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  1. Valley of Plenty is definitely on my to-buy-list. Looking forward to digging into it.
  2. One of things that makes me a bit sad as the Glorantha focus shifts to RuneQuest, is that we IMO never really got sufficient examples of spirit societies (and tradition) or sorcery schools in HeroQuest. Now I understand the HQ rules and know that I can make my own, but I would very much like to have more official samples before trying. And those we got tended to be outliers (Lhankor Mhy, Pavis, Flintnail, Kolat). I would have loved to see official write-ups of the Hsunschen tradition, the Hrestoli idealist schools, the Daka Fal society and so on. So then I turn to fan-made contents. Are
  3. Now that is interesting. Thank you for sharing your author's intent with the spell. Do you run multimissile this way too? Stacking with speedart and firearrown was based on my interpretation that multimissile works like mulitiattack: a spell that is put on hold for up to 10 minutes, and triggers a single time the first time you attack. But if multimissile also has a 10 min duration, then stacking might be a bit of an overkill. Litterally.
  4. Thank you. I feared this might be the case. But what a strange nerfing of missile attacks. Has it always been this way? I didn't notice it back in my RQ3 days, but then again archers weren't that common in our campaigns. I think I'll house rule this: Firearrow and Speedart both last 10 min enhance every attack in that time. Both can be combined with Multimissile (but not with each other). This will level the field with melee users.
  5. I'm running OpenQuest for my kids and we ran into a problem last night: how do spells like Firearrow, Multimissile and Speedart actually work with bows? Are they on cast on a single arrow that works once or are they cast on the bow and work every time the archer shoots? By the book it seems like Firearrow and Speedart are cast on a single arrow, while Multimissile reads more ambigious on the matter. And if they are cast on a single arrow, isn't that a bit underwhelming?
  6. Thank you for the map and the link. I've been looking for a good 3d map of the stellar neighbourhood for some time. And since I've yet to find any that works well for gaming purposes, I have resigned myself to using 2d maps. For RoH I used the map found here to create this:
  7. Interesting critique of River of Heaven. RoH is one of my absolute favorite sci-fi settings and I think that OpenQuest is great for a hard-ish sci-fi game. But as you point out it has got a few wrinkles. My main problem was with the different subspecies and the fact that baseline human was by far the best option in point buy. But when I came up with a fix for this, I was ok. I still want to run a century spanning campaign featuring a Step-ship crew one day. Going out of my way to feature the "out of time" nature of people that travel at relativistic speeds and ending the campaign wit
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