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  1. Hi, As it seems like PDFs such as the Glorantha classics won’t be available for print on demand in the foreseeable future, are there any restrictions imposed by Chaosium on uploading purchased larger size pdfs to a printer for the production of a single copy for personal use? It’s a shame that they don’t offer scans of the pdfs as pod like the old tsr modules. While they are not crystal clear, they are perfectly serviceable when printed. Thanks.
  2. @Crel I may have incorrectly assumed that Borderlands & Beyond was hardback when I ordered it as Cult Compendium had Hardback after the name. Not an issue if it's soft cover as it’s a physical version! I really hope they offer a Euro friendly print on demand option to their offerings. I’ve been making good use of drivethrurpg recently and been happy with their service.
  3. Hi Rojo, Thanks for responding. The hardback Borderlands & Beyond I ordered was listed as from a USA warehouse. Shipping was £43.92 which is a LOT, but not much in the way of options. It seems strange that they won't let me add the Cults Compendium which they also show as available in hardback. Regarding the others, are you aware of any POD service etc where I can get them printed? Thanks. Ross
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if reprints of the Glorantha Classics Griffin Mountain, Pavis & Big Rubble or the Cult Compendium are planned? Alternatively is it possible to purchase these from a site that offers a print on demand service. I’ve purchased the hardback of Borderlands & Beyond, along with PDFs of Griffin Mountain and Pavis & Big Rubble. The Cult Compendium has a hardback option, but there is no facility to add it to the cart. Thanks in advance. Ross
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