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  1. I find this method better than a table: Look at the value. Let us say 84 for now. Take the tenth of this number. In this case, around 8. Double it for the Special. In this case 16. Halve it for the critical. In this case 4. Wala, as the french say. It isn't perfect, but I haven't found that to be important.
    Pretty good! Really expanded the repertoire of cults. I wonder, will that RQ/HQ hybrid ever see the light of day?
  2. I believe the aforementioned poster meant that the Book of Sires has certain events where you ancestor is rewarded with/acquires a notable treasure or heirloom. BoS has its own table. It's pretty good.
  3. I think this one is from Ganis, in Aquitaine. Anseis de Aurillac: 408-451. Died gloriously in the Battle of Chalons. 2975 Glory. Liuva de Aurillac: 434-474. Died in a skirmish against the Cornish. After the March of Aurelius, I made the player roll on the regional tables again, to determine where he ended up. I think in 470 I began using the Cornwall tables. 2672 Glory.
  4. In the main Paladin book, you'll find several solos adventures, such as a well-written hunting section, how to go on pilgrimages, and the like. Those, I have used, since they seem that they translate neatly to KAP. Of those, I run a variant of the adventure with the wolf-knight, just replacing the characters with Arthurian ones. For example, in the Uther Period, Madoc could take the place of Roland. Duke Thierry can be replaced with the player's liege-lord. The adventure book is more complicated. Most of those are recreations of actual chansons de geste, now turned to play. However, of th
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