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  1. Hi! this is a very good idea. I has to work on it for my vehicule rule. with your permission of course. carnifex:focus:
  2. My Basic Role Playing book is here! Number 62 of 420. What a difference with my old brp copy. carnifex:focus:
  3. HI! I like your new rules. you have nicely done the size/hit points thing. Simple direct and to the point. When i has my copy of the brp rule i will work on it. For the dopgfight i am thinking of using playing card. each player begin with 4 cards + 1 card by 10% of piloting, the player with the better poker hands has the right to do one strafing passage on the plane adversary with his weapons. Perhaps a bit to abstract but very simple to execute. carnifex carshark of the sky.
  4. I has commanded-it. I am curious to see the difference in it with the french version of the BRP by Tristan Lhomme. With-it i will be capable to mke my equippement cards and my vehicule rule. Carnifex:thumb:
  5. Hi there! Good suggestion, perhaps these rule was too generic. Dogfighting is perhap a bad description. In the inter-war the Italien was very impress by the maniability of their biplan and put resource in their developpement. But the less agile monoplan of the allied force has more speed and wiped-out the italian air-force. The German pilot like dogfihting but the messhersmith 262 wa not good in this type of fight and they have to use his superior speed to destroy allied plane. Another names than dogfigthing has to be use for this rules. I am open to sugestion. The intermediary speed for spacecraft was a good one. I was thinking to create equippement cards for vehicule but you are right the rule has not ready yet. carnifex
  6. Hi there, i like the idea of npc/monster cards perhaps i will experiment with it. For the World of Wonder It a no card of this sort (Equippement) i has talked of the character sheet. I will post my modified character sheet for magic world on the yahoo group in the near futur. carnifex
  7. Hi there! One thing i like From the old Worlds of wonders it's the little character sheet. Very handy to use in the gaming table but with too litlle place for armors, weapons, equippement and skills. But if you erase the equippement from the charactrer sheet you has the place to write more skill in their place. For the equippement you use little play cards with a illustration and games stat of the equippement. I has dowloaded a version of this in the files of the Basic Roleplaying yahoo groups. I want to know if this type of equippements cards will enhance and ease your games experiance? I think to use-it also for my vehicule rule. Perhaps using-it also to write on it rule or combat manoeuver for speeding the game. What you think of that? Thank you! carnifex
  8. I have dowloaded it (the Rule) in the file of the yahoo basic roleplayig group. Carnifex.
  9. Yes i has read Roma-Eterna but not the Romanitas trilogy, the Romanitas look promising. I like the web page. But Slavery is not a issue in CRome because of the unenployement and automatisation. One of the big issue in CRome is the interdiction of monotheistic religion. The reason is simple is better for the emperor to be the arbitor of numerous religion than to has in face a monolitic bloc who constitute a paralel governement a state in the state. carnifex.
  10. When the BRP book will be in my possession i will beguin my CRome adventure. CYBER-ROME IMPERIAL HISTORY. Several factors played their shares in the surviving and the prosperity of the empire. Between the Year 762 and 764 A.U.C. (AB URBA CONDITA: after the foundation of Rome) the general Roman Drusus ordered several legions to sank deeply in the German territory. Using a new strategy mixing massive actions of the Roman cohort with actions of guerrilla by professional gladiators, the legions of Drusus massacred several thousands of barbarians. To terrify by the power of Rome, the Germanic tribes emigrated to the east. The frontier-wars that followed were wars of conquest rather than of defensive actions. Major difference were noted with the history that we know of the Roman empire until the Year 914 A.U.C. The emperor Marcus Aurelius prepared to launch an expedition against Parthes when an attempt of murders by poison left it too weakened to continue. Thus it there was no attack against Parthes and the epidemic that devastated the empire remained confine in orient. The emperor lived ten more years and when it deceased in the Year 952 the senate appointed Aullus Germanicus as successor. The twenty Emperors that succeeded him were also appointed by the senate. They reigned efficiently and competent manner and few of them perished assassinated. Thus the Roman's legions did not suffer the toll of the civil war and repelled easily the invasions of Huns and Goths. In the Year 2453 A.U.C. Rome controls Europe and reaches a technological level corresponding to the Victorian era. The Empire spread, conquered Perse, Central Africa and the north of India. Expeditions to the west discover Iceland and northern America (TERRA-NOVA). The colonization of its new territories provoked the unavoidable confrontation between the Aztec and Roman empire. To the east the empire of the throne of the dragon ( China) and Rome confronts for the southern possession of India. It is the beginning of the war without - end that will take effectively end only with the signature of the great treaty of 2743 A.U.C. After almost 300 years of a murderess struggle them three empires signed the peace and divided the planet and also the solar system. The Treaty of Rome had for consequence to warn all open wars on earth and in the space for 150 years. It is the most long period of peace during 1000 years. There are well some frontier incidents and wars by small interposed countries but for the moment all generalized conflict danger seems to have a low probability to occur. IMPERIAL POLITICAL SYSTEM Rome is now the equivalent of a constitutional monarchy. Each new emperor is chosen by the senate and is adopted by the reigning emperor. The senate is the government of the empire and the emperor alone holds more power that this institution. But as the former is elected by a majority of senators there few disagreements between the two landings of governments. The senatorial system has to bases the mega - corporations, the former is generally free to made what they want but they all have similarly certain restriction. All global resources or all decision that would allocate all worsens it have to be approved by a majority vote of the senate or a decree of the emperor. The senate has a total of 50 seats, approximately 2% of the total of the wealth of the empire costs a seat/vote. If a mega - corporation