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  1. I can see how someone just reading the rules fresh might not conclude that, but anyone who knows about Chaos in Glorantha would probably recoil in horror at the idea of tapping chaos, in a "yeah, that's not going to end well" sort of way. And to be fair, the description of the rune says "nothing is totally safe from its influence", so we have been warned.
  2. That's an odd statement. I'm not sure what you mean by it.
  3. Yes, if you pick "Aldryami" and press the button above the stats then the Beast rune gets swapped for a Plant rune.
  4. Could a creature with natural skin armour wear woad?
  5. I don't think so, magic items are a game mechanical representation and so are appropriately dealt with in a game system forum. The economics of magical items in RuneQuest are very different to HQ or 13G or KoDP.
  6. The Well says that you can dedicate the RP to a one-year spell that you know when you get them back at a worship. Personally I'd also say even if you are full of RP at the start, you could dedicate the RP at that point. Well actually I wouldn't use this dedicated RP rule at all, you just spend the RP.
  7. Or, they can have sons but they are human. Which I guess is the same as what you said.
  8. 180° out I'm afraid, they can tap chaos because they are chaotic. Or vice versa.
  9. I didn't know where those lines were from, I'm re-quoting them from having heard them referenced in several conversations. They may not be "canon", but they have entered the Gloranthan vernacular. And it's just an explanation of why Tap is considered bad, not whether or not it is considered bad, which it certainly is by the majority of mainstream sorcerers. It occupies a similar space as necromancy in most schools of thought. To be honest I find this whole conceit of whether Tap is no longer a bad thing just because of the quirks of the RQ3 and RQG wording rather tedious. "Only people cou
  10. If you believe that enchanted woad does not protect against Sunspear, then the increased AP from enchanting iron armour should not count either. They are both spells, and they both enchant a substance to provide AP.
  11. It was never a game mechanical prohibition. The evil of tapping derives from the edicts "Do not destroy that which you love" and "Love that which the Invisible God created", so it's not just people. It's all of creation.
  12. The cultural restrictions, such as the rules around Tapping, will be the same because they are world rules, not game system rules.
  13. Sunspear says "spells are ineffective". I'd say enchanted woad is not a spell, and that it would work. In which case, we know from Prince of Sartar that the rest of your PCs weren't there either. The truth is that Prince of Sartar is only one version of the Cradle story. Glorantha is a quantum superposition of all our games, and they are all equally true. The Argan Argar chap with the hair and the glasses I think was the artist's PC.
  14. A biro from any newsagent can fix that. Seriously. If your group wants to run it that way, you run it that way. It's not like we need harmonised rules for some kind of competition. RuneQuest is not a CCG.
  15. Hence the head of the statue of Ozymandrill in the background here.
  16. Maybe combining RP pools is an ability that Arkat gained through his cross-path questing.
  17. Well, some people would say that a dual-cult Orlanth and Storm Bull could cast Shield 40, but I didn't want to talk about niche cases so I picked a common stackable spell that any two cults could have. I did not intend to refer to Shield at all.
  18. The "Combine RP Or Not" decision can be simplified by answering this question. If you have a CHA of 20, you can have 20 RP. Per cult. So if you are a member of one cult only, you can cast for example Dismiss Magic 20 at most (barring other tricks like matrices). If you are a member of two cults, and had long enough to max out your RP in both, do you want that person to be able to cast Dismiss Magic 40, whereas someone who has dedicated their entire life purely to one deity can only cast Dismiss Magic 20? My answer to that is no, I don't want multi-cult worshippers to be able to muste
  19. Also, anyone buying POW from poor folk will run into trouble with the priests. There are several wyters that need that spare POW.
  20. The basic point still stands though. The prices are a simplification. RQ3 had different prices for civilized, rural, and wasteland areas but I think this was deemed unnecessary detail for RQG, not a statement that Dragon Pass has strict price conformity.
  21. Of course it also depends on how likely the caster thinks Countermagic is. If the target doesn't have it up, then boosting is a waste of time and MPs. It's a risk and a judgement call based on the situation. As a GM you need to be careful not to use your knowledge that the NPCs don't have.
  22. Which is a hugely diverse area. Metal items are more valuable in Prax, for instance, where you can buy herd beasts cheaper than elsewhere. This is not in the rules, because the core rules are not written to accurately model commerce. They are written for adventuring.
  23. Rather than seeing a game mechanic and concluding "this has certain consequences that make no sense, therefore the rules/world makes no sense", I prefer to simply come to a different conclusion, and optionally figure out why the conclusion is incorrect. I don't spend too much time on it though. There are plenty of possibilities mentioned already in this thread.
  24. Analogies are like wasps. They will sting you if you poke them too much.
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