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  1. I agree that it makes it harder to successfully Knockback, but I disagree that it has to explicitly mention here that this particular attack can be parried or dodged. That's listed under the heading for attack, parry, and dodge respectively. If you couldn't parry or dodge a Knockback, it would be called out: As under Flee (p195), Use of Dodge and Parry Against Missile Weapons (p201), Use of Shield Against Missile Weapons (p219), and Use of the Pike (p220). I could, of course, be wrong here because the combat chapter is so extremely vague and inconsistent in so very many respects.
  2. Per Page 224, under Knockback heading, third paragraph: "The adventurer must then make an attack with the weapon, shield, or part of their body they are intending to use for the knockback attempt. If the attack is successful, compare the STR and SIZ..." Emphasis mine. There is every indication that a Knockback is resolved as an attack and should be parried or dodged against using the standard rules, however, in lieu of dealing damage (per the last sentence of that paragraph) the attacking character makes the resistance roll indicated and takes the consequences listed.
  3. I also saw the potential in Godbound for Glorantha, and I think it'd be a quite fine system for running the setting in a HQ2-like vein. Instead of the HQ2 or RQG assumption that the characters are people who could become Heroes, using Godbound would assume the characters are people who are already capital-H Heroes. Weak and in their Heroic childhood, maybe, but still able to cut down scores of normal men if they need to. Just be ready for characters to reshape the whole setting to their liking rather than go along with the canonical plot!
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