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  1. Thanks to @Nick Brooke for pointing out this free product, I hadn't seen it before: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/83864/Sartar-Players-Primer And I know it's a minor quibble, but this made me chuckle:
  2. There was some inconsistency that I noticed, yes. When he was talking to one of the players - Claudia, I think - who wanted to spend a few points, he said that she could therefore take both spells. That is consistent with the "for each RP you gain, you can learn a new spell" in RQG. However he didn't tell Richard that Garan could take both spells, even though he had spent 6 points. Maybe Garan wasn't interested in learning the "summon specific spirit" spell, so his 6 points did indeed just give him three uses of the 2-point spell. I put that down to just loose language in the session, and it n
  3. Does anyone know if the campaign is on a break, or is another episode coming soon?
  4. Hunting is practically synonymous with nature. Everybody is either eating somebody, or trying not to be eaten. That's Nature Rules One and Two.
  5. When it comes to fear-based worship, I wonder how the hero knows who is praying that they don't come pillage them, so as not to do so. Or is it one of those things that "just mysteriously works", as in, the ones that the player-pirate-heroes choose to go raid are retroactively the ones that didn't pray? In a similar vein, for example, I imagine a bunch of players might choose an enemy to go spring a surprise raid on, only to find that they just happened to have completed a Summons of Evil and are lying in ambush...
  6. I don't think adventurers will be giving much to wyters. That's a job for people who don't have much else to spend it on. Enchantments, I think also that's something that adventurers should be leaning on people for. I just saved your village from a giant boar. Well, how about a few of you helping out with making this enchantment I've been wanting... Maybe I've strayed from this thread's purpose into the munchkinnery thread...
  7. Another thing about passions - if they ever drop below 50, I think they disappear. It makes no sense to have a passion below 50. If it makes sense for the adventurer to still have a strong opinion, then maybe replace it with the opposite passion (hate becomes love, loyalty becomes distrust, for example). I think I might let a player flip a passion if they have a good reason to. Strong passions in the real world can reverse, have you ever loved someone who has jilted you and immediately you hate them, or they you?
  8. Jeff commented on the similarity to a fetch, and how that is frustrating for shamans to have two things to spend POW on, but the two both add in this respect.
  9. Well, if you are modest about your achievements, and don't like to boast, then you could just hire bards and skalds to sing about how modest you are.
  10. Or, "Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo"
  11. There are no mechanics presented yet for Hero Soul point regain. If I were writing a rule for when you have used some points and want to regain them, I'd say you boast about your deeds at a holy day worship ceremony, make a roll like Orate or Worship, and then you get some points back. I'd have to come up with a scale like the one for RP regain. At some point, a group of grateful fans would start celebrating your deeds (or praying that you don't come around boring or threatening them) off their own initiative. As Jeff said, Harrek gets most of his HS points by people praying he doesn
  12. In the latest episode of The White Bull Campaign (released last Saturday, so there might be a new one now) is all about the rewards from Heroquesting. The gist is that you spend POW and gain Hero Points, or Hero Soul, or Soul Points, I like Hero Soul. These points can be used to power spell-like abilities that you gain while Heroquesting, that are related to what you did on the quest. They can be used to power your Rune magic spells, just like Rune Points, and I guess if you are a member of two Rune cults then this might be a way of getting points that you can use for either, rather
  13. Bound water elemental, easy. Also, a point of Float with some Extension would help with buoyancy.
  14. How is that easier than "highest roll wins"? They are statistically identical, and comparing two dice rolls directly is objectively easier than doing two subtractions and comparing the answers.
  15. Yes, it's avoiding subtraction that is the advantage. I'm not a fan of the over-100% rule for this reason.
  16. Yeah, "So I'm trying to roll low, but not too low, unless I can get super-low, how am I supposed to do that?" Answer: "Try just getting a random number, and not using psychic powers or cheating, and having a higher skill so you can get those better successes."
  17. It seems to me that the base Ride (00) is primarily about horses and other traditional mounts. There's no specific prohibition, they can learn to do it if they can find a suitable sized animal. Sounds awesome, but a lizard's tail is going to get caught up in the chariot's wheels.
  18. Both entirely reasonable approaches. Maybe combine them, and have a sort of rune-augment-common-magic, where you spend 1 MP, roll an appropriate rune, and you get the minor effect without the chance of backlash on a failure.
  19. Thanks this is really useful, I have skimmed parts of it and also found it a little daunting, but my group is on hold at the moment anyway (one of them has no internet). @Nick Brooke's notes in The Duel at Dangerford look really useful as well.
  20. I'm getting "404 not found" on the preview. *works now*
  21. This thread is for player-munchkins only! Munchkin GMs can go make their own thread!
  22. Me too, but I understand why some people don't like it. It's essentially the same as points-buy but with each player having a different random total to spend. Sometimes you can't quite distribute them exactly as you'd want, and it does reduce how often people can have four super-stats and three terrible ones. My spreadsheet tool actually goes one further than that, and allows you to reassign all rolls freely regardless of the dice. It generates random numbers between 0 and 1, and scales each to the appropriate dice type that you have assigned it to. If you reassign it from a D6 to a D8, i
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