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    Have gamed most Sundays since 1987 and still going strong with a group of friends who went to school together. Still enjoying RPG after all this time!

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  1. Aye, logic takes second place to the story line with Doctor Who. It all adds to the fun though!
  2. Funnily enough, I've just started my campaign. I to have ran the Time Lord system, but this time I wanted a system close to Call of Cthulhu for familiartity to me and the players, who've all played CoC for nearly 30 years. My party has one Timelord, a creation of the Celestial Toymaker ( a harlequin ), a Sontaran captive, and a Ronin. This is quite a mix, but seems to work well. Their TARDIS is a "fixer" used by the Lungbarrow University on Gallifrey to educate young Timelords in TARDIS systems, use etc. It's working state is unknown to the players as components etc were in a state of semi repair / construction, all of which add to the flavour. I ran "Time Trap", from Earth Bound Timelords (thanks guys), scenario as a starter, which has Daleks in it. I've not fully stat'ed any cannon enemies yet, but will do and post them on the forum in due course. In my mind, the bench mark are the Daleks for toughness, combat damage etc, with everything else coming below that . My main campaign is modelled on the story "Grass" by Sheri Tepper, with the odd "whoish" tweak here and there. Further stories are based on a number of Dr Who novells I've read for inspiration recently.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Think I'll use a mix of genre tropes taken from the Timelord system e.g. Only normals get them, and using luck as a resource a la 7th edition Cthulhu, but giving normals a D20 to replenish spent luck. The replenish dice can be scaled down for timelords and those with super human abilities.
  4. I'm going to be running a Dr Who campaign using BRP, and have a question over balance of characters. Some players wish to be human, some super human e.g a vampire or cyborg. Any suggestions on how to keep a balance, whilst allowing the PC's to play the kind of character they want?
  5. It's worth having for all of the background material it contains. Worth picking up if you can.
  6. Yup, looks down for now. It's 01:45 here. Probably just a server issue.
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