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  1. Looks like you spotted a mistake. It should read +25%. Rik KM
  2. Well that is essentially the pray and spray effect coming to the fore I guess. You are just trying to lay down as much fire as possible withou really caring over hitting anything. In the case of selective fire, you are attempting to hit something so there is an increased level of skill being exhibited, as you need to smoohly control the whole shot process as the weapon cycles underneath you - dealing with vibration, climb etc... However I can see a number of minor rules tweaks which may help in this case. Option #1 Single roll to hit but fired at a penalty. Not my preferred option really, as given the OQ penalty structure you be firing at a -25% penalty to hit. Option #2 Single roll to hit but you then make a roll on the appropriate die number to see how many hit. e.g: 3 shot - d3 etc... Option #3 Single roll to hit and they all hit. Hope the above helps. Rik-KM
  3. Actually no... The reason for this was simply that it is very much a knife being a knife. There is very little diferentiation between the various different types of knife. Geneally the stabby bit goes in to the person and the red stuff leaks out. Whilst I will admit there are variations in knife design and length - I don't believe there is enough variation to make that truly worth adding lists and lists of knives. It is also the reason why I've not gone for a huge list of martial arts styles... given the simplicity of the OQ ruleset, trying to add different styles would make things more complex. Rik KM
  4. Yup there is no selective fire mode in The Company. I did spec up the idea, but I had real problems with it as even when firing a gun in say 3 end bursts you can't guarantee that all three would hit the target, which is why I opted for multi roles per round. So yes you can fire up to 8 spr but you will still need to see how many hit. It is just one of those things I guess. RIK KM
  5. Well just to say that I've now finished the rough first draft of the first Company supliment... Currently under the red pen as I speak. The contents of the suppliment will include: Cyber-warfare More equipment - including quite a bit of underwater equipment Some really cool gadgets such as sniper detection systems. A few bits of new armour - including the rather controvertial Dragon Scale armour (the jury is still out on that one). An assessment of the Arab Spring A couple of new hotspots - Mali being one of them Land mines and other area denial weapons A detailed assessment of a competitor to the Company - including character templates. Mission seeds and some new clients Also a full length deployment Hopefully that should keep people happy. Rik KM
  6. I have just uploaded a new entry on The Company blog about how I create Missions and Deployments for The Company. Hope it helps. Designing Missions… | The Company Rik KM
  7. Hiya, Well its interesting isnt it... th big list of guns will always miss out at least someone's fav weapon. I am aware of the AS Val but not the Vintorez. However see what you think of the following: Name: AS Val Calibre:9 x 39mm Damage: 1D8+10 Range: 300 PV: 8 Load: 1 SPR: 2 RNDs: 30 STR/DEX: 9/13 ENC: 2 Name: VSS Vintorez Sniper rifle Calibre: 9 x 39mm Damage: 1D8+10 Range: 400 PV: 8 Load: 2 SPR: 2 RNDs: 20 STR/DEX: 9/13 ENC: 2 Rik KM
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