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  1. Finished the game! Took about 3 days.. The atmosphere of madness and mystery was quite well done! My character ended up in the Asylum! But that's OK, I watched a great old on in the flesh... and I am alive to tell the tale! 😮 And kids, don't eat whale, you never know, seriously! 😮 😛
  2. One can find and read the Necronomicon itself in that game! 😮
  3. Well there are too reason to that... most D100 have the exponential increase in power inherited from Runequest.. so the sorcerer can teleport more and more people further and further way at once... I guess this is okayish.... also most D100 variant will do 1 dice of damage per negligible coast /limit. and make spell by pass armor. so the sorcer can strike with the power of 7 sword at once, on multiple targets, ignoring armour, cannot be parried or dodged, with very little effort, on every action. and that's available to beginner sorcerer or just after a few adventure / some XP (in D&D the player will be level 3 by then) there are many variations but the problem always looks like that... the counter argument is always magic is powerful, those spells are rare, deal with it. sure.. but the point is you can hardly recreate a D&D settings with D100 variant... (I happen to like D&D settings) BRP is better with teleport and fly. Default magic has fixed range, time, etc... But Lightning/Fire is still a problem. 1D6 per might. Max might is INT/2. Hence beginner sorcerer with 8D6 of damage incoming! One fix could be fixed damage. Why should the damage increase after all? Doing as much as an arrow should be good enough! But, as I was challenged on the Revolution D100 forum, how do you kill a dragon then? (or any big buffy ennemy) (Seems like magic is the only viable solution) there are way latest D100 variations cope with that. Mythras and RevolutionD100 both maximise your power to one tenth on some percentile. But the wizard power (over time and experience) still won't progress as nicely as in D&D.... Playing with some optional Revolution D100 rules I found some interesting solutions: - casting time... maybe mana is not the limiting factor. but time. strike with the power of seven sword might take as much time as 7 attack to cast.... (could be adapted to all D100 variant really) - also RevolutionD100 doesn't just polymorph / teleport / dominate people instantly. saving throw / resistance roll is replaced with a conflict phase that might last a few round... I quite like it
  4. g33k... not to add anything on what you say.. but to illustrate.... While I generally like all D100 variant well over any D&D variant, there is one thing that irks me with all D100... most of them have horribly overpowered magic over D&D, at least to my liking. I.e.a level 7 Wizard can cast fireball, dimension door, fly but he is still a (relatively) benign force. But give any flavor or teleport, fly and energy projection to your wizard in most if not all D100 variants and he is a fucking god! Well most D100 players and GM seems OK with that. But it's a problem for me. I like to give fly, teleport and project energy around, and I don't like spell caster to put all other players (and the rest of the world) to shame... 😮 As a side note... Revolution D100 is growing on me, for various reason, including, but not limited too, the fact I think I can make magic work the way I like it!
  5. Got the books delivery notification yesterday, dropped at the post office this morning before work, books are in my car!
  6. Ask here too, for the sake of completeness.. https://basicroleplaying.org/forum/18-revolution-d100/ The is also a public free SRD.. which I think probably implied it's 3rd party publication friendly
  7. But... I saw Bradley officer die with my own eyes! 😮
  8. Remind me of Warhammer.... I mean last I played warhammer was in 1990, but sounded like that for all I remember...
  9. I heard some incantation! Though not that one (yet?) though 😕 They did a good job of it, hahahaha
  10. Hey thanks Jakob for your answer! I didn't expect the .... rule confusion to have such an impact 😮 No idea if it's better now.. Though they are absolutely working on it, wait a few month, according to the latest news, and a new SRD should be there soon as well. But perusing The Conspiracy Theory it's indeed nice the way they introduce additional rule each combat step by step! And yes, you are right, of all the D100 variation, this is the one with the steeper curve. Simple on the surface, but the depth of details can easily lose many! 😮 😕 One thing I tell my players is that I still don't know the rule well.. so we'll learn as we go.. Particularly only have the pdf for now (waiting for print, Australia shipping is slow..) and I don't have a tablet / laptop... 😮 All I have in game is what I write down and a 12 page summary of the rule I printed...
