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  1. Thanks, Jeff. At least I know to call off the search until the GM Pack is published. I'll have to improvise! I like David's improvisation table. I need to leverage more resources from KoDP
  2. I'm new to Glorantha and I am starting to GM a campaign using the preview edition of the new RQ (earned my copy GMing at GENCON). I am trying to run a campaign for Colymar Tribe characters starting in 1625 (starting with the intro scenario in the quickstart rules). Please forgive my Glorantha newbie questions, but I could use some help from veterans to absorb all this material. Where can I find RQ stats for the important NPCs like Starbrow, Argrath, Fazzur Wideread, etc? Especially Beti Orlkensorsdotter, who I gather would be the current Colymar Queen and therefore the most likely for the PCs to encounter first. I've been reading *King of Sartar* (the 1992 book, not the comic; well actually both) so I am gaining some familiarity with the upcoming events and important NPCs, but where do I get their stats? After some determined googling, I figured out that stats for the Crimson Bat are in *Cults of Terror*. What other references should I acquire to get the stats for other NPCs that they may encounter in and around Sartar during the Hero Wars? Any leads would be appreciated.
  3. So you like conflicts that are "epic" but that only involve small numbers of people.
  4. Nope. I want the community rules from Heroquest Glorantha, but crunchier (as we expect Runequest to generally be crunchier than Heroquest), preferably with the crunch (resources, events, etc) similar to King of Dragon Pass. Perhaps mass combat rules similar to those in Pendragon, but adjusted to reflect bronze-age warfare rather than knightly warfare. Good community rules should provide sources of adventure, not an alternative to adventure. And mass combat rules should provide truly epic adventures.
  5. I need community rules to play, since I want to have adventures that are driven by the character's roles in the community. I guess it depends on what one considers necessary for the game's goals. The recent designer notes regarding family histories give me hope that community focus will be a goal. Heroquest Glorantha has a section in the core book for community rules. Pendragon appears to be a major influence and it has community-scale rules in the core book (mass combat, manor descriptions, etc). Some players, like me, probably learned about Glorantha through King of Dragon Pass, which is about leading a community. Perhaps there might be some very basic community rules in the core book, and later a supplement that provides more detail, as was the case with Pendragon.
  6. Will the new Runequest have rules for resolving events at the community level (tribe, city, etc?) I'm a fan of Pendragon. Since Pendragon is influencing the new rules (passions, family history), I am hoping that Pendragon's manor rules might get mixed with King of Dragon Pass to yield some awesome rules for community-level drama and conflict. Mass combat! Intrigue over succession! Deciding wither to recruit more warriors, buy more cows, or build another shrine!
  7. I was lucky enough to get into "The Taking of Talford" Thursday at 1pm and "The Anarchy" Friday at 8pm. Looking forward to both! The others looked good, too. I had them all in my wish list.
  8. I am about to purchase Achtung!Cthulhu and I plan to run it at a convention. Which of the published adventures do you recommend that I should use? Something that will be fun and can be finished in a three hour session.
  9. I've joined the Chaosium "Cult of Chaos" and run several sessions of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition at public venues. It's fairly painless and I've gotten a little bit of online store credit for it. Dustin at Chaosium is good about responding to emails. I look forward to seeing what sort of demo kits, scenarios, etc may become available down the road.
  10. For the record, I really like BRP both Savage Worlds. They lend themselves to different styles of play. I may use one or the other depending on what type of game I intend to run.
  11. You seem to be arguing with me pretty hard, considering that we are in complete agreement on everything,
  12. Amen. The stats you provided really show the difference between SW and BRP. For example, you put 25% as the equivalent to d4. This is correct for NPCs. However, with the wild die, the chance of success for a PC with d4 against a typical target number 4 is really 62%. This just goes to show that SW is a much more forgiving system in which success is more likely.
  13. I just added a spreadsheet to the downloads area of the website. Your feedback would be appreciated. http://basicroleplaying.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=400 It's nothing very fancy, but some might find it helpful. I was creating a character for an upcoming game, and the GM is using the "skill category bonuses" option. That's a little bit of a hassle to calculate, so I started to do the math on a spreadsheet. Then I kept building on it, and in several hours I had something that provides a filled-in printable character sheet. It reflects the options that my GM is using for our upcoming game: It has EDU, it has a specific power level of skill points, it has super powers, etc. That should be easy to modify. It is locked but doesn't have a password. Hopefully this might provide a head start for someone who has a similar need to crunch numbers to make a BRP character. If you find any errors, please let me know and I'll try to revise it at the first opportunity. Thanks!
  14. I am super hyped to run a post-apocalyptic BRP game. You can see how hyped I am from the thread I started at my home-town gamer website HERE <-Link! I have downloaded reference material from every post-apocalyptic game I can find- Darwin's World, Apocalypse World, Aftermath, you name it. But the one that is most relevant has to be this one: Rubble and Ruin, since I intend to use BRP. Apparently there is some problem with the pdf. Some formatting thing, as I learned from these forums. Here is my question (finally): How bad is the formatting on the pdf? Should I wait until Chaosium fixes it? or is it usable as-is? I'm not super picky.
  15. I stumbled on the Heroic Cthulhu podcasts about a year ago, and downloaded some to listen to on a long car trip. The 2 or 3 episodes I heard were freaking HILARIOUS! One of the characters was just like Borat, and the player could do a spot-on Borat impression. Imagine a Call of Cthulhu adventure starring Borat. It was so funny I could have crashed my car.
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