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    Started with AD&D 1e and have played every edition but 3 and 3.5 Have played a smattering of CoC, Dark Sun, Star Frontiers, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Shadowrun.
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    As GM: I'm running 2 D&D 5e campaigns and now preparing to GM CoC 7e. As Player: The One Ring and Trail of Cthulhu.
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    Just an easy going dude with a love of TTRPGs.

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  1. Love to hate yes. I haven’t seen a CoC book they’ve published that doesn’t spark my interest. Great problem for Chaosium to have.
  2. I think I’m goign to hold off until the new edition comes out in 2 - 3 years. I’m sure the POD version will be great, but I just bought Harlem Unbound and will nab Malleus Monstrorum when it’s available in hardcover, and man I still need to eat. There’s a lot of books out now on my wish list, I’ll never “catch up.”
  3. I like it personally, it would also be great to see it in the blurbs / marketing material for the scenarios, particularly if that information was searchable.
  4. This is really the best response to all RPG rule arguments.
  5. Like many others, I’ll do a debrief for a one-shot, but never for an ongoing campaign. I find for a one-shot players may want to know simple things like “did we miss any clues?,” that type of thing.
  6. The three preview pages have me salivating, I want this goodness in my hands.
  7. “My librarian always has dynamite on hand, in case of emergency.”
  8. Great continuation of the body horror episode. Thanks
  9. Spitballing a couple ideas. How about the drawing of the cards and her readings are unknowingly influenced, perhaps by a trickster type like Nyarlathotep or entity from the Dreamlands? Or perhaps she finds a “special” deck of tarot cards that are actually a “Mythos Tome?” (Could be a great prop opportunity.)
  10. So many good looking books for 7th edition,. My wallet canna take it captain!
  11. Both look great. I have tentative plans to run A Cold Fire Within at some point, so looking forward to checking that out. The Dead of Winter will be a nice bonus though for sure.
  12. I haven't watched it yet personally, but here's the link for anyone interested.
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