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  1. A bit more overt with magic (and probably hard to find now) would be Pinnacle's Weird War II, which was a series of D20 sourcebooks detailing an occult World War 2. The main book is Blood on the Rhine, with Africa covered in Afrika Korpse, aerial monsters in Dead From Above, the Normandy invasion in Hell in the Hedgerows, the Eastern Front in Hell Freezes Over, and the Pacific Theater in Land of the Rising Dead. All of its magic is based on runes instead of old musty tomes, but that can either be ignored or integrated into a CoC campaign. There's also a Savage Worlds version, and I'm not sure how much of the D20 series it repeats or what's new in it.
  2. They also did World of Tales of the Crypt and World of Species for Masterbook in the licensed horror genre. According to Lumley's website, there were four supplements for World of Necroscope: Deadspeak Dossier, E-Branch Guide to Psionics, Wamphyri, and Operation: Nightside. One I've only heard about but never seen a copy of was Leading Edge Games' RPG for Bram Stoker's Dracula.
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