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  1. I'd keep it pretty simple, eyeball the situation as a whole, then just roll it all into the throwing roll. Most of the time, I'd probably make it a hard success against a normally clothed person in order to hit an exposed area, doing whatever damaged you've assigned from breaking and/or blunt force. If it's just a regular success, then it hits a well covered covered area (leather, denim, etc.), does minimal damage from blunt force, depending on size and weight of object. A failure is a miss or it just bounces off harmlessly. A critical failure: breaks in hand of thrower before releasing it. 🙂
  2. I received my hardcover Keeper Rulebook in the mail a few days ago. So ... pretty ... *sniff* ...
  3. Thanks! I've been looking through the forums for advice on 1 PC games and finding a lot of good stuff. I'll be sure to ask if I have questions or need advice!
  4. I just ran the first scenario in the Does Love Forgive? PDF with the quickstart rules for a pal. It went great! I've ordered the Keeper's Rulebook and he's ordering the Investigator's Handbook. Looks like we're sold on CoC7e.
  5. FWIW, and being a big fan of both M-Space and Mass Effect, I think they're a nice match. M-Space has great rules for alien creation, and various "powers" such as psionics, cybernetics, and Q-Tech can be reskinned as Tech Powers and Biotic Powers very easily.
  6. I talked my mom into playing Holmes D&D with me once back around 1980. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure she deliberately got her character killed by an owlbear so she could stop playing ...
  7. Rolemaster is the game I always loved without ever really getting to play or run it much. I don't think I even knew about Spacemaster back then, though. To be fair, I was much more active with MERP anyway.
  8. Oh, yes ... https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/461/Iron-Crown-Enterprises/subcategory/6498/Spacemaster-2nd-Edition
  9. That reminds me (Star-Wars adjacent) that M-Space would be great for a Mass Effect campaign. Between psionics, cybernetics, and Q tech, you'd have stuff for all the tech and biotic powers.
  10. M-Space is the perfect system for The Expanse, of which I am a big fan (especially the books). The AGE system looks nice enough, but I'm not really in the market for another new system. I might buy it and convert it, though ...
  11. I just finished reading Elevation, and really dig it. I like the Star-Trek-past-its-prime vibe. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to stir up any serious interest from my local players (they aren't generally into sci fi), but I'm thinking about trying it solitaire with Mythic GME.
  12. I took a long break and missed 2e through 4e. I've run a bit of 5e, and it seems all right. Still, if I had a hankerin' for something nostalgic, I'd probably just want to try Mythras and Classic Fantasy these days.
  13. This is one reason I like Mythras. There's just over 20 standard skills, and the rest are professional skills (available by culture and career during chargen, or special training later), of which a starting character might only have a half dozen tops. Mythras also keeps things under control by distinguishing between general skills and specialized skills. Having said that, I wouldn't want to simplify the skill list much more. Since most BRP-family games don't have advantages & disadvantages, skills really help differentiate characters from one another.
  14. And to me. It's fine if someone doesn't like it, but one ought not pretend one's subjective preferences are objective flaws by using fancy philosophical terms such as "counter-intuitive" ...
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