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  1. An adventure seed in the Game Master Screen Pack mentions that he fled to Notchet. Edit: This was discussed some time ago in this thread:
  2. I suppose by making the starting character older. For every 10 years, the character gets 1 spirit magic point, 3 Rune points, and +5% in four skills (which is low compared to say the four experience checks a character gets per season).
  3. (Old) Orlanthi would use cows. 1 cow 🐄 = 20 lunars/guilders = 1 wheel.
  4. Sparkling Clearwine. And now I wonder if a fizzy wine with air bubbles is a good or bad wine for the Orlanthi.
  5. A non-canonical map was also created by Dan Z and posted here: Note that some landmarks are missing (see last comments).
  6. Actually there is one for Broos and for Ogres in Shadows on the Borderland (RQ3).
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