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  1. Eh, could argue he's not so much better if he's relying on my magic 😏 (I get your point, though) Battle Magic. I learned it at magnitude 5. Haven't ran into any crystals to enchant yet, so I didn't spend any IPs to make the spell permanent (also I kinda want to wait until I have maxed Pow so I can make max-level storages permanent, instead of spending IP on low-level ones), but I've been enchanting my necklace before going to bed to use the magic the next day. Thankfully we're sticking around a town so I can afford to spend half the day casting and sleeping. Don't think it'll work too well during wilderness quests. Also, random question, but do these storages work for other mages? I could hand them out to my other party members if I end-up making them permanent, or maybe sell them.
  2. That's a good flavor for it. My group is coming off from 5e, so we kinda leaned towards their classes. I envisioned a warrior clad in runed armor wielding a fiery sword lol Or a Paladin who self-buffs, but I didn't go for Divine Magic this time. I originally built a normal casty mage (just went for melee instead of ranged, since I figured my spells would cover range and I'd like to be good at Parry), but almost went down in one hit due to low Size and Con, so I decided I'd try buffing my defense stats a bit as not to go down in one hit again (was looking over spells to take with my IPs from last session). I then noticed that, if I buffed my offensive stats, I'd get slightly higher Combat than the Warrior (he has 16/13 on Str/Dex and I have 8/18. We both put 30 points in Combat). As of now, I wouldn't be able to do this, since he used his IPs to improve his Combat skill in-between sessions. I asked more out of curiosity, I intended to buff Size either way to get more HP. I kinda built around elemental damage and utility, so I run out of points a bit too quickly to buff (thankfully we have another primary caster in the party focused a bit more on heals and support, and everybody got a few self-buff spells as well). We do help one another, though!
  3. Thank you. I thought I was doing something wrong because my Sorcerer is better at melee than my friend's Warrior.
  4. Hey guys. I hope this is the right place to ask: Let's say I spent my 30 points during character creation to raise INT, DEX, and POW to 18, and chose to start as a Sorcerer (page 19). This gives me INT+40 in Sorcery Casting, or 58%. Now, let's say I choose Enhance (DEX) as one of my spells. I have 18 magic points, and can spend a maximum of 5 (or 6 if it rounds up) points in each category (magnitude, range, duration) when casting the spell. Can I spend 11 points to raise my DEX by 6 (1+5) for 4 hours (+5)? Can anything short of a Dispel 6 end the spell against my will (and before the duration runs out)? Later on, when my Sorcery Casting is 100% or over, can I spend another +5 on Duration to make it last a whole week? Does this work for any stat (like SIZ as well)?
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