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  1. On another matter.. I am glad to see you support Weyland Yutani! This is the best company for the world, as you know!
  2. RQ3 was like that, the category bonus was the XP roll bonus, if my memory serves me right.. (it's like 34 years later... 😮 )
  3. I like the persuasion skills lead to resistance roll on cha vs int Plus I always a bit uneasy on the concept that hey, since the player succesfully roll his convince skill the target should be convinced, right?
  4. That looks fun.. I need to study how this works and what happen! 😮
  5. I need to remember and use that!
  6. I have found you! The godess of those who do not care about grammar! Blessed theee!
  7. Vile.. your argument edge me towards keeping APP after all... Also.. I am not using point buy... so that relieve the pressure against APP. Point buy suffer from dump stats... (I roll normally and mercilessly and give them a +6 bonus at the end!) Keeping APP, I think I will use the APP vs INT resistance roll after successful persuade/intimidate/fast talk... and also add some standard modifier to APP (say, grooming & nice clothes = +4, dirty bloody cloths = -4, for example) As for roleplaying social skill... I take it easy... of course I will ask "what are you trying to say" but I am not demanding any kind of good performance from the players, just a good enough idea of what they say... After all, their character is a hero, most likely more cunning that the players, let them enjoy that!
  8. Thanks all. Alright APP or CHA is indeed not that useful... I will think about ditching it.... or, alternatively, of simple way to vary it. I.e. bloody dirty adventurer, will incur a APP/CHA penalty that would imper all their persuasion roll... and the reverse could be true with some preparation! Although, I just realise the character does the fast talk roll, while the opponent does the resistance roll, so it's not too gamey. And I am starting to like this idea more. Anyway, at that stage.. I have to let my unconscious process that idea for a while.. after a lifetime of using CHA as a characteristic I have a hard time letting go, need some perspective... Hix, did you mean, some Mythras game do just as I suggested in the second line of this thread? How clever of them!
  9. I might be missing something.. but APP doesn't seem very useful... One way it could shine, in theory, with some mechanic is using general conflict rule. Where APP could be used, effectively, as your social HP, and Persuade would be your weapon skills... But, I tried a few times, it didn't feel like it was working well... The only time it worked well, I think, was during a trial, to be convincing enough. I have an idea... But I think it might be gamey... (other idea welcome, in fact requested! ) Fast Talk could work like spell casting. Failure does nothing. Success would enable an APP vs INT save on the resistance table. Same Intimidate could led to a STR vs STR save (or could be APP vs INT in a social context) What do you think? any other idea?
  10. Sure... In fact I had a creative block for the last 2 months.. but just unblocked it and back to preparing!
  11. I kind of refused to see it before.. maybe because I got years of experimentation and perspective.. but maybe BRB can seem complicated, at first sight... I am going to continue my simplification effort!
  12. I am just asking little question here and there... I might share the (not play tested yet) base document I am working on one day... but it's not nearly interesting enough yet! It will be based on Master of Orion 2.. Already have character creation rule, race list... but still working on power list, bio-augment list, vehicle list, environmental effect list... (that will be word document one, available to players) (maybe equipment list.. not sure... might just make on the spot and not that many gadget apart from weapon already in the BRP book) and the galaxy quarter document (so far only in my head, as I was wondering about the stapple kind of activity that would please me, and make the game intereting...). that would be word document two!
  13. It's definitely scifi... But for profession description MW is like: Each profession has 10 skill, pick a profession. In that profession skill list: - pick one, add + 60% - pick 3, add +40% - pick 4, add + 20% much easier... I might get away from skill modifier by category too.. it's too much thinking and for like -8 to +8% variation, in the most extreme case? Plus player want to add extra percent if base characteristic changes.. which is not quite the same at base percentage and at 90+%.... I think I might go with simple flat, race based, starting value of 40%, 20%, 10%, 01%.... per category... for magic no worries.. there will be a bit of psionic and that's it. Though there will be transhumanism though! (augmentation a bit like River of heaven)
  14. We have a D&D goup going on (I was GMing 2 of them before with various D100 rules and setting.. I am kind of rule hopper, I admit) Anyway now another player is GMing a D&D published campaign, and we got 3 new players. I loaned them one of my BRP hardcopy... (we are planning to do my work-in-progress scifi campaign after that) And next week the players came back to me and said "wow this looks so complicated" (I think he was referencing character creation).. Which made me sad.. Anyway, I am preparing a scifi settings, with a 6 lines long character creation procedure, inspired from Magic World (which has nice and simple character creation)... Any tip for easy character creation? Just trying to make a good first impression! Though, I think Magic World quite nailed it!
