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  1. Unfortunately the above is typical of adventure games-- and why I had really hoped this would be a role-playing game instead. Oh well.
  2. I certainly don't expect every gamer to want the same experience that I do. I have played table top RPG games for 30+ years and have even written some product. Many folks these days do not have such a background, and are looking for a faster gaming experience. Many people love adventure games, and don't want to take the time to digest all the nuances of a full RPG. That said, it remains true: 1) While there are many CoC adventure style games, there are virtually no CoC RPGs. This is an untapped market. 2) the Horror genre is not incompatible with a full RPG. Good Times Interactive's adaptation of White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade (Bloodlines and soon Bloodlines 2) is a good example of this. 3) Full RPG games like Dragon Age Inquisition are immensely profitable, more immersive, and offer far more replay value than a simple adventure title.
  3. I'm sorry MOB but why would we want to buy this video game? NOT ONE of the reviews you posted says it is a role playing game, or that is provides a simulated CoC tabletop gaming experience. They merely state it was "inspired" by CoC from Chaosium. It appears to be nothing more than an adventure game, and there are many CoC adventure games already on the market which provide an interesting distraction, but are not meaningful, and have no replay value. The industry does not need another title like that. Please find a video game partner who is committed to making an actual Chaosium style CoC full role-playing experience. That's what your fans want to buy. I will pay $100+ for such a title.
  4. I think the Fallout Franchise, Dragon Age, and others have proven the profitability of an RPG approach. More adventure only style games are simply dilution which lowers the potential profitability of a CoC computer title.
  5. I have a question about the new CoC computer game products being developed by Chaosium in partnership with Focus Home Interactive. Will these games be actual role playing games? Aka full character generator, skills, attributes, many different archetypes, experience points, leveling etc? The video trailers give the appearance that these games WILL NOT be RPG games, but rather adventure games. There are many CoC adventure games on the market, and I have no interest in another. Folks in the gaming community however are EXTREMELY interested in an actual CoC RPG game. There has only been one CoC RPG computer game developed to date (Stygian Reign of the Old Ones) and it has low production values, is loaded with bugs, and is incomplete. Please advise, thank you.
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