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    Been playing RPG's since 1986. Started out on basic DnD and moved to Top Secret, Call of Cthulhu. Played quite a lot of d6 Star Wars. Did not play for awhile until I got back into things in 2002.
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  1. Hey KZ. No problems at all. Its a collaborative community around here as it should be. If you want some help proof reading give me a yell.
  2. I have done a few stats for some normal animals and quite a few of the traditional fantasy beasts. I haven't posted that one yet since I didn't want to encroach on some other peoples work who are developing some fantasy beast guides of their own as monographs. I'll see if i can post up the mundane ones.
  3. BTW thanks for the comments from all those people who liked the Beasts of Harn pdf!
  4. Thanks for the kind comments guys, I promise to keep on working on it. I have a window of opportunity before i start my new job in four weeks and I kind of got a bit of inspiration last night from members of my group so I'm going to dig deep here and push on.
  5. I've just updated the blog if anyone is interested in current status.
  6. Hi guys just added something to the downloads section on Harnic monsters.
  7. 485 downloads

    A conversion of various Harnic Beasts for BRP Fantasy.
  8. Well its been quite awhile folks and I am entirely to blame for that. I won't bore people with the details except that I am on the move again residence wise, not as far as last time but a decent distance nevertheless. I had been hoping to finally upload BRP Star Wars in the next few weeks but I am going to defer once again. It does pain me to do this since I detest nothing more than vapourware and all sorts of needless spruiking and its partly due to my sensitivity to this issue that I am uploading a BRP conversion of Harnic beasts for our cohort of fantasy gamers that I have worked on to at least prove that I am actively working on stuff and not just a bag of wind! Rodney better known as our beloved threedsix from the forums can testify to my seriousness in regards the BRP star wars project since so far he is the only other person who has seen a working copy of it, albeit an earlier one. During this summer the current version 1.2 has seen a fantastic amount of play testing from within my RPG group the problem is that the more i ran the games the less and less I was happy with the conversion. It just lacked that star wars feel that I wanted it to have and the more I played it the less i liked it. Considering that i have been working on this for a good 18 months this was somewhat of a bitter realization that I disliked my own spawn. Consequently the other night the group had a meeting and we discussed some ways to get some zip back into the conversion. A popular alternative was to mine the old d6 system for some inspiration. I have been busy doing so and I have identified some possible ways to bring some concepts from that system into the BRP system. The dilemma is and this is the crossroads bit, is that its quite a bit of work to do those changes and I am kinda wanting to throw in the towel more than make them and just go back to playing d6. So I am thinking, thinking and thinking as to what to do. Even though I am unhappy with aspects of 1.2 and its still a bit rough in parts I might upload it anyway and see what people think. Let me know, and enjoy the Harn conversion.
  9. Hi guys just letting you know i have not fallen off the edge of the world. Yes the force is strong in this one but unfortunately the vagaries of the HoloNet have been a problem in my new system. This is the first web msg from my new residence. As alluded to have had some difficulty getting viable web access going currently communicating through an old dial-up server so everything takes ages. Hoping to post a blog entry next week and begin human relations again with all. Good to hear from you Rod I'll try and shoot you an advance progress report next week so we can catch up. Cheers All.
  10. Well once again guys its been some time since a post but today I can happily report that I have now completed my very last examination for this semester and the last obstacle in the path of progress has been set aside. Now the obvious up shot of this is that I can turn myself back to the fruits of BRP Star Wars and get the bloody thing done. So I am hoping to provide happy tidings soon. Please be patient and hang no effigies. For those north american brethren who have been hassling me because they want something to do in their long summer break you will soon get your hearts desire. Unfortunately for those BRP comrades in the southern hemisphere we have to do without the long summer break but at least we may game as a consolation.
  11. Well its been quite sometime since I posted a blog so i must apologise for the absence. So whats been going on? Where is the damned book? Well Rodney's been busy in the last few weeks working on some of the chapters. He has proofed up to chapter 8 with 9, 10 and the equipment annexure left to go. I haven't hassled him yet for the rest because I've just finished my amendments and I'm still incorporating his suggestions which at the moment are nearing completion. At the moment I am confident I'll have his last lot of changes complete in about one week. After that if Rod gets the remainder of his work back to me around that time (no firm plans yet) we could be looking at an up-loadable version by the end of the first week in June. So for the time being I'm going to return to the final edits and the rest of my university course and hope the next blog I post is the announcement of its impending release!
  12. My apologies to all for being unable to update things. as rod mentioned its been difficult to do things with my law stuff and rod's extra big ass fantasy game last week but matters are going well within the very limited contstraints of time forced on us. thanks for the sympathy tedopon and yes i shouldn't being anything either other than the joys of patent law etc. the last thing I've done is test out personal combat last weekend and trying to resolve the ionisation problem. the interest is very strong in the project which I'm pretty surprised about. I'll try and do a blog update sometime in the next few days. thanks for all the questions to everyone who keep asking.
  13. yeah the serial killer Plinkett is great. I think he stretches the criticism of some of the elements a bit too far in the clones review but his criticism overall is spot on. generally i felt a bit sadder from watching it than i did the phantom menace review it kind of hits you with the feeling that this was a great opportunity wasted.
  14. Yes, OMNIPOTENT with a bad ass looking seventies mustache! Obi-C-Holmes: "These aren't the virgins I'm looking for?" I noticed the link to the infamous "review" what did u think of it? I thought it was superb though I do have to disagree with him on a few points, a bit more so than I did with the phantom menace review.
  15. I suppose why not. You can call yourself Obi-C-Holmes and rely on your "natural" assets to scare off the badguys.
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