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  1. We just ended our little adventure in the "Black Glass Ruins". The two rebels have a new home, secure from lunar prosecution. Now, they will sleep together with four darktrolls and eight trollings in the same dwelling. The permanent darkness and shiver is bad, but they are armed with warm clothes and an alynx immune to the supernatural blackness. They have to pay attention to giant morels growing in one of the old baileys and some similarly giant acidic moths. Maybe they help the trolls extracting the lead glance under the ruins... and they spoke with the "shadow of the black glass", the godli
  2. Thank you, that was helpful. I´ve some things to think about and will check Lodril/Argan Argar/Only Old One, too.
  3. Allright, allright! The Rubble Runners are a good idea (ghouls are reserved for another place). It would be cool to have some "Draconic secrets". Is there a source somewhere? HeroQuesting back to the Dragon Kill? Wow... but maybe this course of the story leads too far away. I´m interested in your "forgotten deity". The information about the place in "The coming storm" already speaks of a lesser god: "Ancient relics of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends lie here. Huge monolithic blocks of stone mark the remains of an EWF outpost. A great statue of an armored man towers over the broken wa
  4. O.K., I understand the reason and the effect of "Summons of evil". Thank you! (...but in my eyes a heroquest is something different than a spell... did I miss something?) One more: Is it possible to find the description for landing place at the fort of the cow? The location 18 has no description. And here, my next challenge: Two of the players characters are rebels in hiding. Their last hideout got discovered, so they are insearch of a new abode. At present they accepted Voranga´s cave as a temporarely sleeping place, but one of them wants to live closer
  5. We made some houserules and finished 1618. Everything´s o.k. for now. I´ve a question about the possible kinstrife at the end of the scenario "Manhunt": "The clan might decide that later events in 1619 are the results of this kinstrife and choose to perform the "Summons of Evil" in the Sacred Time of 1619 to purge the clan of its curse." What does this mean? I´ve found some meager information about this ritual in the Glorantha-WIKI, but... - who would be able to perform it? - whose enemy would be summoned? - who could be that enemy? - why does this ritual purge th
  6. Yes, this is one possibility. I´ll check QW for this. Another one is a bigger impact of the pass/fail cycle. Actually you add +9 after two great victories. Why not +W?
  7. My heroes made peace with the Emerald Swords. Next time, they´ll learn, that nevertheless Gordius Silveris punishes their clan fpr being troublemakers. The Power Creep in my group is alarming. I have to adjust base difficulties, modifications and the adjusting screws of the pass/fail-cycle to provide challenges for the characters... ...not so easy.
  8. Does anybody has a tip? Two characters of my group were identified by imperials after attacking two soldiers at the gravehill of the Red Cow Clan. Since then they live in the secrecy of a barn in Green Meadows, because the Lunars consider them as rebels. But meanwhile the player of one of this characters is somewhat bugged by the situation. While the other players every now and then experience the village life of Red Cow Fort with their characters, this two players unsually wait until their characters get picked for the next adventure by the others. Do you see a possibility to b
  9. Wow. That´s so beautiful!
  10. Yes, that´s possible, too. For any reason I´d like Janara to go to Frithan. Maybe it´s, because I like the idea of her stealing from the lunar commander. Perhaps she could instruct the characters to do the trick, but in addition it is necessary for herself to make the Lunars believe it (typical Eurmal magic, if I understood this correctly)...?
  11. That´s an important question, I know. First of all I have to consider how Janaras deception works. Perhaps she only provides a tool that the characters have to use. Do you have a proposal? How does trickster magic work? Great! I´ll use it! Thanks a lot! (Bye the way: How do you insert the names of the originator in a quotation?)
  12. I´ve read something about Eurmal and his followers and want you to tell about my current ideas. Maybe you can tell me, if you´d be o.k. with my planning. Let´s say, Janara the Swarthy is the only tangible trickster far and wide. The characters of my players should know her whereabouts: Queen Ivartha the Skinner and her household stay at the Red Cow Fort this season. Janara is with her. The Characters currently are at Frithan. They have two days at most, rather one and a half. Then the captain of the handful imperial soldiers takes 50 Frithan warriors and moves off to the next wa
  13. Thanks a lot. I´ve got something to read and think about.
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