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  1. The timeline updated with the events of 493-495. Lots of wild insanity, including a player become partially responsible for a certian infamous event. We'll be taking a "Season Break" for a few months to run something else and then returning for "Season Two" of the GPC.
  2. I've been setting up a World Anvil for my home group's Pendragon Campaign and have completed the timeline of their adventures through the current year. Here it is.
  3. I created some resources for running what we have of 6th edition so far. Pendragon 5.2 with 6th Edition Updates Character Sheet (includes sheets for Entourage and Estates from 5E Supplements) The Adventure of the Great Hunt Pregen Knights Character Sheets (I created shields but those can of course be replaced with custom ones) The Quest of the Red Blade Pregen Knights Character Sheets Converted to 6th Edition Updates Note: These are open and editable, but please make copies of them before entering information into them. Thanks.
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