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  1. You also compare apple to orange. Yup Wizard can kill lots of low level mob and one is more hard pressed to do it in BRP. indeed... But D&D wants you to kill lots of mob, it's not a real challenge... I don't want BRP wizard to kill lost of mob. Doesn't mean they are not powerful in their own way Also how is it any better than a Warrior Level 5? It is not!
  2. BRP page 95. List of magic spells. Here a few good ones CHANGE: polymorph into anything for 1MP / 3 SIZ TELEPORT: 1MP/ 3SIZ CONTROL: 3MP per ennemy LIFT (aka fly): 1MP / 3SIZ SHARPEN: +1 damage / MP PROTECTION: 1AP / MP all pretty good and cheap I'd say... it would help the discussion if you had read the rules!
  3. Spell costing is tricky... if you increase the cost overall... (which might be a good idea) you will start with spell caster casting only 1 spell a day.. (which might be fine, just pointing that out) and a polymorph, once a day, that last 15 minutes is kind of frustrating... but it's still an unearthly power though! You might want to introduce MP storage (like the wizard staff and familiar) and / or way to reduce spell cost... At any rate I can't advise too much.. I did a quick stop in BRP on my way from Mythras to Revolution D100... and I kept messing around with Revolution D100 magic for like 3 months... I am starting to get the hang of it now! But it does many things differently (regarding saving throws, duration, range and, for once, magic item creation rules are more clear than those in BRP! 😮 )
  4. I disagree... in BRP magic is way more powerful for much less cost that D&D. (unless you are wizard level 16 or more.. in which case D&D magic is indeed at ridiculous level of power) Let's take this wizard with the not very dangerous spell of domination at 70% as starting spell, as you said. He can easily cast it 4 times in a fight (or once on 4 people) (for a total of 12MP). Granted it doesn't kill the victims. How how about the 4 victims backstabbing their friends? Way more deadly and cost effective than a single 4D6 fire spell for 12MP. Also domination has a lot more potential than merely killing the victim! (and not the other way around) Or what about Protection. Spending 8MP I got an armour of 8. Way better than than even most rich warrior can afford (after plate + helmet is only D8+2 AP). I don't know how you do it.. but when I GM Mythras/BRP/RevolutionD100 magic were all overpowering and making a mockery of any other profession.... And the only way to reign in that I was told of is to "make spells rare" but controlling power with rarity of spell is definitely not what I would call a reasonably well scaled magic power, nor the answer I was looking for. For some reason, while it's only subtly different (mostly saving throws are quite a different procedure), and after some spell cost adjustment, I quite like how magic currently run in my Revolution D100 campaign now! 😮
  5. It does indeed! Which, as far as magic is concerned, is a good thing! ^^ But the only 2 things I wanted to put forward with that is the spell cost reduction with arcane knowledge over 100% and the better thought out magic cost of the various powers!
  6. Increasing the other spell cost would be just as fair I guess ^^ On a vaguely related topic if you can get your hand on classic fantasy for BRP they have a very long list, a well thought out and constistent spell cost and some interesting ideas on how to reduce it....
  7. Domination cost 3MP, polymorphing your ennemy into a rat will also cost 3MP, meanwhile burning your ennemy to cinder (say 4D6 of damage) would cost 12MP. I hope you can see that all the elemental spell are very poor value for your MP.... with general HP you have, 12HP whereas with localised you got at most bout 5HP on one location. Localised HP is better against multiple small stroke (you can take more overall damage) but you will lose your limbs (including the head) much easier (more than 5 or maybe even 4 and it's.. in a bad state).. So you can argue either way.. But since Fire damage is such poor value for MP I think it worth to lower the price with general HP
  8. speaking of which, I wanted to share a little investigation on what was once my favourite spells to argue about, all the elemental damage spell power. They cost 3MP per D6 of elemental damage. That seemed excessive... After much investigation I clarified it's because of the 2 options that BRP offers for HP: localised or general. 3MP/D6 of elemental damage is fine for localised HP but is excessive for general HP and should be come 1MP/D6 for general HP!
