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  1. I made my own simplified list.. but I will check it out tonight against yours! ^^
  2. I am not.. but after playing Assassin Creed Odyssey (in the Atlantis DLC one learn all Greek world's monster are Isu creation, and they keep on hacking... one can see inspirational statue all over the place 😮), I have been inspired to use blood magic unholy creations (chimera like creatures) and practitioners as the main antagonists in my next fantasy campaign!
  3. Thanks for that in-depth explanation. Interesting ideas...
  4. is it like the usual check mark BRP improvement + session XP like Mythras, both together? (As well as training and research as usual)
  5. mmm.... I forgot about this funny issue since I used XP like Mythras for improvement... Yeah it looks like it would be a bad idea to risk it in combat... However, as well as game experience (p182) one could improve with training (p184) and research (p185)! In fact this make me think.. I should give XP check mar another go perhaps.. since XP mark, training and research, all 3 together might be more to my liking, come to think of it.... (currently using XP as in Mythras)
  6. Just to explain as I thought.. (thought when I reflect some more, I might have thought wrong)... if you don't have this combat style you can't use the shield wall.. and I was assuming without that style being part of you starting package.. if one would start using spear, one one would develop a skill% for spear without the ability... But I guess the better way to look at it is.. it is how you fight with spear! Learning spear is learning the style / ability associated with it! My problem here, all my other RPG player friend are D&D addict... And they are ok to mg GM another game.. but
  7. And also... BRP humour... There is a new limit to Magic Point?! 😮 (that was my first though on seeing the title! )_
  8. Hey Lawrence! Thanks for your answer.... To nitpick about the combat style trait... while it's a very good valid point, it annoys me because it introduce a combat that is manoeuvre that you have to learn (fair enough) but... having just 1 such is impractical... Though, now come to think about it.. maybe I should take a second (or more like 5th ) look at the Mythras combat style after all hey... As for the rest, yes I can see what you say... - there are some weapon reach rule in the BGB too! but not as stringent than in Mythras... but I guess since I ask... Maybe I should be i
  9. As I am watching Lindybeige explaining the fine art of spear fighting... I keep wondering to myself... Could I model all of that with BRP? To how much depth? Care to share your personal approach of tactical combat? (It's not my string point, I want to improve! )
  10. Hey Good point Atgxtg! The idea that is emotional and not rational crossed my mind.. but I scratched it out with the personal belief the subconscious (hence emotions) does (roughly) the same calculation... But one can argue it's slightly different indeed...
  11. By skirmish I mean a few (1,2,3?6?) vs a few.... (like often happen when it's player party vs a bunch of enemies) Clearly if there are lots of yous.... you might not die in vain, might be "worth" it.... And you might have no choice as well... (deserter are not liked much, to say the least...)
  12. I didn't carefully read all the messages here... But just picking on the "moral as skill"... In skirmishes, clearly, there is little to gain in staying in a lost fight, if you gonna die, retreating is the most sensible option! So I wouldn't make that sort of morale go higher as your skill increase hey? Morale is a complicated thing, it has has self-preservation (which might be the smart thing to do), arrogance (which might be warranted or not), awareness (see how the combat is going), peer pressure (some sergeant have the duty to shoot deserters, and one often will do anything for th
  13. It's also in the original, long forgotten, D&D, played with 2D6. At any rate, I haven't played original D&D in a while, nor have I ever played wargames.
  14. I usually retreat or stay in a rather predictable fashion depending in the creature and circumstance... The thought never occurred to me to make that a game stat 😮
  15. Having fun at myself here. Reading that I thought, hey this guy is so old! 😮 But then I reflected I am (almost) 49 meself... hahahah Me too!
  16. Typically consecutive attack have a -5 rank malus. I.e. first attack is done at DEX rank. and then DEX-5 and DEX-10. An alternative home rule could be to split the DEX rank into the numbers of attack, in your case that would be DEX, 2/3DEX 1/3DEX. Which is how attack rank is modified after moving MOVx1~2
  17. well 1/2 is 3 characters, but ½ is only 1! 😮
  18. I think I wanted to challenge the natural awe and reverence player have toward royalty... But that probably not works, since it contains reasonable wariness of power... The string of coup would be mostly a (vast) family affair, with an emperor having lived for few hundreds of years... Me think now, I will start with a bloodbath... follow by 1 or 2 more coup and a fracture of the empire that will be more or less stable for the players game period afterwards... I have some open ended campaigns end ideas... one of them might be helping one of the .. contenders? pretenders? something..
  19. Still working on my scifi campaign ( I think I have maybe 3 month before it starts) It will start in an orderly, albeit militaristic, space civilisation... That will shatterwith a coup.. (that was the plan) But then I watched some episode of Horrible History.. and I learn how there was like... 40 emperor? in a row in a short time after Julius Caesar death, in a string of coup... And I am wondering.. why just one coup? Why not a string of them? But then it's different, it's the future, with better information, technology, vast distance between protagonist.... Such political madnes
  20. counter argument to this exploratory spirit.. (I know, it's a game, we are not here to be Debbie Downer, just doing it for the sake of rationale informed argument): Exploring / Colonising Antarctica would be vastly, hugely, ginormously easier and cheaper to colonise than, say Mars. One can breathe air in Antarctica, it has lot of sunlight (compare to Mars), easy resource (rich soil that can grow things, water,), easily accessible, warm temperature hospitable to life, perfect gravity, so easy to bring in stuff by mere boats, acceptable radiation level,.. the list of advantage goes on....
  21. Oops missed that.... like it too ^^ At any rate... I am thinking to go with a very small number of item slots... (like 5?) with the caveat that a 1 backpack can contain a big number of item slot itself
  22. OK, I have to admit this is video from a D&D guy.. 😕 But this is a topic this is dear to me, as in as I am still trying to figure out a way to use it...
  23. I think it's a style... I am in the camp that have a hard time killing players.... Though I plan to be more merciless for my upcoming scifi campaign... but I plan t have lots of NP kind of around the NPC.. and good hospital... A player killer need good social skill to have player coming back.. but I guess if everybody is expecting it and on board... plus it's real horror that way As long as the story is good hey?
  24. it doesn't mater if the random armor goes very high.. sometimes it just block all the damage, what's important is that sometimes it goes down, and then the damage could be anything (high or low).. and also the player is aware that happens and that increase the drama and reduce the felling of invincibility...
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