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  1. I've had some great success in RQ3 with two swords against creatures with natural weapons, as a successful parry vs an unsuccessful attack deals damage to the attacking weapon. Scorpion men particularly are good for this tactic as you can cut their tail off and even up the number of attacks. Same for broo with their head butt attack.
  2. this one is by Gareth Hanrahan copyright 2007 by Mongoose this one is copyright 1987 by Chaosium
  3. NPCs are not random people. That guard at the door, he's been picked for the role. The evil overlord that the PCs are trying to defeat killed the weak and pressed the strong into his service. So PCs are seldom up against crappy people. And I gave the players 85 points instead of 80, which is still fewer than would be needed to create the sample PC in the core MRQII rules. I find it easier to put the party of 5 up against 3 or 4 tough opponents than more, weaker opponents, because it involves tracking fewer sets of stats and actions. In the dragon fight on the ship that I posted on the MR
  4. The professional sports were an analogy for combat, which I thought at first you were accepting, but now you're rejecting. The suggestion is that experience in hand to hand combat should be in some way useful even with unfamiliar weapons. I'm convinced that if I was up against an experienced sword-and-shield fighter and we were both armed with two-handed maces, he'd pound me to burger in seconds flat, even if I was substantially more buff than I currently am.
  5. Do you mean, for example, "Combat", with a "Sword & Shield" speciality bonus?
  6. I would expect that a professional baseball player would kick my arse at cricket. And a long jumper would easily beat a shot putter at a 100m sprint. I like the idea of "complementary skill" bonuses, but it could get complicated if a player has two developed skills and wants to use one to get a bonus in the other all the time.
  7. That's the main reason I can't play the piano or the guitar - my brain won't shut up and let my fingers get on with it.
  8. Initiative isn't just about physical activity, it's also about how fast you can cast a spell. It's a simple mechanic for all situations, so of course you'll find situations where it isn't perfect. The pre-errata rules say to figure SIZ into the SR calculation, which would have led to tall sorcerors being quicker at casting spells than short sorcerors.
  9. Not all BRPs are created equally. In Elric!, 100% was considered the threshold for professional level of competency, not epic or heroic. For instance I would rate my skill in Computer Programming at around 150% in the Elric! system. When I started at age 20 I was probably at 75%.
  10. I was a little surprised (pni) to see initiative appear in MRQ2, but with the radically different system of CAs compared to Strike Ranks I think it needs something to figure who goes first. Weapon size is no longer factored in.
  11. Initiative is a simple mechanic for a broad set of situations - part of it is realising that a fight is about to happen.
  12. Ah. That would make a unified BRP/RQ wiki tricky, as MRQWiki is MediaWiki so everything would have to be re-markuped.
  13. That's... extreme, maybe impossible. You can hit on SR1 if you are huge and have a greatsword but SR4 is more common. Second attack (kick or headbutt, as he has a greatsword in his hands) 3SR later, then 3+DEXSR+points to prepare and cast Disruption, the mountain with the great sword could get his first spell off on SR9 but no more, and that's with huge SIZ and DEX.
  14. With 3 players, it could take 5 hits or more all to the same location, that's way worse than RQ3 which would only be 2 hits if it parries one.
  15. I can see the problem that at the moment in MRQ2 when you outnumber an enemy, everyone gets 3 attacks and just about anything short of a giant or large dragon goes down in the first round.
  16. I'll resist the temptation to join in the "I know how to make the rules better!" clamour, but I will say that I think the rules for HeroQuesting are very poorly detailed. How do I determine how successful a quest has been, what do you gain or lose by completing or cocking up a station, and how do I work out what level of reward should be gained based on the level of success? I ran a HeroQuest today and dished out Hero Points as the reward for successfully playing the various roles in the myth, now they have a stack of points to spend so I need to figure the Hero Points costs of the rewards
  17. There is no better introduction to Glorantha than a Griselda story, so including one of those would be good.
  18. I didn't know there was a BRP wiki. I've become chief bottle washer on the MRQ Wiki hosted by Sceaptune Games, I don't know if Tim @ Sceaptune would want it to expand it's scope to cover RQ6, or if TDF/Moondesign would want their own wiki, but that would make three. If BRPCentral were to host a wiki, that could become a place to unify everything in one place - Basic Roleplaying, MRQ/Legend, and RQ6, would that be an option?
  19. Until someone grabs the blade...
  20. If the hammer hits the middle of the shield where the arm is, then the arm could get hurt. A successful parry probably catches the blow away from the centre of the shield, lessening the impact on the arm, and the hammer glances off. So, how does BRP or MRQ handle a shield arm getting broken? If the hammer attack hits, the defender fails to parry, and Left Arm is rolled as location, that is probably a blow square on the centre of the shield where the arm is, possibly breaking the arm. Or, a critical hit ignoring shield armour would be an arm-breaker.
  21. Both blades were wobbling and bending. Search for videos of "cold steel greatsword" for a comparison.
  22. It wobbles around like a jelly, it's not rigid at all. I don't think you can learn much about killing from watching people sparring with lightweight fencing weapons.
  23. Found it! It's in the zip file of his current web site, although I can't find it linked on the site itself: http://www.nikkeffingham.com/runequest/website.zip And here it is on my web site: http://www.hibbs.me.uk/snarks/chargen.htm http://www.hibbs.me.uk/snarks/chargen2.htm And here's my Excel spreadsheet: http://www.hibbs.me.uk/snarks/points.zip
  24. I'm afraid I can't find a copy at the moment - Nikk hasn't uploaded it onto his new web page, and archive.org doesn't have a copy. I'll see if I can get in touch with him.
  25. It's just a name that stuck, like where does "ahol" come from in "workaholic", there's no such thing as "workahol". And there was no gate involved in "Irangate".
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