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  1. I'll have a look thanks. No worries, I don't have particular need to fill, I am just curious to see if there are some surprisingly interesting bits...
  2. How "upcoming" is this companion?! 😛
  3. I think it's related to much like there is no level (and increased HP) in BRP.... spell level feels awkward. Why can't I learn this, one would say? This is not BRP like! However, there is some sort of technological level in BRP, for example if you play a fantasy campaign, you can't go into a shop and buy an automatic machine gun, even though the gun stat is in the book! Me think we could still have multiple slightly different and not really fairly balanced spell.. but just segregated them by culture. Yes this spell is ridiculously weak and overpriced (in MP) compare to that one.. but hey, that's the only one you can get! Or maybe this one power could be an innate ability, where as this other one is a learned magic spell... About the idea of using an Occult skill for gating some spell.. sure, though it's not to my taste... But your number are wrong, because, usually, either player have base value (which is fine) or they jump to 70% (typical starting value of favored professional skill) in which case you directly start (too easily) with high tier powers... And going from 70% to 90% is relatively quick... What Classic Fantasy did.. Common, Uncommon (requires Knowledge Arcane 100%) and Rare (require Knowledge Arcane 150%, I think) is better... (BTW, when I say too easily I mean an occultist / wizard character - even a staring character one - has little XP investment and huge power compare to anyone else, and beg the question, why isn't everyone a wizard? Why wouldn't nobility make a mage army instead of stupid swordsmen? Better bang for bucks! no need to buy any gear and much more damage and toughness!)
  4. You misunderstand me.... In D&D there tons of spell... But many are like "minor illusion, level 3", "major illusion, level 7" (though this has improved in D&D5e) Obviously in BRP you will have only one spell "Illusion" instead of those 2. Hence there is inherently less spell in BRP magic system... Though sometime I am thinking to give cultural / unique spell to specific culture... which might be just a tweak of an exiting spell, much like many D&D spell are in relation to others.
  5. Really? Oh that's good! The BGB magic system of all D100 version. The RuneQuest/Mythras/Legend family is too exponential in nature for me... (though I like the Mythras intensity = %/10). Thouh I dont like the elemntal spell as is and I have a tweak.. One thing that is extremely different from D&D.. there is no level per in BRP... a lot of D&D spell are the variation of the same with different power level / refinement.... to give an example; Dimension Door, Blink, Teleportation, Teleportation Circle, Work of Recall... Havent seen a BRP system that graceful reproduce that mad variety. Beside, do we want to?! (though having a longer power list in BRP, all source merged, would be nice. Much like in the Revolution D100 book)
  6. Well it's started well before the current pandemic. The timing is... unfortunate and .. accidental....
  7. But what about King Frog? I am going to wear my aluminium cap right now, seems safer!
  8. Congrats mate, keep up the good fight and spread the good word! You gave me some ideas as well.. when you talk about your character goal and financing conflict!
  9. Well.. I have magical stunt such as Teleportation Tracking that require teleportation and perception.. Teleportation Tracking Prerequisite: Teleportation > 50%, Perception > 75% Up to 10r after someone teleport away, can follow them Teleportation Divination Prerequisite: Perception > 75%, Vision 50% Up to 10r after someone teleport away, can observe their destination And in my soon to be shared Master of Orion setting I gave some advantage roll to some races... (and some have special powers) Also (another example)... Backstab Prerequisite: Stealth > 50% + a Small Melee Weapon SKill > 50% Cost: 1FP? free? Can backstab with any small melee weapon skill (not just the one prerequisite) as long make an attack from a hidden location / back. Which adds +D6 to damage.
  10. Stunt is a concept definitely missing in vanilla BRP and that beg to be added.... RevolutionD100 is almost based on it... Blood and Tide have lots of them... And I made a curated personal version for my BRP homebrew ruleset.. with a few extra rule on learning/researching and limiting them (Blood and Tide have no set maximum, I use INT/2 because, what else? And I like to limit them to force specialisation) Will probably share it soon.. made some magic tweak to go along with it... Anyway if you must know... I like how Revolution D100 define them. Stunt are improvement on skills. You need a skill (or in BRP you need a skill at, say, 50%/75%/90% a bit like Mythras cult benefits) to be able to learn the stunt. Stunt let you perform the skill better or with special move. A few examples that could be from Blood and Tide, Revolution D100 or my homebrew ones... Power Attack Prerequisite: [(Melee) Weapon] > 50% Cost: 3FP Next attack with the weapon will have +D6 damage Graceful Dodge Prerequisite: Dodge > 50% Cost: 1FP/3 dmg When taking half damage from an area attack in case of successful dodge, eliminate the remaining damage at the cost of 1FP/ 3 dmg. Fireball Prerequisite: Fire > 50% Cost +2 to spell level Turn the Fire spell into a fireball (area attack, 6m diameter) at the cost of 2 extra level of spell (BTW, reduced elemental spell cost to 2MP/D6-level and using general HP) Blueprint [device] Prerequisite: [Science/Craft] > 50% Normally science / craft is used for diagnostic and repair. Building an entirely new device from scratch is a hard roll (skill / 2). With this stunt the device can be crafted at normal difficulty. Ace [Skill] Prerequisite [Skill] > 50% Give one (1) advantage roll per session with the selected skill (i.e. roll twice, take best result) Tough as Nail Prerequisite: Player Character, Boss or Elites HP is now SIZ+CON instead of (SIZ+CON)/2
  11. Who is this Nyarlethotep guy? Sounds like the ugly brother to Nyarlathotep?!
  12. Do not split, there can be only one?! 😈💣🔫
  13. I was planning something just like that soltkass
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