  9. Mm... there are 21 psychic power and they are all quite flexible. The way it's written it wouldn't much of a deal to add sorcery and magic power to the list as well. I'd say, taking the whole ting into account, you got lots of choices!
  10. I am pretty sure many forum dweller such as I, look at forum status change and check all forums of interest (compulsively?)
  11. It feels like you are saying that the D&D ruleset is very conducive to proliferation of material and .. sort of micro transaction as video gamer would call it... Which is usually a good way to farm money (in the real world, for the publisher) I think you might have a point. Which is an unexpected way (to me!) to explain D&D dominance...
  12. I think there is a problem of expectation... In some other game forum I antagonised many people because I simply had different expectation... Yes there might be a canon story, setting and expectation. But each GM's campaign is his own. And if he feel creative enough to come up with something different, so be it. But it is sometimes difficult for those GM with different point of view to ask advice of other who see things differently.... It's is often pointless and can easily be misinterpreted and get heated for no good reason... Obviously the setting he envisaged is quite different from the mainstream and canon Cthulhu stories. This is a clear premise. So the challenge of the game might also be, in fact will also be, slightly different! 😜
  13. The problem with good and bad, is while it seems relatively clear on the surface, there are many instances where it is, in fact, quite subjective....
  14. Yeah, like Revolution D100 which I started recently... there is lot of free (and legal! 😮 ) PDF available.. but I really wanted the book! PDF is far from ideal in game for me.... Fortunately they have a gorgeous print edition! Bought 5 of them hahah! (for me and players)
  15. Oh yeah.. it obviously depends on settings and expectation.... My expectation is that down the track player will be fight with and against divinities... In fact, seeing how the campaign is going... I though I might do an apotheosis campaign down the track! Which I never done before but would be cool. Already got some plan about the ascension procedure and the enemy they will be fight with and against!
  16. Wow totally OP super hero! 😮 But funny intro! 😮
  17. No I haven't haha!.... There is only 4 pc and npc in the party in an hostile land.. but they are wrecking! but the tide can turn quickly any time.... it's always a challenge to make it scary but not deadly.. They do run away a lot, that is good though! this time I thought to make them stumble on a secret wizard lair... with some creative boosted monster... there might be a beholder, would be cool.. but a bit scared it's gonna be a game wrecker....
  18. How would you model disintegration spell? I am thinking to introduce a Beholder next session, the famous (or infamous) D&D iconic monster!
  19. I got an idea recently, one I am hesitating to use because it is somewhat anathema to D100, is to used variable HP for divinities. It is somewhat in use, since often deity, even of human shape and size, would have outrageous CON and POW and I was thinking to give them something like 10 toughness, 30 life (i.e. 30 damage before lethal wound) What of it? Or would you just advice normal rules but simply outrageous toughness of, say, 20?....
  20. After talking to my player I used this simplified formulas for magic exertion points cost "Spell Power - (Channelling - Spell Power)", or (more simple but same) "2 * Spell Power - Channelling" Which means, the more powerful the spell the more expensive, the more unused channelling to cast (i.e. the more easy) the less costly it is.
  21. Common, the question was pretty clear, I believe, how sturdy are typical dark elves indoor magical construction during the great slaving period of 2500AC! But I would also consider the enlighten era typical construction info!
  22. The season started with a bang! 😮 https://www.theonion.com/42-million-dead-in-bloodiest-black-friday-weekend-on-re-1819574242?fbclid=IwAR3880MIGhOu-om-dhw8NHpixPxG52nEErRxqCqVgc3KJHCnViFgAPGUbxo
  23. I always wonder how come sniper attack against government leaders are not more successful... I am sure there are many attempts... At any rate I like your idea of being always vigilant at the cost of sanity. I am not big on sanity rules... But this one suggestion makes a lot of sense regarding sanity! 😮 However I am not sure how could one individual spot a waiting sniper in a neighbouring skyscrapper... I will definitely had some small precognition powers to "dodge" barely just in time....
  24. Ideally I am looking for source code, so I can look at data structure for inspiration. But hey, Paolo shared an Excel spreadsheet that also gave me some idea about the kind of data I want in my documents!
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