succeeded to make so much money it will replace an other with a lower total. Certain mega - corporations have several votes/seats but none has ever succeeded to have an absolute majority. Trades and negotiations of the senates are as a bench of piranhas. , Each member is plotting to improve its position. The small groups sell their votes or form coalitions to exert more influence. Larger groups can literally control the empire, if they find an ally or bankrupts the corporation of an adversary succeeding thus to alter the distribution of the vote. As the vote is recounted to each seconds during of crucial sessions, the sabotage by mercenaries of a competitor can eliminate its voting right allowing you thus to pass a project of law interesting you. Players will be often committed for this sort of operation. Obviously risks were huge because the mega - corporation that has committed you could decide to eliminate the witness to keep this operation secret. THE EFFECTS OF GREENHOUSES. The world temperature has increased near 5 degrees in a century with for consequence the flood of many coastal plains but equally the transformation of the climate in once inappropriate zones to the human implantation. Now these great steppes and deserts are today vast granaries of wheat, what in fact particularly supervised militarily zones because of populations extremely poor that reside there. Paradoxically it is the pollution that protects the great industrial zones of mortal rays of the sun. A great part of the Roman empire and its colonies live constantly under a dome of pollution filtering. Result: One survives in a funniness of green light, hot and Sticky, a thick soup that veils constantly stars and rays of the sun but that allows also to exit the day without combination anti-UV, what is not so everywhere on earth. TOWN PLANNING Contemporary cities of the Roman empire are composed by three entities that amalgamates almost completely: A residential center highly supervised where lodge a framework of the mega - corporation that controls the city, circled by an immense suburb where are found automatic factories and housing for clients, burst that and there by zones not controlled by imperial authority, where come to flee all pariahs. Many chic quarters are organized around a forum, the vast well around of which one finds apartments, trades and hotels. Floors are served by apparent elevators and in most of the times. The only possible access by the roof is the heliport. Reason this town planning is tells Fortified Forums: the terrorism and the pollution. Inside forums, rich residents breathe the filtered and pure air and are under cover from lost bullets. Catacombs are the complex tunnels (ancient metro, sewers, terrains of parking and ancient anti-aircraft shelter. ) You can find these ones in the great Metropolis of the empire. Little by little abandoned by municipal authorities, they have become the sanctuary of the reprobate and the criminal we exclude from the great cities. Catacombs have their clean laws. It is without a doubt the most harmful places of the planet. All residents of catacombs have a common ground: this are savage beasts, haunted by their past, often ravaged by drugs or so altered genetically they are not capable to lives with their normal neighbor. RIPs (Regions d'Insecurite Permanente in modern Latin, permanent insecurity region) are suburbs abandoned by municipal authorities and past under the control of an or several streets or tribe gangs. RIPs do not have to be confused with catacombs, some resemblances of order reign there( vigils, watchman (police)) and some clients reside there again. But real estates blackened and abandoned hidden dens of drugs and territory traffickers of streets' gangs, the due mortality to the delinquency beats their records. PEOPLES THE CLIENT The full job is an idea totally exceeded since soon more of a century. Everyone knows and understands that a great part of the population of the empire can work only some hours by week perhaps not at all. The essentials of the production being for a long time automated, alone posted them to responsibilities and creation can guarantee the full job. This new economic order had for major consequence that two men on three could hope other thing only a permanent unemployment. This heavy situation of conflicts, was solved by the mega - corporations that decided to give to the honor watches it custom the clientele. Thus these peoples that formerly were feebly indemnified by their social assistance offices receive the foods and the shelter and also of usable purchase credits only in the corporation where they are clients. In counterpart the mega - corporations have thus force of extra in wars and consumers of basis for commercial conflicts. Consequence of this generalized clientele policy: the development of poor people suburbs all around residential and vital centers of imperial megalopolises. These grimy suburban zones give only on RIPS or on an other suburb devoted to an other mega - corporation, the frontier is generally a harmful perimeter where it does not make good to stroll. Commentators have asserted that the unemployment had been conquered in years 2810 AUC, but at what prices replied others; Never the idea of society at two speeds was at this point put in obviousness in the Roman empire.
  11. Hi there! I has worked out a BRP vehicule building rule. It was largely inspired (copied) after the Hero and Fuzion system. I writed it in french for the TOC web site and i has included numerous vehicule from the roaring 20 (cars, planes, tanks, etc, etc). The only thing i was insatisfied in this rule is the fact my player will be able to put out of commission a Ford model A with a burst of a thompson. The G-men of this era have to use a Browning monitor (automatic rifle caliber 30-06) or a shotgun caliber 10 with slug to have a reasonnable chance of doing-it. I want to know if other player have also worked on a brp vehicule and what was the strong and feeble pount of their rule. :thumb:
  12. Hi! Personnaly i prefers a module like the film Quatermass and the pit. The horror is extra-terrestrial not supernaturel. Investigation is good if a fascinating mystery is discovered in this case the origin of the human race. But for my players a more action oriented style of play would be preferred. I think a style like the tv show voyage at the bottom of the sea. The show mixed spy action with scientific investigation with time to time a alien menace. carnifex
  13. Hi there! i am planning to use the brp to create a games worlds in the fiveties. Perhaps a intro adventrure like this island earth or earth versus flying saucers. carnifex
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