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  1. OK, if someone walks into town with an Arkati tatoo, what is the reaction. Variable? Wait and see, because who knows what that means?
  2. I'm trying to ifgure what Satarites in 1625 think about Arkat. I mean, they credit him for destroying Gabaji? OTOH, he betrayed them?
  3. There was talk about tattoo removal of cult tattoo. Now cult tattoo have a lot mystical significance, but there are others (apparently a lot) that are much more cultural and can change. Like re-marrying. I kinda think that this would cause enough demand that someone would come up with some magic and that people would sell tattoo removal services.
  4. OK, so it seems, rules wise, anything that makes sense. And there are cultural implications. Though I think most people might want to hide what combat magic they have. On the other hand, a sage might want to advertise.
  5. The rules give, as a typical place for a focus, is an engraving on the weapon that you touch. But some characters use more than one weapon, etc. Now this is just an example, but it brought up the question of whether you can have more than one foci for the same spell. Also, as an aside, if you have a tatoo, is there any advantage to having it visible, vs. under clothing?
  6. In bestiary, it says for Air Elemental Damage, "An air elemental attacks by taking a character caught withing it and throwing them to the top of their height, then dropping them. Damage done is 1D6 plus 1D6 per 3 meters fall." Their height is their size?
  7. You might mention, just for clarity, that everything after the first four paragraphs is an example of a Theyalan sacred time. Right? (Since I don't think the Yelmi activities are based on the idea that the light bringers are the saviors of the world. IIRC, they Yelmi view is that Yelm resurrected himself and only summoned Orlanth to the Hell to give obeisance as a part of it.
  8. Sort of feels like if I name it Harrek, he will materialize out of thin air to object 🙂 Was thinking of Argrath so the female character can say "When Argrath gets out of line, I just give him a little whack with my crop and he behaves!" Might get reactions though.
  9. The title says it all. A character has been off helping another clan (in another tribe to boot) at the behest of their clan. Sacred Time comes up. How important is it for that character to get back to their tribe for sacred time?
  10. My character just got an "ex-Lunar" horse. Need a name. What are some heroes, etc. who switched sides away from the Lunar Empire?
  11. I started thinking about this when I was wondering how many female Humakti there are. How unusual is Nameless? But you could ask that about other cults. How many male Challana Arroy? Presumably almost no male Dendara.
  12. Where is the Orleving clan seat? I understand they are lead by a Ernaldan? That would seem to indicate the Greenstone temple?
  13. One person my groups has argued.... "As written, if a character has Sword Trance and he pumps it with 10 magic points opponents are toast. If he adds in Truesword, he is 300%! I think the best solution is to change it and make it like Arrow Trance in the Bestiary. I think I'd want to make it two point, and add 50% instead of doubling. Still a great spell, too powerful for one point.
  14. What do you think are strongest ones?
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