  15. That sounds like a mythical place! 😄 Do you think there is another planet for Scarlett Johansson?!
  16. Well.. in fact the "empire" will be but a speck in the galaxy... a speck can easily contains thousands of inhabited stellar system, way too much already for a single GM! But it's just I wanted to get away from those "mysterious locations" kind of adventures... I mean there might be many way to introduce and approach such adventures. In my mind, however, it often evoke things like challenging the best future tech with surprisingly powerful monster or magical thing or even better tech only know by this few people, all of which feels wrong to me... Now if I make an effort.. and it's just a normal place.. but maybe they pay much less tax than it should, or it just turn out this inhabited planet has a rebel base (as opposed to a mysterious alien base), or some crazy warlord run a live outdoor bioweapon experiment, I guess that's fine by me! Just wanted to point out where the "mysterious location" kind of adventure, evoke to me things that don't quite fit my vision of an advanced tech future kind of settings... As aside note.. I am a little unsatisfied with the colonised world's border so far.. let say the empire is a cube 100 lightyears across. That's easily more than 10,000 stellar system. I have 11 sentient advanced races. It would be quite a stroke of strange luck that there is a big chunk of intelligent life in it.. and none around... But anyway.. that will just make occasional news in the background for now.. adventure will be right in the middle of that empire... Yes, maybe there are room for borderlerlands mysterious location over there indeed! But my focus will be on the inside for now!
  17. You make a good point for a most likely realistic space civilisation (if there is ever such a thing, who knows how it will be, really?) However, in my case, after much thinking, and unlike my original plan, but more totally friendly to Master of Orion lore after all (where one get map of the galaxy with detect ship in hyperspace with sufficient tech), there will be ansible and instant interstellar communication! So... one more reason far away planet are not so isolated and different... However, to share some extra lore (which goes away from the topic of staple adventure hooks). Ansibles will be point to point finite communication, so.. sometimes a planet get offline (with the civil war and all, but not really before that)..... Also many solar system are "known" to be unviable, with no maintenance base, no ansible... but some do have secret base!
  18. I haven't written much setting in my mind yet, mostly toying it in my mind so far.. but yeah, each solar system will have its own unique cultural identity as much as I could make it... But I don't quite see how I could make the simple exploration of it the main drive of the adventures... Usually I like to have place that need be raided (stealthy or not), various people that need be interrogated for clues and, hopefully, facilities in weird and dangerous locations with some combat encounter... and If I can have some hoverbike chase as well (which I am bad at chase, but I find thematically so good that I have to try it some more) But I am not quite sure how to make the simple exploration the main event...
  19. Yes.. in fact, the way Questbird write about bounty hunting above, he made me realise of an approach to that problem where interesting mission can be progressively given to outsiders.... So I think this is a big story blocker unblocked then!
  20. I was trying to avoid that.. space seems a difficult place to be, spaceships are expensive to buy and repair, you spend weeks scooped up in your own unreachable spacetime bubble... But i can see where there is more room for adventuring as a spaceship owner... Will probably try to give them one and having them doing contraband / trading run as I mention... But looking for other activities as well.... The way you present it.. I can see it doesn't really requires to be close to an organisation to start building a partnership with them... It sounds silly but... I think you just helped me unblock a whole avenue of adventure! 😮 I don't think I will run any exploration adventure (except the hidden and destroyed planet of the Elerian, one day...) the galaxy is a known place with little wilderness challenge left, if any... And I like it that way.. I am not big on mysterious alien artefact or mysterious alien creature... in a scifi setting.... Certainly.. not sure how to turn that into a regular type of adventure though...
  21. I did put some roadblock on myself... like - player not be part of any organisation (like the police, army, spy).. However my main reason for that is so they could chose any profession... I might revisit that - I don't have any outsider designated punchbag (like the Klingon or Orcs) and that doesn't really fit my master of Orion vision.. I can foresee they will come to hate the Bulrathi though (the lower class clone), but the ruling class is also Bulrathi (natural, not clone), so it's going to be tricky... - yeah, yeah, I got many races, they are all merged together in one empire though.. and yes I got foreign empire but i don't plan on "mysterious alien psychology" nor on "weak but undesirable neighbouring civilisation", I am not sure how one would benefit on the fringe on the enemy or alien empire... They might send the military if some foreign interloper is messing around, which would be.. lethal... I guess being a corsair is a valid career choice.. but probably not where I will position my stories... me think.... - crime gang... it's where I got trouble... even today, with car registration, instant credit card cancellation, camera everywhere... I thought organised crime would have an even tougher time that it has today... maybe capitalism would help create some super addictive recreation drugs? mm... I am not really appealed by that... - an ancient spaceship relic, sure those exists, but most would either be completely stripped already or totally unknown... Although, in that time of civil war.. there might be many *new* space battle remnant to clear around... and probably some competition for that... interesting! I was thinking to have players be independent.. which, admittedly, makes my work harder... I dunno I am not big on player being part of an organisation... maybe I should study some one shot were this is strongly implied and see how does that plays out... yes, I suspect player will be.. most sensible, 2 candidate dictator claim the shattered empire.. and other will popup to claim their independence.. pretty sure the player will side with the independent! Though, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't make much of a difference....
  22. ha well.. no worries.. and no hurries as well!
  23. Thanks for this in depth explanation... Right now and forever I have been using Homebrew vaguely prepared games.. but as I struggle to come up with a well prepared original new genre (for me) I am thinking to myself... maybe I should have another go at pre made adventures, so much easier.. and you sold me the RingWorld quite well!
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