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  1. That's a daft policy, quite frankly. Playable scenarios are much more useful, and additional rules material can be incorporated (as they did in the scenarios from the 80s with write-ups of cults and so on in the back). And because the Classic stuff is so old, a lot of people have played it already a long time ago - suggesting people play a 30 year old scenario while the developers fiddle with rules content (slowly) many may not use is bonkers. I appreciate that RQ isn't like other games, what with the history and so on, but you still need scenarios.
  2. So is there any word on what might be next, and when?
  3. Yeah, well, there's time. Then there's Chaosium time. It has been thus for decades. More a feature than a glitch.
  4. RQ scenarios in the past have pretty much all been sandbox in style. They have also, by and large, been the main ways in which detailed setting material has been presented. Without the scenarios, from an RQ perspective there wouldn't be much setting. Nice histories of the Lunar Empire or detailed cult descriptions don't really cut much ice if you don't have somewhere to play a scenario, like Pavis or Sun Dome Temple or Snakepipe Hollow. Most background setting material presented recently has been so high level and broadbrush as to be very hard to use, or not really focused on what you mig
  5. Any idea when actual adventures will come out? While stuff like GoG is great, an RPG stands or falls on its adventures.
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