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  1. Yes good point. I noted the measurements as 15½” x 23¼” (UK), vs. 20″ x 30″ (US), and - like the Game Workshop book - the GW maps is of a glossier paper stock.
  2. I recently edited a blog post from 2016 that I think would be of interest to readers here. I had both US and UK editions of Griffin Mountain in the shop at the time, so I took some side-by-side pics. They are mostly the same, but one edition is definitely better from a longevity standpoint. -Wayne Full post: Griffin Mountain (Runequest, 1981): US and UK editions
  3. Avalon Hill is a great edition too. I believe it has the same map as Elric 2e.
  4. One of those rare instances where I have multiple editions passing through the shop, so I took some side-by-side pics of the old school ELRIC Game, 1977 and 1981 editions. Made for some striking photos. -Wayne Full Post: Elric Board Game 1st & 2nd editions side-by-side (Chaosium: 1977 / 1981)
  5. Classic Runequest RPG books (ca 1980-3) that hit the shelves today! Thought y'all would enjoy some old school cover art. Also updated most of the photos over at my RQ RPG Reference site page this morning.
  6. I was curious how extensive were the changes RQ1 --> RQ2, and they seem substantial. I thought the update might just be shine andpolish.
  7. I just wanted to say I'm grateful for this thread. RQ1 was a bit of a mystery to me, and this helped answer some questions.
  8. I appreciate the behind-the-scenes info here and at the blog, Rick. Thank you.
  9. In response to an email question, I cropped some dice pics out of Call of Cthulhu set reference shots I had saved, post to my Game Gallery blog for posterity. I reckon it might be of interest for folks here. -Wayne DICE from classic Call of Cthulhu box sets: Some reference pics (1981-5)
  10. Added a combined WBRM / Dragon Pass photo to my blog today. Thought I'd copy it here. 1975 White Bear Red Moon map (top); Dragon Pass map (below). I was a little confused until I noticed that the White Bear Red Moon map had Top as West. [Rotate WBRM counterclockwise and the maps line up.] Both cover the same region, Dragon Pass of course. -Wayne
  11. This is all so interesting. I've been pondering a Late Bronze Age Greece campaign for our house game. I hadn't thought of using the RQ rules set for it, but seems like they'd be a good fit.
  12. Hello all. Had a nice Dragon Pass (1980) set come through the shop. It's a pretty set. Held it aside for a bunch of photos, posted 'em all at the blog. -Wayne
  13. Image attached. I got a set of Six 8½"x11" Cthulhu prints in a lot. Can't figure out what they're from. My guess is that they're add-ons from a Kickstarter. Ring a bell with anybody? -Wayne
  14. Thought this might be of interest to DG folks. I put up an auction (3 days left as of now) of the true 1st edition / 1st print of the Unspeakable Oath. For the longest time, I thought the orange cover Issue 1 was "1st". Not so. If you're more interested in the background and photos, see my blog post about Issue 1. -Wayne
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