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  1. Page 314: The Meditation section on pages 244-245 doesn't say anything specific about the resistance roll, only casting chance. Are the bonuses for Meditation, Ritual Practice, Dance, Sing, or speaking a magical language intended to be added to both?
  2. Page 309 Since this gift requires 2 geases, should this be "Per 2 geases", or do you get 2 points for 2 geases?
  3. Page 288 Requirements for Rune Priests is on page 276
  4. Depends on your definition of "ANYTHING". Similarities, off the top of my head: Each spell has a skill, which starts at 1D6 percent plus magic modifier when learned Free INT limits your manipulation Duration and Range roughly double per additional point of manipulation allocated Some of the spells are the same, such as Castback, Dominate, Protective Circle, Differences: No manipulation skills (Range, Duration, Intensity, Multispell) Days, weeks, seasons, places, and components (not consumed) give bonuses or penalties to casting chance Magic m
  5. Page 70 Philosopher (Sorcery spell) +10% is listed twice and (Sorcery spell) +20% once, I'm guessing that means you get three spell skills, but they are jumbled up in among other skills which is a bit odd.
  6. And Jim looks exactly how I imagined Sorala to look! Spooky!
  7. Ah, I see, I hadn't picked up on that.
  8. None of it was meant as a criticism. Really I'm just looking for clarification, especially with the errata deadline looming, to see if I understood the rules correctly. The Sorcery base+intensity cost is not entirely obvious. I edited the title. I put that comment in the title just to draw attention and get opinions which was a bad call. Sorry.
  9. I would add an extra line: SIZ 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-20 Each +4 - - - - - -5 Anything with a huge STR is also going to have a huge SIZ, and if you apply this to humans as well it only affects the truly outlandishly large.
  10. It seems odd to me that sorcerers don't get any benefit from INT to their sorcery spell skills. An easy fix would be to give them their INT-10 as the base chance for sorcery spells.
  11. Page 302 Bear's Strength can only be cast on Initiates or Rune Masters of Odayla, so providing it to an associate is of little use! Perhaps a correction could be applied to the spell: "This spell can only be cast on initiates or Rune Masters of Odayla or on self." That, however, would open it up to being used via Spell Trading, enchantments, Thanatari heads, Truestone, etc. which may not be what is desired.
  12. Oh, and it's worse than that, STR is a secondary bonus on Agility as well now. So STR 75 giants get +75 to all agility skills. DEFINITELY a bug! I'm guessing that the bestiary will fix it with a rule for large creatures, the core RQ4 character creation rules are for humans. There's no reason why other creatures can't have different category modifier tables, just like some creatures will have different hit point location charts. Humans can continue to have large agility and manipulation modifiers if they cast powerful strength magic. STR 20, cast Bear's Strength, doubled to 40, you can get +35
  13. Seems clear to me. They have to have one weapon at 90, and they can have another weapon as one of their other qualifying skills. So if they have 1H Sword 90, 2H Axe 90, and 3 other skills from the list, that qualifies.
  14. A huge creature with 75 STR has +75 in all combat skills, and that's base with no experience. I think that's excessive.
  15. I have a few questions about the rules in the session - sorry if this came over as criticism when I first posted it! Bluejay/Yanioth rolls POW to cast Divination, surely that should have been a roll on an Ernalda rune, Fertility, Earth or Harmony! She has 90% Earth so it could have made a big difference. And she doesn't roll her POW*5 to cast Befuddle, they go straight to POW vs POW. When Jim/Sorala casts Logician, it's 2MP base, but is it +2MP per 10% because she does not have mastery of Summon? I think so, but no-one mentions why. I guess Jeff knows these characters pretty muc
  16. p317 Common Rune Spells could indicate whether the spell is a fixed 1 or 2 point spell or is stackable, as "1 point" indicates it is fixed. Command Cult Spirit – 2 points Dismiss Magic – Stackable Divination – Stackable Extension – 1-5 points Find Enemy – 1 point Heal Wound – Stackable Multispell – Stackable Sanctify – Stackable Soul Sight – 1 point Spirit Block – Stackable Summon Cult Spirit – 1-3 points Warding – 1-4 points
  17. That is grossly unfair. RQ2 was what, £8 in 1978? In earning power that translates to about £75 today. RQ3 boxed set was £40 when it came out, which is well over £150 in today's money.
  18. The super hero has 1% chance to critical since his final modified chance is zero. The second bullet point is assuming that the 150% is unmidified because his opponent does not have >100. It is a separate rule, and does not follow on from the scaling down rule in the prior bullet. I agree that it could be clearer. Maybe swapping the order of the bullets would make it clearer.
  19. I'm working on a new version, with a Family History sheet with drop down selections for all major events. Does not include game system bonuses, but there is space to note them down if you wish. Added highlight bars to skills to make it easier to see which one you are altering. Some layout changes to the CharSheet, including space for Reputation and Move Rate. I will add this to the top post as a new version when I have checked it isn't broken!
  20. Page 315 Replenishing Rune Points Clarification may be needed: Can Rune Points can be replenished if the spell that was cast is still in effect, such as with Extension?
  21. Maybe it needs a rule that you can't get the rune points back until the spell expires. The ceiling referred to may only be the Summon Elemental size. You don't learn points in rune spells, you just gain access to the spell and then you can spend as many Rune Points as you want
  22. Page 62 Dagger-Axe?
  23. Oh good grief I've made a real mess of Knowledge, Manipulation, and Magic skills! I must have deleted a range and not realised it at some point. Ok I think it's fixed now... 😠
  24. Except that there were no rules whatsoever for running away from combat. Other than "I run away, and there are no rules to stop me".
  25. There's also more detail, for instance Speak Other Language has three whole pages.
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