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  1. Spacecommunists, spacenazis, spacewhatevers, it's irrelevant as far as any current events or the "current climate" goes. I say ignore all that and just be cool to each other and have fun. We live and we let live.
  2. Therein lies the problem. Game forums don't need to have anything relating to modern politics or current events. I agree with Jeff that things should be kept loose. "Be respectful to each other" is more than enough, and whatever the "current social context" is of anything, anywhere, any time, is wholly irrelevant to how things should be run, IMO. Especially if allowed to influence moderation I feel that that could cloud judgement and lead to decisions based on personal beliefs rather than objective rule enforcement; not that I'm accusing you of that, but that I've seen it happen before, and at that point bias starts leading administrative action. Things should remain as neutral and informal as possible in that regard I feel. Either way I agree giving people a chance to get unbanned is a good move all the same.
  3. You could phrase this without stepping into politics/religious debate yourself, honestly. We all should just drop the subject.
  4. Right, but you went from describing RPGnet into making broad political statements. I may be misunderstanding you, but it comes off as if you're giving what they do a pass because their politics are your politics, in which case that should be made clearer. Besides that, there shouldn't be political discussions in this topic to begin with I think. If someone wants politics with their RPG talk that's fine, but I wouldn't describe it then in the way your post worded it of "RPG.net isn't actually that political, I'll explain why," followed by lengthy details of how it's very much political, far and away above the majority of game sites.
  5. I mean yeah, it really is, as is your entire post.
  6. RPG.net took a very hard turn into politics in the past two years. A lot of topics became political and dissenting views, or even simply disagreeing with moderators, became bannable. It had an effect like the old gaming forum NeoGAF did where even developers were getting banned if they said something the moderators didn't like. It's apparently only gotten worse over time. I've never used TheRPGSite. Can't tell you much. I like RPGPub. It's a lot of good-natured discussion particularly about older/more obscure games. They took a strong stance against politicization around the time it was overtaking RPG.net, so in a similar vein to forums like BRP or YSG it avoids those topics. There's not a lot of interest in newer RPGs though, and most people don't seem to be fans of the new Call of Cthulhu for some reason. I'd guess it's because of the aforementioned interest and experience in much older games or editions of games.
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