  11. Hi Jakob, I am a newcomer to RD100 and instantly loved it! I am curious as to how you saw the game then and how you see it now?! For me I have this to say: Negative: rule needs many reading (I guess once you mastered conflict and advanced combat you are mostly in business.. but simple combat still have a place, like for tavern brawling) Mixed, but mostly positive: The skill / trait paradigm. It create a feeling of both general knowledge and specialisation. Also trait, like feats in D&D create user excitement, love it. It doesn't feel like you can specialise enough though, thinking I "might" introduced expertise stunts. Only played 1 game so far though.. so we shall see. But stunts are probably the way to go instead, no skill increase, but more special effect at your disposal. Positive: Love the toughness attribute (never liked how easy it is to kill someone with a few punch in most D100 games) Positive: love how much easier it is to create a profession or a new character mostly by just using a few word (instead of tons of numbers) Positive: love how it all ties up together (toughness in particular) to make creature design simple and meaning full as well. So good in fact that my beginners' GM mind came up with the same number that they did when I created the creature first and checked the manual second! 😮 Kinda Positive: Most D100 variant have an horribly overpowered magic compared to .. (shudder) D&D and I am not entirely ashamed to admit I like the impact of D&D magic better. But RD100 close the gap. In the base rule casting a spell and overcoming the victim takes a while, I like how conflict replaced saving throw. Positive: lots of good idea. Positive: Advanced Combat. I gave up on Mythras it was too cumbersome. This version is very similar to Mythras in spirit, but more elegant / less cumbersome, I'd say. Positive: love the free SRD, player can get it for free and print the few pages if interests!
  12. The small footnote rule (page 36, last side note)... that nobody saw! hahaha! Well now that I know, put things in a different light! 😮 Might not need this "Advanced Magic" skill after all... But will keep probably the expertise one, we shall see...
  13. The Fabled International Edition! Many trials await the daring adventurer looking for it!
  14. I did go there and downloaded stuff, thanks!
  15. Kudos to that! I love the supplements BTW, merged some ideas for my campaigns! 😛
  16. Thanks Soltkas! I already added them to my list! Except the magical stunts, since they wont really fit my style of play, but it's a nice idea. Although.. some of them, with a different wording could fit.. I was contemplating adding "Qi like" abilities.. or not... In a world filled with magic, surely it should be used more than just by wizard... And also I didn't add No Fear [Jump] because... I probably wouldn't inflict a fear malus anyway... although.. reading the stunt again... perhaps I should read the jump section again! hahah...
  17. Hey Soltkas, thanks for your feedback! I see we both look at way to introduce more skill/traits in a controlled / limited fashion... And probably both found a (different yet) satisfactory mechanism!
  18. Bought the game and just started playing it! It starts.. with a nightmare! 😮 Alright, back to it now... Later the same night... I am definitely feeling the madness.... 😮
  19. I made my own compilation from all the supplement I bought and Soltkass list here, and attached it here! It contains all skills, traits and stunts I could find.. it's starting to look nice, though I'd like more Stealth Stunt ideas! I added just a few things.. Like my own combat magic casting tweak. Though I do really like the Red Moon Rising / Conspiracy Theory mechanics (and listed them under the "Gifted magic" settings), in a world where Wizard is a mere profession I really want players to think twice before starting a Wizard career. And at the same time I really like firebolt. So I added 2 optional magic casting rule. Mine own (called "magic as a profession") and Red Moon Rising (called Magic as a Gift) also 3 stunts I think: Power attack, like focus but for melee weapon, limiting it to SIZE class, i.e. 3. is that a good idea? and 2 new magic / concentration stunt And 2 new skills, which I wonder what people would think about that One is Expertise. It's a replacement for the Dedication rule really, with some tweaks. I made its improvement cost slot number + 4 I wonder what people think of this idea? One core difference is that it provide slot for stunts and power for any (other) skills, but not traits. And of course you have to level it up separately at a higher cost. One is Advanced Magic. Thinking of my 200 years old Dark Elf wizard only knowing like 10 spells annoyed me a bit. Instead of grouping multiple spell in one slot (somehow arbitrarily) I created yet another skill "Advanced Magic" that cost more XP to improve (+8) and unlock at 81% in concentration. Again, any thoughts on that? Revolution D100 - Homerules.docx
  20. very nice work and good preparation! as a side comment, even if I prepared as much and as well as you did, I wouldn't do a log for the players. On the contrary I would be interested in the player's own version of events... Only (very) rarely reminding them of something. I mean it's also the player's story and I like to roll with it. Plus it's very fun to go along when they get it all wrong!
  21. The Focus Strike martial stunt let the adventurer do more powerful strike at the cost of 1EF per might. There is no limit defined. After some thinking, and since this simulate putting all your body's weight behind one strike, I thought to limit it to 1 might per size class, i.e. 3 for human. Though I am wondering about using twice as much instead, i.e. 6 for human. Any comment? Or maybe SIZE+MOVE (since, energy goes up by square of the speed hey )
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