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  1. That's why the GM Pack will come with a rolled up newspaper.
  2. There's always been a difference between a skill that has a zero base (like read/write) and a skill that has a base that is wiped out by a category modifier. The latter is just like any other skill number, you always still a 01-05 chance of success.
  3. Thanks a lot, fixed: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/179pEllnjDoBjLC0e42e_C9ZtGsK31nWrzg6ddqn2HAc/edit?usp=sharing I added an extra skill column "Extra" on the first sheet. Add in anything here, including experience, training, HeroQuest bonuses, etc. You can, of course, use any of the columns AO-AS for whatever you want once character creation is completed and you no longer need to keep track of where the chunks of skill came from, you can consolidate the original numbers into a single column and use the rest if you want, for example, to keep experience and training separate. I ma
  4. RQ made it non-compulsory, but you absolutely can do it, and I have done so. In fact that was the primary answer to the problem of crap stats - if you can assign them, assign them to STR, CON, SIZ, CHA and play a sorcerer or shaman (although low CHA is no longer a shaman option). And as a general principle of game design, it's better for the GM to give than to take away, so the rules should not give too much by default, and the GM should be encouraged to supply the generosity. This would tend to start the GM-player relationship off on the right footing.
  5. Bully for you! But it isn't consistent with the rules as written, so I think raising an alternative suggestion is an entirely legitimate thing to do at this stage.
  6. 80 is 1.5 points above average for a full set of straight dice rolls, so not really ridiculously low.
  7. The thread is for posting errata. Please bounce it elsewhere.
  8. You only reduce skills over 100 if both characters have over 100. So if Mr 150% is facing 90%, he has a 30% special chance. I'm not a fan of the rule about reducing skills, as most people will have several different skills and you will end up doing loads of subtraction all the time. "No, I'm dodging, I have 142 in that, I parried last round and I have 135 in shield".
  9. A tie should be broken by the highest die roll winning,. This gives the edge in both cases to the higher skill.
  10. Good spot - just need to move the "SIZ" in AC2 to AD2. Also I noticed that the secondary bonus calculation has "+5" instead of "+4" so secondary category mods for stats higher than 21 were kicking in at 22, 27, etc. Oh, and low stats had the wrong sign on their modifier, so they behave just like high stats! Ooops! Fixed: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UNfkIklJrrFH8WiS2efka0wu_2V3tcMSnNWRwbBHz4Y/edit?usp=sharing If you've started using a sheet and want to fix it, just copy in the contents of the Lookups sheet from the new version, or fix the formula yourself in cells U6:U12.
  11. I've gone through the whole of Vasana's character creation story and filled in my sheet as closely as I can: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IhvH1OLspcSurqd-c3YTmfbEZpwYz_5njTTOR0viBXY/edit?usp=sharing What I have learned: Needs another Loyalty passion Needs a third spoken language slot Needs a fifth weapon line Needs lines for shield skills and shield stats There's some stuff in the weapon stats section that I can't remember what it is so that needs simplifying So now there's a new version with those changes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh
  12. Pages 84-96: Pregen characters all have their stats in a different order to that used elsewhere which is a little confusing. They have STR CON SIZ INT DEX CHA POW rather than STR CON SIZ DEX INT POW CHA.
  13. Page 80: VASANA'S SAGA Her Battle skill has gone down, it was 70% on page 79, now it is 65% including +5% category modifier. Also Farm should be 35% not 30%, Javelin should be 25% not 20%.
  14. Pages 62 & 72: VASANA'S SAGA Why Customs (Heortling) 30%? I think this should be 25, and where does Battle Axe 40% come from?.
  15. Updated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JtZKXngoMuNqDKwykXF1JaJWtvz7pKNQ2VBvXOzqTrA/edit?usp=sharing Second highest rune was not correctly figuring in the +1 bonus to the associated stat
  16. Yes, in the new rules, Sever Spirit only kills the target for 15 minutes, then they come back to life again. This is clearly as it always should have been. 😁
  17. Page 357 Presumably a shaman can choose to release a smaller spirit prior to spending the Fetch's POW. I don't think it actually says anywhere that a shaman can voluntarily release a spirit from their Fetch at all!
  18. Page 254 Page 384 So sorcerers are limited by both INT and CHA? Are non-sorcerers limited in their spirit magic by INT as well?
  19. Page 400 Is this really 1D6 per round for 25 rounds, for just 2 points? Or is it just 1D6, with extra strength required to extend it to further volumes of air over subsequent rounds?
  20. Page 392 Conflagration Damage table is unnecessary, as it is identical to the spell strength damage table. Other spells state "with the amount determined by consulting the Sorcery Strength table on page 385", this one could do so too.
  21. Page 384 Page 385 These both imply that the cost can only ever be doubled once, regardless of how many runes/techniques are not mastered. Page 386 This implies that the +2 in the intensity tables might be more than that if there are two runes/techniques that are not mastered. If the spell has 4 like Attract Missiles, and all four are unmastered, it is +16 MP per level! The tables could easily say "+1/+2/+4..." to clarify this, and p384 could say "or double the amount of magic points per Rune or technique that the sorcerer has not mastered."
  22. Maybe it is supposed to be per 2MP of the spell in the sense that if you want it to run for 5 rounds and give you 5D6 then you need 9 points of spell strength, and the duration is just how long the MPs last, not how long it continuously drains for. The more I read it, the more sure I am that if you want 1D6 more magic points, you need 2 more spell strength. "Every 2 levels of strength added to the spell add another 3 cubic meters of air to be converted into 1D6 more magic points." More strength, more magic points. The first 3 cubic meters of air already got converted and is gone. Als
  23. Page 392 Is this as well as the POW vs POW roll, or instead of, or a mistake? This also implies that the caster would need to overcome their own POW in order to affect themselves. Also affect some Dominate spells, Logical Clarity on page 396, and Solace of the Logical Mind on page 398. If this is a general rule that sorcery normally uses the strength of the spell instead of the caster's POW to affect an unwilling target, then this should be made clear in the casting mechanics section.
  24. Page 379 Black Fang Brotherhood and Oakfed list "Extension 1" and "Multispell 1" - is this intended to limit the number of Rune Points that can be spent on any single use of these spells, or is it a mistake?
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