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    Started with AD&D 1e and have played every edition but 3 and 3.5 Have played a smattering of CoC, Dark Sun, Star Frontiers, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Shadowrun.
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    As GM: I'm running 2 D&D 5e campaigns and now preparing to GM CoC 7e. As Player: The One Ring and Trail of Cthulhu.
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    Just an easy going dude with a love of TTRPGs.

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  1. The most non-secret secret society these days. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  2. Just got my Backerkit notice. PDFs are now being downloaded. The shipping to Canada was way cheaper than I feared it was going to be, quite happy about that.
  3. I have yet to read the blog post, but you’ve already given the best news.
  4. It sure can be. I’ve only been checking out CoC actual plays for a couple years at most, primarily via podcast. I tend to skip the “Masks” games simply because so many are doing it, I’d rather latch onto something a bit shorter and more unique. Just my opinion though, and I’m sure there are a few great Masks actual plays out there in the world that many are enjoying.
  5. Pendragon has piqued my interest as well. Will probably end up buying a few of the books, even if I don’t get a chance to run any of the games. (I’m sure that’s a familiar path for many of us here.)
  6. This looks great. I was mulling over the PDF, but after seeing the guts of the book the hard copy + PDF may be the way to go. I wish another member of my regular gaming group would run a CoC scenario, even just once, so I could play something as fun (horror-based) as this. 😄 I’m the CoC / D&D 5e GM for our regular crew, so for now am only a player in a campaign for The One Ring and a (VERY) occasional Fall Of Delta Green game. That aside, thanks again for the great review.
  7. These were the best products for 2e, Sargent is my personal favourite for D&D supplements. My friends and I still use these today for our 4e / 5e campaigns today and the books are a treat to read.
  8. I initially didn’t have much interest in the cards but after seeing the physical size of them in your video they’ve been added to the “must purchase” list. They look great. Did you have any luck sourcing sleeves?
  9. I love seeing old books reviewed, I pretty much have no knowledge of the older books beyond the big ticket items. Cool to see this. Just subscribed to your channel so I can check out your other reviews as well.
  10. Love to hate yes. I haven’t seen a CoC book they’ve published that doesn’t spark my interest. Great problem for Chaosium to have.
  11. I think I’m goign to hold off until the new edition comes out in 2 - 3 years. I’m sure the POD version will be great, but I just bought Harlem Unbound and will nab Malleus Monstrorum when it’s available in hardcover, and man I still need to eat. There’s a lot of books out now on my wish list, I’ll never “catch up.”
  12. I like it personally, it would also be great to see it in the blurbs / marketing material for the scenarios, particularly if that information was searchable.
  13. This is really the best response to all RPG rule arguments.
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