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  1. And to me. It's fine if someone doesn't like it, but one ought not pretend one's subjective preferences are objective flaws by using fancy philosophical terms such as "counter-intuitive" ...
  2. On a related note, in my own little BRP hack: The Rule of One. If the die representing the ones digit comes up a 1, that is a special result. If the roll succeeded, it is a special success, henceforth known as a critical. If the roll failed, it is a special failure, henceforth known as a fumble. A critical is a better result than a success, which is better than a failure, which is better than a fumble, or: CRITICAL > SUCCESS > FAILURE > FUMBLE
  3. Honestly, I just want errata, as per below, and then a hardcover POD option. That's it.
  4. It sounds like AEther: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/56984/AEther-Core-Book
  5. Is that right? It thought the core book gave an example of hiding a scroll in a library or some such thing.
  6. That's a good sign! I'll keep an eye out, and perhaps this thread can serve as a place to report them. Thanks!
  7. Odd Soot is just plain neat ... Any errata I should be aware of? I've looked around, and if there's a document or a thread, I've missed it. Thanks!
  8. Hey, yo. I dig Mythras' approach to skills, but I'm also wondering about the conceal skill. I get what it's for in general, but it seems awfully specialized to devote a whole skill to. On the other hand, maybe it has far more applications than I'm thinking of. So, whaddya got? I'll start with one: Hiding a car off-road by covering it with branches ... Your turn!
  9. Yah, the Mythras Gateway license - not OGL, but it looks pretty straightforward: http://thedesignmechanism.com/resources/Mythras Gateway License Public.pdf
  10. Sorry to hear that; I think BRPE would have been a nice little product. Still, as long as I have my BGB, I'm happy.
  11. Me again; it's been a year and a half. Anyone find anything else?
  12. I think I recall someone saying that Cthulhu By Gaslight had some advantage / disadvantage type traits, but don't quote me on that. Someone else might be able to confirm or deny. The Big Gold Book has powers that could cover supernatural / superpowered merits, and there some character failings in the superpower section that you could mine for disadvantages. You could also look to the wound tables for material that could mimic physical handicap disadvantages. In general, I think fans of BRP aren't usually too into the whole advantage / disadvantage thing, so there's just not a ton that I know of in official products, but it's certainly no harder to cobble together than for most systems. Advantages just tend to be powers, or just bonuses to skills / attributes, or something that can be easily incorporated into a character's background (wealth, connections, etc.), or just plain roleplayed; disadvantages can just be the reverse of any of those.
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