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  1. also... I am going very slowly.. but in a few month I'll be ready to share my Master of Orion setting, rule set and adventure hooks!
  2. Jack Vance hey? I used to like that when I was a kid.. But I totally forgot what I read... Might try again!
  3. Hi all.. After a break back into working o my Master of Orion adventure settings (might be starting to play it in a few months now! 😮 ) Anyway I got 2 blockers.... 1. Material Rewards: in fantasy setting every now and then players can find magical items.. In this scifi heavily industrialized setting I don't see a place for unique items... And even luxury items.. when one can afford to maintain a spaceship, one can buy any luxury gun if they really want to... not sure what to do there... Apart from credits (spaceship are costly hey!) not sure what material / physical rewards I c
  4. The Wellerman TikTok Sea Chanty mashup for 3 straight hours (a 3 hour tour) - YouTube
  5. Well... sometimes you have to make you peace with all those systems (by that I mean the BRP ruleset) being a simplified model to resolve common conflict situation with good enough believability, flexibility, impartiality and expediency... It's not very good at outlier... Now if your setting is full of outliers you might need to com up with your own extensions, or home rules...
  6. this particular segment is not silly at all. However strong you are, you buoyancy remains the same, i.e. the weight of water that your body displace minus your own weight!
  7. Well all the number are not entirely logical or consistent.... But from a comment from Atgxtg in one of my thread, that was the intention for weight/SIZ and, therefore, STR. And some conversion table from weight to SIZ for some supplement follow this doubling of weight with each +8 in SIZ. Work well with Resistance table as someone pointed out. As for HP and Damage... (and POW) it is, indeed inconsistent since one could imagine that with 16 more SIZ (and CON) one should have 4 times (i.e. 4x) the HP, but it is not the case, one get +16 HP instead.... And same for POW... Persona
  8. One thing where it is inconsistent... Magic Point should grow exponentially as well hey, shouldn't they? But now they are linear function of POW.... Anyway, just nitpicking.. high POW is not that common in BRP anyway....
  9. STR and SIZ are supposed to be exponential, i.e. every +8SIZ is supposed to be x in weight.. kinda, doesn't quite work with low value (i.e. below 16)
  10. I dont like the *must duck* I rather say, if you leave cover you are automatically hit.... (before you can do anything!)
  11. here is how I plan to use it (we shall see how it goes) if one is doing suppressive fire. It should have been declared in an earlier round. The first round it's like normal fire. whoeer is doing suppressive fire is targeting a zone (where suspected enemy might be behind cover) and roll their attack (and spend their ammo) normally, maybe using burst fire if they have it... If anyone is in the zone and leave cover, they are automatically subject of the attack I guess they should be able to peek.. mm.. not sure.. .maybe it's a hard combine evade and perception or attack roll... mmm...
  12. Yes, as you noticed.. I was using Mythras for a short while. but no longer. A few correction, at 70% you have 70% of shaping... each new component cost 1 MP but, for the exception of combine, additional level in the extra components are free... So Shaping range & target of wrack cost 3 MP overall. With 3 range point the range is POWx10m, say 150 meters, that leave you 4 point for 5 targets (at 150 m) for 3mp. 3mp is 1 round if you have 16 in DEX. or 1.5 round for most people. You can not do that in a Dungeon, but in the wilderness you can safely target anyone beyond even missil
  13. It's getting there... to repeat myself.. the problem is 2 fold, not so much in BRP, but obvious in Mythras and RD100, a starting Wizard is way too powerful compare to a starting any other thing (To my taste) (unless you give the wizard purposely weak spell, which is not my choice either) (the Mythras version of CF is OK, but it has classes and levels) Then one an do from 1D6 to 9D6 (unavoidable, if it's a fireball damage) so really unbalanced.. but the price is crazy high.. nobody is happy there... in a short Mythras stint, I gave protection and wrack to the starting Wiza
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