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    Started with AD&D 1e and have played every edition but 3 and 3.5 Have played a smattering of CoC, Dark Sun, Star Frontiers, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Shadowrun.
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    As GM: I'm running 2 D&D 5e campaigns and now preparing to GM CoC 7e. As Player: The One Ring and Trail of Cthulhu.
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    Just an easy going dude with a love of TTRPGs.

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  1. I initially didn’t have much interest in the cards but after seeing the physical size of them in your video they’ve been added to the “must purchase” list. They look great. Did you have any luck sourcing sleeves?
  2. I love seeing old books reviewed, I pretty much have no knowledge of the older books beyond the big ticket items. Cool to see this. Just subscribed to your channel so I can check out your other reviews as well.
  3. Love to hate yes. I haven’t seen a CoC book they’ve published that doesn’t spark my interest. Great problem for Chaosium to have.
  4. I think I’m goign to hold off until the new edition comes out in 2 - 3 years. I’m sure the POD version will be great, but I just bought Harlem Unbound and will nab Malleus Monstrorum when it’s available in hardcover, and man I still need to eat. There’s a lot of books out now on my wish list, I’ll never “catch up.”
  5. I like it personally, it would also be great to see it in the blurbs / marketing material for the scenarios, particularly if that information was searchable.
  6. This is really the best response to all RPG rule arguments.
  7. Like many others, I’ll do a debrief for a one-shot, but never for an ongoing campaign. I find for a one-shot players may want to know simple things like “did we miss any clues?,” that type of thing.
  8. The three preview pages have me salivating, I want this goodness in my hands.
  9. “My librarian always has dynamite on hand, in case of emergency.”
  10. Spitballing a couple ideas. How about the drawing of the cards and her readings are unknowingly influenced, perhaps by a trickster type like Nyarlathotep or entity from the Dreamlands? Or perhaps she finds a “special” deck of tarot cards that are actually a “Mythos Tome?” (Could be a great prop opportunity.)
  11. So many good looking books for 7th edition,. My wallet canna take it captain!
  12. Both look great. I have tentative plans to run A Cold Fire Within at some point, so looking forward to checking that out. The Dead of Winter will be a nice bonus though for sure.
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