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  1. Thanks for the answers. I suppose part of what confused me is the example of pg. 195 "Vasana, with her DEX 11 (and DEX strike rank of 3) could cast a Demoralize spell, taking 5 strike ranks."
  2. After reading the combat chapter and trying out a test combat or two I thought I had a firm grasp on how strike ranks worked. But then when it came to actual game time it seemed to be question after question. It feels like its neither an initiative system nor an action point allowance while at the same time being both. After a thorough re-reading of the combat section I think I have a firm enough grasp on melee combat (largely because your options are quite limited). But I can't quite figure out how ranged and magic work. Melee weapons have a basic strike rank that gets added to your DEX+SIZ SR rating to determine when your attack with them takes place. However I cant see a similar cost for missile weapons? Is it your DEX SR like with magic? Do weapons adjust it? Are the following examples correct? I) Hend has a Dex Strike Rank of 1. He starts combat prepared to cast a spell. He casts Demoralize, this goes off on SR 3 (Dex SR + cost of spell). He then prepares his sling (+5 SR) and fires (Dex SR) on SR 9. ii) Hend starts combat with his sling prepared, attacks on SR 1, reloads (+5) and attacks again (+1) on SR 7 and has time to reload again (+5). iii) Hend starts combat with Demoralize prepared, casts it on SR 3, prepares Demoralize again (+5 SR) and casts it again on SR 11.
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