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  1. Sunspear says "spells are ineffective". I'd say enchanted woad is not a spell, and that it would work. In which case, we know from Prince of Sartar that the rest of your PCs weren't there either. The truth is that Prince of Sartar is only one version of the Cradle story. Glorantha is a quantum superposition of all our games, and they are all equally true. The Argan Argar chap with the hair and the glasses I think was the artist's PC.
  2. A biro from any newsagent can fix that. Seriously. If your group wants to run it that way, you run it that way. It's not like we need harmonised rules for some kind of competition. RuneQuest is not a CCG.
  3. Hence the head of the statue of Ozymandrill in the background here.
  4. Maybe combining RP pools is an ability that Arkat gained through his cross-path questing.
  5. Well, some people would say that a dual-cult Orlanth and Storm Bull could cast Shield 40, but I didn't want to talk about niche cases so I picked a common stackable spell that any two cults could have. I did not intend to refer to Shield at all.
  6. The "Combine RP Or Not" decision can be simplified by answering this question. If you have a CHA of 20, you can have 20 RP. Per cult. So if you are a member of one cult only, you can cast for example Dismiss Magic 20 at most (barring other tricks like matrices). If you are a member of two cults, and had long enough to max out your RP in both, do you want that person to be able to cast Dismiss Magic 40, whereas someone who has dedicated their entire life purely to one deity can only cast Dismiss Magic 20? My answer to that is no, I don't want multi-cult worshippers to be able to muste
  7. Also, anyone buying POW from poor folk will run into trouble with the priests. There are several wyters that need that spare POW.
  8. The basic point still stands though. The prices are a simplification. RQ3 had different prices for civilized, rural, and wasteland areas but I think this was deemed unnecessary detail for RQG, not a statement that Dragon Pass has strict price conformity.
  9. Of course it also depends on how likely the caster thinks Countermagic is. If the target doesn't have it up, then boosting is a waste of time and MPs. It's a risk and a judgement call based on the situation. As a GM you need to be careful not to use your knowledge that the NPCs don't have.
  10. Which is a hugely diverse area. Metal items are more valuable in Prax, for instance, where you can buy herd beasts cheaper than elsewhere. This is not in the rules, because the core rules are not written to accurately model commerce. They are written for adventuring.
  11. Rather than seeing a game mechanic and concluding "this has certain consequences that make no sense, therefore the rules/world makes no sense", I prefer to simply come to a different conclusion, and optionally figure out why the conclusion is incorrect. I don't spend too much time on it though. There are plenty of possibilities mentioned already in this thread.
  12. Analogies are like wasps. They will sting you if you poke them too much.
  13. Or, you're over-thinking the consequences of a simple game rule on the world. Which is fine, again, if that's what you want to do. But it's your choice to come to that conclusion. And therefore your choice of solution, if you feel you need one. Sure, of course it's possible to get 1 POW for less than 200 L. All you need is someone who will sell it for less than that. Simple. The "rule" is just a guide. If you really want to spend the time to hunt around the slums for a stickpicker to donate a point of POW to an enchantment, I'm sure it's not too hard. Is that what you want to do in y
  14. I guess they will try to kill them while they do nothing to defend themselves.
  15. You had that as a thing in your game, boosting with extra MP to make spells harder to dispel? Every time I've seen it discussed, it has been rejected as either a bad idea or simply not the intended rule.
  16. Oh, well, if the God Learners identified it as a universal thing, then there can't be any down sides to accepting their conclusion! I could use the same analogy to reinforce my point. Managing an Orlanthi household and managing a Kralori household are so different that you would barely recognize them as the same thing. Calling it one skill is a massive over-simplification, and most GMs would not allow an Orlanthi to go to Kralorela and use their skill. They are comparable: the difference between "spirit magic" practices across the breadth of Glorantha is just as diverse and unrecogniza
  17. That's fine, but if you want rules for running a consistent and functioning fantasy economy then you will need to expand the RuneQuest rules substantially.# Unless your idea of fun is taking a set of rules that weren't designed to be a working economy and figuring out the hilarious consequences of the limited rules. I do find the idea briefly amusing in a Murphy's Rules kind of way, but I wouldn't do it in a game for more than a one-off laugh.
  18. I would not allow offensive use of protective spells like this. If you have a protective spell on you, and you want to cast a different one, then the new spell replaces the old. And if you want to cast a protective spell on someone else who doesn't want it, and they already have an incompatible protective spell on them, it fails. If you think that this is inconsistent, then yes you are right. Why? Because RuneQuest is not a perfect simulation of Glorantha. The "spirit magic" rules are a simplification of a lot of complex Gloranthan magical systems and traditions. This is why the term does
  19. "Heroquesting" is a thing that Gloranthans do, it's travelling to the mythical world and taking part in the events of the God Time before Time and Causality and Entropy entered the world. There have been several sets of rules for extending previous RuneQuest game system editions to better cover this kind of adventure, and there will be rules for RQG coming "soon". There is a role-playing game called "HeroQuest", first released as "Hero Wars" due to trademark law, now called "QuestWorlds" or somesuch. This is a very different game system to RuneQuest, more suited to higher levels of power
  20. Whichever way you go there will be counterintuitive consequences, and the benefit of detailing exactly which rune each cult can or cannot use for each spell would be going too far. I really don't think it's worth worrying about.
  21. The more I think about this, the less practical I think it would be. The list of rune spells is huge, any chart cross-referencing them would be really hard to lay out correctly. Here's the data just for rune cross referencing. Obviously you'd want to mirror it so the spells go down the rows. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wxSvlDR_FnEuboJ4Mso57ULC6WDTMFNAQU8gHrsUyOE/edit?usp=sharing
  22. Entirely reasonable, I don't think I would impose that but I certainly see the "logic" behind it.
  23. That's because it's not an economy. It's a rules system for running fun games with small groups of adventurers.
  24. Absolute nonsense! Of course, Glorantha is itself absolute nonsense, so if that's the way your Gloranthas are, then that's perfectly fine! Go have fun in them! But my Glorantha isn't like that. My RQG Glorantha is the same as my Hero Wars Glorantha (I never ran HeroQuest).
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