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    Been playing RPG's since 1986. Started out on basic DnD and moved to Top Secret, Call of Cthulhu. Played quite a lot of d6 Star Wars. Did not play for awhile until I got back into things in 2002.
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  1. BTW thanks for the comments from all those people who liked the Beasts of Harn pdf!
  2. Thanks for the kind comments guys, I promise to keep on working on it. I have a window of opportunity before i start my new job in four weeks and I kind of got a bit of inspiration last night from members of my group so I'm going to dig deep here and push on.
  3. 487 downloads

    A conversion of various Harnic Beasts for BRP Fantasy.
  4. Well its been quite awhile folks and I am entirely to blame for that. I won't bore people with the details except that I am on the move again residence wise, not as far as last time but a decent distance nevertheless. I had been hoping to finally upload BRP Star Wars in the next few weeks but I am going to defer once again. It does pain me to do this since I detest nothing more than vapourware and all sorts of needless spruiking and its partly due to my sensitivity to this issue that I am uploading a BRP conversion of Harnic beasts for our cohort of fantasy gamers that I have worked on to at l
  5. Well once again guys its been some time since a post but today I can happily report that I have now completed my very last examination for this semester and the last obstacle in the path of progress has been set aside. Now the obvious up shot of this is that I can turn myself back to the fruits of BRP Star Wars and get the bloody thing done. So I am hoping to provide happy tidings soon. Please be patient and hang no effigies. For those north american brethren who have been hassling me because they want something to do in their long summer break you will soon get your hearts desire. Unfortunate
  6. Well its been quite sometime since I posted a blog so i must apologise for the absence. So whats been going on? Where is the damned book? Well Rodney's been busy in the last few weeks working on some of the chapters. He has proofed up to chapter 8 with 9, 10 and the equipment annexure left to go. I haven't hassled him yet for the rest because I've just finished my amendments and I'm still incorporating his suggestions which at the moment are nearing completion. At the moment I am confident I'll have his last lot of changes complete in about one week. After that if Rod gets the remainder of his
  7. Despite the title this has nothing to do with Clinton, dope or Whitney. Its simply been a long week and unfortunately most of it hasn't been about role playing. I've been busy trying to produce three 2500 word law assignments which I can assure you that you do not want to hear about those. Well a quick update on the more interesting stuff is in order. Version 1.1 was completed last weekend and is now in the hands of Rod. Rod's edits are being worked into 1.2 and a big thanks for that if your reading this. At the moment however nothing appears set to interfere with its release this month but
  8. Trying to come up with catchy titles for this bog is quite demanding but i will keep on trying! Well a brief progress report. I am 99% certain we will be able to release this month if there are no horror scenarios that emerge. Now just a word about the revisions. Version 1.1 is almost complete which has resulted in some major changes. It will be done this weekend. Rodney (aka threedeesix) has been busy with reviewing and providing suggestions for edit. For a variety of reasons these changes will find themselves in v1.2. For those of you who are confused I was intending on releasing 1.1 but
  9. Trying to remember which movie i last heard this line from the title of this blog post), i think it was a comedy. Well its been a busy weekend! Some good news and bad. Firstly lets have the bad. I have stated that I wanted to get this puppy out sometime this week. I'm going to have to push this back to probably sometime in April. The reasons for this are (this is the good news) is the extra play testing i did on the weekend went so well that the quality of the input from those sessions is worth taking the time to reproduce in the rules. Most of the issues arising were quite simple ones lik
  10. Well as promised a review of how things go. Firstly the play test of the starship combat rules is continuing. No further problems are being encountered. Now progress overall. Instead of posting this here I will place it in the forum.
  11. Just a quick update. Ran a limited play test on the starship combat rules and immediately ran into some minor problems with the sensor rules. Some issues also arose with the concurrent use of the Piloting skill and starship weapons skill. This will require a little more work to fix than the sensor problem, however it won't affect the overall combat modelling. Generally things are proceeding well. Will give a more comprehensive review tomorrow on the editing of version 1.00 BRP Star Wars.
  12. When I first got my hands on the new BRP rule set a number of vistas opened up that could finally be explored. The first was that my kids now had the capacity to play RPG's that didn't have mind numbing complexity (d20 anyone?) and secondly it was possible to develop a number of games that I had enjoyed over the years into BRP rules. Fantasy was my first port of call and anyone whose had contact with me last year may have been aware that I was working on some fantasy resources which I wanted to upload but never got round to. When I turned my attention to sci-fi last year it was to traveler th
  13. At the moment I've been contemplating the exclusion of the Education characteristic from my "developing" book on BRP Star Wars RPG. At the time I didn't really think about it much and its exclusion was due to oversight and nothing more but I'm beginning to think it was an error. At the time I was also thinking about including a new Willpower characteristic which I ended up dismissing and substituting it for another mechanism which i later discarded. Even though Power in the generic rules reflects the willpower aspect of a character, (which in my version becomes "Force") I was not entirely happ
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