points (where you get like 50 of them to trade point for point to affect skill roll) build better dramatic tension (as they go down) that an other rule where you got like 3 or 4 of them to make a reroll....
  8. Daring to share a possibly unpopular opinion I am willing to claim, I find the universal bad rep of Necromancer a bit over the top and irrational. I mean adventurers have been killing people since forever and it's fine. But raising a skeleton cow suddenly make you a mad sickening despicable individual? Nope, I dare say! The necromancer is the doctor of the magic world! (who were shunned for digging body for "scientific" research) I will argue no further and leave each one one to their own conscience on the necromancer guilt, or lack of there of. However, I understand that a good RPG story might need some villains. A Necromancer ring seem the ideal typical villainous faction (augmented by numerous undead folklore stories all around). But, playing Assassin Creed Odyssey, watching some of the statues in The Underworld and also thinking of some creative spell I read elsewhere... I am thinking of a new, novel, perhaps even more entertaining villain. For lack of a better word I would call them, the Fleshomancers! Mad Wizard (let me tell you, those are definitely mad and psychopathic!) who merge multiple living creature's body to create some monstrous chimera. Merging their flesh into some unholy construct and, most verily, shattering their mind in the process! They shall forever be marked with the sign of inexpiable shame!
  9. Oh you can whine, don't worry! I am past all the grievance stage to acceptance by now!.. (plus finally got better too! šŸ˜® )
  10. I know that, I have been sick all the time for the last 47 years! šŸ˜® šŸ˜• Luckily I finally found out the problem! Good on you mate for your recovery! Tiger Bill is back!
  11. No Unicorns? No Dryads? No Elementals? What is this! šŸ˜›
  12. el_octogono this is an interesting novel approach!
  13. Wow.. I have to share... I dunno about other Assassin Creed game. Odyssey is my first one. In this game there is a hint of surnatural, just a hint. Like the hero can jump from any height without damage.. And sometimes NPC mention "how does she do that", but it's mostly mundane otherwise... So, when after like 120 hours I discover the gate of Atlantis, I was thrilled! šŸ˜® But it was just the gate of a dead city then.... 80 hours later in the game I... went into Elysium, and The Underworld! This was magical! šŸ˜® The Gods are real, let me tell you! And they are spiteful and nothing to like about them... Anyway, the underworld is amazing, so well rendered, I can help but gaze in wonder at the despair around me, and marvel! šŸ˜® (FYI this does require the "Fate of Atlantis" DLC, it's an humongously big DLC of incredible quality! šŸ˜® ) Ha yes, that's Cerberus. We have to fight it to get in.... Anyway I can say my purpose in life is to become a traveller of the planes of existence! šŸ˜® šŸ˜›
  14. Using luck point can increase tension has they go down, and also reduce the need to fudge.. But of course, fudging is good when you misjudge the situation... It's just called, rectifying the odds!
  15. Well, the easiest thing to do, I guess, since we can't all agree, is to go explore this forbidding aliens ruin at night in separate group! This way no argument and w can cover more ground quickly!
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