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  1. Maybe it's just my opinion, maybe not. But I would very like to take part in the kickstarter for the new BRP gold book. Is somethink like that in plan?
  2. It is not d100 but d20 system, but its interesting - Lex Occullum from Riotminds https://riotminds.se/.
  3. Very nice work. I love it.
  4. I don't like this news :-(. I played dozen quests with Magic World rules. They are nice :-(...
  5. Wish you nice day, I start to play Red Eye Of Azathoth and have problem to find picture of corpse spider. Can you help me with link? Thanks. Sx.
  6. :-) thank you all guys. You answers was very inspirative. First, I planed to build something like Joerg refer. To build kingdom like character in BRP. Population (HP) should be used to upgrade "CHARACTERISTICS". Characteristics are power of living population. Next, skill are ... sort of advance of population. But now, it engage my attention Domicile To Domain and Brithright. So I begin to read :-). Thanks. Sx. 644
  7. Wish you nice day, I need advice from you :-). I want to play a game, where all players are kings. The game should be divided to rounds of year or so. I there a mechanic, a rules or something, to build a kingdom? To mine, harvest, build fortress, build army, conquere ... in BPR? Thanks. Sx. 555
  8. De Profundis is great game which changed my view on the world. It is big fun :-). My only problem is my english. I can read, I can listen and finaly I cannot write and express me self. And De Profundis is about filling, about moments in live. So I just daydream :-D.
  9. I had read BRP Mecha. It is pretty rules heavy on first read. BRP Mecha is trying to by precise and balancing between serial and game. There is i much guessing. BUT! I thing for game it not needed to by precise. Game is just for fun and to create exciting story. BRP Mecha contains needed rules for creating any transformers YOU want with equipment YOU want. So I propose to sit down with players, or take cup of coffee, and write on paper what YOUR Mecha should have have. Look to rules and YOUR Transformer is alive :-D. Just so easy. Last world - BRP Mecha is hard only on firs
  10. Skyman? Did you read Pirates & Dragons RPG? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1317990451/pirates-and-dragons-rpg I am on page 171. Magic and have finished the sea battle combat chapter. They have another nice approach to resolve sea combat. In something better, in something not :-).
  11. BRP - Astounding Adventures is playing BRP in Pulp Era. Very nice rules from me point of view :-). And in this rules are seemingly-limitless armies which can major villain throw at the PCs. They call them MOOKs. Mook have only few skills and are used as cannon fodder for heros. The most interesting attribute is DEFENSE ROLL = HP + DEX + AP %. This is Mook chance to survive successful attack. So I see another two ways to solve crew vs. crew combat. 1. Matimathical approach Section A have 100 soldiers (Mooks), 35% average attack, 25% Defense Roll The Pirates are in 100 number, 30% a
  12. Did you read BRP - Astounding Adventures and in them rules about a Mooks and fighting Mooks Skyman?
  13. This part, ship vs. ship & grappling, of sea battle is clear. Hopefully . But how do you manage crew vs. crew battle. In rules is written, that mens are divided in section with leader, which give bonuses to crew section skill. And here is a confusing think. For ship battle You throw D100 for every cannon separately. Do you fight man vs. man combat separately on boarded ship? Or you make some average section skill and then roll for attack and parry? I just have feeling that battle between crews of two ship is colossal and would take long time to resolve...
  14. Wish you all nice day, I just finish first read of great book about Pirates - Blood Tide. It is very nice setting, nice history overview, nice character creation and stunts system. But I am a little confused from battle on the sea. Ships battle is ... hmmm more or less OK, but battle of crew is (after first reading) not so clear. I think a little (or rather BIG ) example will be great. Can someone post example, how he (or she) understand battle of two ship crew? Thanks.
  15. Can you please make one (or few) concrete example?
  16. Wish you nice day, I just remember the old time, when I crawl dungeons, kill monsters and collected money. Good old times :-D. And then, after returning to civilization crawling continued = SHOPPING for magic potion, equipment, scrolls. Now, I have big problem. Not with crating a dungeons, but spending money, gold, gems. I have Magical World rules, BRP, Advanced Sorcery, Enlightened Magic, The Magic Book. Plenty of material, but no rules for spending money, no rules for buying special equipment. Have you any idea to create some universal rules for pricing or valuating magic
  17. I just want to ask, if it is intentional to give sorcerer only 7 base skills.
  18. Really very nice work. I love Advanced Sorcery!!!
  19. great news. I run to buy :-D. I am so happy :-D. Today ic nice day :-D.
  20. Should I wait for PDF version? What do you advise me?
  21. It is not realy Dogfight, but it explains how to use CoC (BRP) Vehicle Chases rules for action combat in the air. The rules are in Achtung Cthulhu - Keeper's Guide p. 159 (Aerial Combat: Dogfights).
  22. Wish you nice day, I just want to ask, if there is some conversion between BRP and Vampire: The Masquerade. Thanx.
  23. Wish you nice day :-). Right now I read through rules of Achtung! Cthulhu and I am really impress. It is very nice piece of work. I love it. But I dont think I understand airplane dogfight and in rulebook are no examles. Is here someone skillfull to post example of dogfight? Tnaks.
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