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  1. Each and every single one of your suggestions, even for the barbarian adventures has been great, so no harm done 🙂
  2. Just a doubt. I am relatively new to RQ:G so I may be getting something wrong. I get it that Chadestra has to reload her sling at the start of round 2 (thus bringing her SR to 8). Doesn't Estavos need to do the same? I see him firing at SR 2 and 9 every round, but shouldn't he have to reload as Chadestra?
  3. So, I have finally convinced my group to try RQ:G (or Runequest 7) for a short campaign and am thinking about stealing some ideas from Heroquest's Gloranthan Adventures #1. I was wondering if anyone has managed to run either of the four adventures using Runequest and how much of a chore converting things would be. I mean, perusing the Bestiary, I have seen Skeletons, Zombies, a Vampire, Broo and other critters that fit the adventures' plots. Do you think this could work?Also, do you have any ideas for the Vampiric Thralls in the second adventure?
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