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  1. Just fixed a problem with the range of rolled dice, I didn't make it a new numbered version since it doesn't affect any formulae. The named range needs to be B2:B27 instead of B4:B27. Also I realised I need to add a slot for Reputation, just change one of the passions as a quick fix.
  2. 448 including covers, credits, index, etc.
  3. Ok, I'm pretty happy with the spreadsheet now, so I'm calling it 1.0 and renaming it to RQG, and I've written a macro to roll the dice! RQG v1.0: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I9uqXXIFuj_ID5B143b8ES2UgNaZ9GM1ekhPWTHNtbY/edit?usp=sharing The Roll! macro might pop up some warning and prompt for permission to modify the document. Clicking the "Roll!" button under most circumstances will roll the dice into the cells in column B, which are automatically assigned to stats. You're done! You can ignore the results below cell B20. If you select a single result cell in Colu
  4. Identify Spell, Identify Otherworld Entity, and Geomancy all have two runes and no Combine technique. So either all 4 are mistakes, or it isn't a general rule.
  5. Updated v4.6: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UUD-NVxgx6FtOgxSmETW8AbPR7OmATsbTdGn1kr3Cmk/edit?usp=sharing Fixed spirit combat bonus for INT+POW over 57, fixed a bug with negative modifiers to categories,, extended lookup tables to cope with stats up to 100, added a column to enter species maximum characteristics (was previously hard coded at 21). "Primary negative" modifiers (i.e. SIZ on stealth) was being treated as "secondary negative". Secondary negative modifiers, such as POW on stealth and SIZ on agility, were being calculated as primary negative. Oops! Deepest apologie
  6. Looks like just the "...with no armor protection" is on the wrong result. The rest of the text looks ok though, specials need to overcome the HP of the weapon and criticals do not.
  7. Which leads to some huge differences if you end up with big creatures fighting each other. RQ3 Bigclub vs Bigclub would take around four normal average hits to the same arm to disable the location, whereas RQ2 Bigclub vs Bigclub, the first one to hit is pretty much an instant kill or disable. Sure, the adventurers are supposed to fight the big monsters, not other big monsters. RQ3 claimed greater scalability, at the expense of heroic narratives. Different games for different styles. I think the RQ2 stats for Bigclub are too badly imbalanced, comparing the damage he deals to the damage he
  8. I think training-only skills are a RQ3 thing, and they are in. Which with the rule that you can only train one skill per season could be a problem.
  9. I make it 5 years. 2.5 per season, 5 seasons, 5*5*2.5=62.5 which with a decent knowledge bonus and vocational choice gets you 90. It's still a bit excessive though.
  10. I think 25 dice is not excessive. It's one less dice than "roll one extra and discard the lowest", but they get the added flexibility of assigning individual dice.
  11. Here are the page counts by section: Introduction 8 Glorantha 10 Adventurers 61 Pregenerated Adventurers 15 Homelands 38 Game System 26 Skills 28 Combat 36 Runes 6 Passions & Reputation 10 Magic 10 Spirit Magic 16 Rune Cults 44 Rune Magic 38 Shamans 14 Spirits & the Spirit World 16 Sorcery 22 Equipment & Wealth 12 Between Adventures 17 Conversion Guide 6 So the biggest section is character creation ("Adventurers") which includes the extensive (slightly over 16 pages) fami
  12. I've got a folder of all my characters somewhere going way back, if I can find it I should go through them and draw a graph of the stat distribution across every character from a 3D6 system.
  13. Someone who has studied and mastered the power of Truth would be better at casting Logical Clarity than someone who has studied the power of Illusion.
  14. To be fair, up until last Friday, RuneQuest 2 was the only currently in-print version of RuneQuest, and technically RQ2 and RQ:G are now both in print simultaneously! 😜 A comprehensive list of differences would be nice, probably as a fan project, but I would not like to see any more space in the RQ:G rule book taken up with it. I don't know of any new role playing game edition that has gone to the lengths of comprehensively listing all the changes, to the level of detail of "this mechanic is no longer limited to X points". Often previous editions are never even mentioned.
  15. Sure, other games have copied these features of RuneQuest - they are RuneQuest in every sense other than the trademark (caveat, I don't really know RevD100). But RuneQuest did them first, and IMO RQ:G does them more than any other game, and he does say "that help make RuneQuest distinct", he does not say "each of which is unique to RuneQuest".
  16. Well my archive of Sandy's documents is here: http://hibbs.me.uk/snarks/docs/ I will check in any of the other sets posted here are more up to date. Seems identical to Mugen's (www.chez.com) so far.
  17. I can even do a custom version of the spreadsheet with the old formulae in if anyone wants, I had it all working before, so it's almost a simple cut and paste.
  18. Ah, yes, that rings a bell. I came across a variant where where you rolled 3d6 for all stats, and when you assigned a roll to INT or SIZ you swap one of the dice for a 6, so you are getting rid of 2 crappy dice rolls out of 7 stats. You could easily extend this to "roll 4 dice, discard the lowest, and replace one with a 6 if assigning to INT or SIZ". We also allowed discarding of higher dice if someone wanted a low SIZ. A variant that I used at one time was when you rolled a stat, you had to pick which one to assign it to right away before rolling the next one, so it became a bit of a gam
  19. I think variable spell limits were only in RQ2, RQ3 got rid of them.
  20. Rolling Ann allocating - with or without extra dice - is ok for D&D or RQ2 which had all stats being 3D6 but when you have two stats rolled differently, you have very limited flexibility on INT and SIZ. What I used to do was roll 21 to 25 dice all at once and pick out dice in groups of 2 and 3 and allocate them to stats.
  21. The best stat rolling system I ever came across was a friend who programmed his Amstrad computer to run overnight printing out sets of random stats on a dot matrix printer, and pored over the list the next morning to find the best ones. He turned up to a new game with a character that had 16+ in every stat, and said it was randomly generated legitimately. We got the story out of him eventually.
  22. I think GURPS 3rd Edition in 1988 was the first time I came across the idea of designing a character without any dice rolls. If I had heard the suggestion for RQ, I would probably not have been interested. Later, though, we used a ponts-based RQ3 character creation system almost exclusively for several years. I have it mirrored on my web space but I can't remember who created it! Does it look familiar to anyone? http://www.hibbs.me.uk/snarks/chargen.htm *Edit* it is Nick Effingham's system.
  23. Absoutely, MRQ2 is a rock solid, high quality, great fun game system. Although RQG is great, I would have had no issues whatsoever with Chaosium just adding character backgrounds and runes and calling it RQ7. I'm not sure which I would prefer... probably RQG, but its a close call and also I haven't actually used RQG yet.
  24. I agree, for the basic reason that probability and statistics are hard to get right. Crunching a million sets of numbers is easier, at least for my particular skill set.
  25. Yes, the HP per location charts in RQ3 were approximations of the multiples presented in the rules (0.33, 0.25, 0.4 if i recall correctly), or vice versa. Despite my mathematical brain, I always just used the charts on the basis that that's what all the published stats would probably use.
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