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  1. rogerd

    Intro to Nephilim

    I just Val-du-Loup actually and it is one the better BRP books in my opinion. With Incorporeal elder gods etc etc. I'd have them as Kaim that bred with humans passing on a magical virus which causes an instability in their DNA causing mutations or some such.
  2. rogerd

    [Alephtar Games] Wind on the Steppes preorder

    Is it available in PDF? Good timing on the release of this really what with the series Marco Polo
  3. rogerd

    Dr Who

    In EU Sutekh was a universal level threat, as at one point IIRC he is no longer bound in the pyramid. Not the least of which the Tardis is a eldritch abomination all of its own as it looks like a crustacean with tentacles that rips open reality (Autumn Mist). Trouble with the Doctor is that he has plot shields from two multiversal entities, plus him being a CSE (Complex Space-Time Event) meaning the universe literally bends over every time he is around.
  4. rogerd

    Dr Who

  5. rogerd

    Legend/Deus Vult - Rouen Now Available!

    I just saw this and added to to my to-purchase list. So do we have any angels statted in the bestiary? Or perhaps a basic stat-block for some of the pagan god spirits?
  6. rogerd

    Deus Vult

    I know Merrie England has stats for demons and djinns - but I don't recall anything for angels. Which page was that on? Merrie England, for me, is a good place to get stats for the Lords of Chaos and Order for Elric; if ever I was going to stat them they'd be the level down from Lucifer, as per Moorcock's descriptions.
  7. rogerd

    Advanced Sorcery Arete

    Having read Advanced Sorcery, i am glad to see that I was right they are just +1 versions of Heroic / Legendary Abilities from Runequest. Unless I've misunderstood some rule?
  8. rogerd

    Deus Vult

    We have stats for some good mythological creatures - I just love the Djinn; but are we going to get some more for other pagan spirit entities, and most all some stats for angels?
  9. rogerd

    Dr Who

    Yeah that is kinda the problem with Daleks in nuWho, as has been stated they are able to fight a Time War, something not done with conventional weapons. So in that sense they would have high armour, and either include absorption at whatever level will allow them to withstand various weapons. They could actually vapourise humans but instead chose a lower setting to cause maximum pain or agony. They're dicks like that.
  10. rogerd

    Character Traits?

    @ Vex: No worries. Now you've touched upon a rather interesting point there actually- using some of the magic spells as advantages. It is a rather ingenious way to go about things, and in many ways is closer to bringing BRP into the toolbox mentality of RP's, that being as we all know, mix n' match. And yeah, i see no reason not to have a way of improving those advantages over time. Can players, with your talent / flaw system redeem flaws for points elsewhere, as long as they do not obviously render the negative trait moot?
  11. rogerd

    Character Traits?

    ^ A thousand times this. Now if I could find my frakkin' rules I'd put them up and someone could test them out if they wanted. Yeah, that's quite often the problem that puts people off - chargen. At the end of the day they just want to play and learn the rules later so it needs to be simple from the ground up. Something I had been thinking about streamlining for BRP too. Maybe have skills split into: Combat, Physical, Mental, Social, Manipulation. Now instead of there being set values, the GM determines whether you start at Dex or Dex X2 etc. Plus then mental skills like Knowledges are a darn site easier, you can either have a basic skill and have a good general knowledge and for each specialisation picked you gain an extra 20% to tests on that. Hell maybe specialisations could be a trait? Although I am not sure that would improve the game quite frankly and you'd be quickly over burdened with lots and lots of traits. So I'd be inclined to keep my first suggestion though, for ease and speed at chargen. Kind of like World of Darkness and Unisystem currently is - not a good thing as it makes choice and min-maxing more prevalent, something I tensely dislike and makes chargen a rather tedious process as you feel like you need to double check everything picked by the players, twice over.
  12. rogerd

    Constitution of little animals

    Aaaaaarrgh!!!!! I rolled for San loss and got a 100---is that bad???
  13. rogerd

    Constitution of little animals

    Are they anything like Hungry, hungry Hippos?
  14. rogerd

    Constitution of little animals

    Yeah.....fairly sure, as given enough time everything should reach terminal velocity as gravity just has to push harder. Although now you've added some doubt about parachutes and how they work now. I will have to go research when my daughter is in bed