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  1. Rolling SAN until you lose max SAN for the creature seems like it could end up with way more rolling than I want to have at my table. What do you think would be a better way to handle it. I was thinking of a couple options, just roll the SAN loss and take it no SAN roll or have a single SAN roll and stage the SAN loss based on success level. Something like Success = 3/4 Hard Success = 1/2 Extreme Success = 1/4 Thoughts? Other ideas?
  2. Hi so I'm thinking of doing a short game around Ithaqua and the snowstorm and avalanche in wellington washington of 1910. I was wondering what some resources might be around Ithaqua, cults, other things that might fit. Thanks!
  3. Lets take Vampire specifically Full names of attributes and skills are listed each with 5 bubbles. At the bottom of the sheet is Attributes: 7/5/3 • Abilities:13/9/5 • Disciplines:3 • Backgrounds:5 • Virtues:7 • Freebie Points:15 (7/5/2/1). Ok now im not exactly sure how i use those but seem like i use those in some way to build a character. This is one of the earlier forms of good sheet design but still has a bunch of stuff missing. I mean I dont know what Disciplines are or Background. The Virtues are marked and im unclear what the 7/5/2/1 signification is on freebie other than it adds
  4. You missed the point, how many hours do you look at the book? how many hours do you want to be looking at the book? how many hours do you look at the character sheet? The character sheet is your cheat sheet for the game while you dont actually need rules or a character sheet to play an RPG the character sheet gets the most use. Can you provide an example of where the characters sheet improved an actual game so much as to be a major factor in how the game played? Vampire, Inspectors, any character sheet where the rules are on it. Even the Cthulhu one has some of the rules right there
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Character Sheet for Mythic Iceland Hack
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Mythic Iceland Call of Cthulhu 7th Hack, Derived on RPG works from Cthulhu Beyond the Ages, Mythic Iceland, MRQ2 Vikings, and A Game of Thrones. Requires Call of Cthulhu 7th and Mythic Iceland books. Inspiration also from the Banner Saga games.
  7. I disagree pretty strongly. The art on the sheet should invoke tone and mood. The character sheet is the single most important part of RPG design IMHO and often ignored. If you can get 80% of the rules on couple page character sheet and invoke mood of the game, you just won because that sheet is whats going to get looked at a whole lot more than the book. You might not need a ton of art but Shadow of the Demon Lord and the old gate look of Vampire the Masquerade are great examples where the sheet explains the tone and mood through some simple art.
  8. Yeah maybe when I have a final product with original art. Assuming I can convince one of my artist gamer friends to draw up something awesome.
  9. Glad to hear its on the radar. I just finished my first CoC 7th campaign and I'm doing Mythic Iceland next so I took CoC 7th + some stuff from through the ages, old mythic iceland, and mrq2 vikings (just because thats what I have) and mashed it together added my own flair. 25 pages later I found I didnt like any of the character sheets so I made this one. Mythic-Iceland-CharacterSheet.pdf
  10. Hello, I just wanted to say hi and that I am loving running 7th! I was a very occasional player in the past but I think CoC is now in top rotation for me as a keeper. I didnt even know that some simple changes would really improve the whole game experience for me.
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