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  1. Maybe "The Fountain" would qualify as a Heroquesting movie.
  2. "Immortals" "Centurion" "The Eagle" "Clash of the Titans" & "Wrath of the Titans" "Valhalla Rising"
  3. This is more a thought than a query, but I just wanted to gouge if this sounds feasible. Since Clearwine is so famous for its wine, the hills surrounding the city should consist of quite sandy soil. That to facilitate the growth of the grapes (provided clearwine grapes are not some magical plants that thrive on different soil). So the Colymar could already build and use wine cellars (either their own invention or because of a vision a certain Earth Godess sent along with the grapes themselves). Same cellars could be used apart from normal bacchanal behaviour for all kinds of clandestine rituals, house hidden shrines to diverse deities and/or forgotten treasures, secreted away from the Lunar occupiers. I envision the wine cellars below and around Clearwine as a quite extensive network whose full extent nobody knows (such as in Retz, Austria ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retz) Question: who is the godDes of wine making itself?
  4. That's exactly what I was doing. But it seems I didn't get far enough, hence my questions. I concur that Queen Leika has to choose/got chosen for her leaders/advisors from all over the Colymar tribe. My question is more to the point (that Mirza answered already), if those Ernaldori on the tribal council could also be part of the Ernaldori clan council. I am torn and trying to think if that is viable at all. Like some ministers of a provincial government being part of a federal government at the same time. I understand that modern political obligations vary slightly to those of a high-magical bronze Age. But still dancing on two different partys at the same time appears to me too demanding.
  5. The (wonderful) adventure booklet to the GM-Screen introduces some NPCs in Clearwine; to be specific Queen Leika of the Colymar and some other important citizens of Clearwine. My first question is, are those other NPCs the inner ring of the Colymar Tribe? Couldn’t or shouldn’t Ernaldori-chief Baranthos’ inner ring overlap with that of Queen Beti? What about Hareva Weaver (proprietor of the Ram’s Head in Clearwine)? Is she a counsellor to the Queen or to the chief or to whomever? Does “counsellor” mean she’s a member of the inner or outer ring somewhere? I know, that I could answer those questions myself (all my creations are in a folder on my PC labelled “my glorantha varies”), but I was wondering, what the consensus about that would be. Thanks again.
  6. MPs were the only currency I could think of to tax the mage with. I thought as well, that it goes against the current view on MP-spending for Sorcerers. Maybe something else comes up, if at all it has to.
  7. Dear all, I am contemplating the following houserules to RQG Sorcery. 1) As long as the Sorcerer mastered the Magic-Rune, he may learn and cast any sorcery spell. It just gets very MP-costly accordingly. 2) Inscribed spells set in at DEX-SR the following round (or even the same round?). 3) It‘s possible to use extra MPs to negate the delaying effect of high-powered spells in a ratio 1:1. Example: A spell, which normally costs 6 MPs boosted by 6 MPs extra would set in at DEX-SR the following round. 4) I a still unsure whether to keep Free INT or not. Keeping it, means forcing the player to restrict his characters active grimoire, his Rune-/Technique-/Form-repertoire and Spirit magic spells severely. 5) Mages, that mastered the Magic-Rune, get one free XP-roll per mastered Rune/Technique/Form to a spell of their choosing each season analogous to „Experience between Adventures“ an page 416 of RQG. This to boost spell-percentages, which otherwise wouldn‘t increase as easily as for example Listen, Broadsword or Shield-skills. Lastly some new spells I think should be a thing: Enhance STR (Summon, Air) .. accordingly to Enhance INT Enhance DEX (Summon, Water) Enhance CON (Summon, Earth) Enhance SIZ (Summon, Darkness) On the other hand all of those should be possible by using the Man-Rune with the Summon-Technique. Like ... Enhance INT (Summon, Man), Enhance CON (Summon, Man), etc. Or even better in my view ... Enhance INT (Combine, Man, Truth), Enhance CON (Combine, Man, Stasis), etc. Decrease STR (Dispel, Air) Decrease DEX (Dispel, Water) Decrease CON (Dispel, Earth) Decrease SIZ (Dispel, Darkness) Decrease INT (Dispel, Fire) Decrease POW (Dispel, Moon) .. isn't that already a thing somewhere? Please don‘t get me wrong. I like the rules as they are, but just want to give Sorcery a bit of a boost. If some or all of this seems to much, please advise. This should by no means seem like a criticism of the authors wonderful work.
  8. One of my players got very lucky during establishing family history and now sits on roughly 2.000L. He now asked me, how he could invest all that money. Specifically he wanted to sponsor a new shrine or build his own house. I was loathe to just guess, that's why I am asking here. So is there a more complete list of goods and services anywhere? Thanks.
  9. It could be both since we will start with the new Apple Lane adventures and transition to The Smoking Ruins afterwards, if they can be persuaded to it. I wanna give my players the possibility to choose to go wherever and follow whichever play-stile they want. So they could derail "my plans" pretty quickly, if they choose to leave Apple Lane to itself and head in the general direction of Magastas Pool. Please don't get me wrong. I don't think, that there is something wrong with Sorcery in RQG. It is not my intention to try to emulate D&D. See I am aware, that Sorcery in RQG has a much different role in Glorantha, It is an asset in rpg-heavy adventures, that I wanna highlight for sure. But since I am new to RQG (but sure not RPGs as a whole) I just wanted some pointers from those who know more about Runequest.
  10. I hope some of you can help me with my following question. I too was thoroughly underwhelmed by Sorcery as shown in TSR and so I was in trouble. As a new and enthusiastic GM to RQG I presented Sorcery to one of my players a week prior to TSRs release as the kind of Sorcery the others don't have and as such it would be his characters u.s.p.. Since he trusts me, he took the bait creating a Lhankor Mhy initiated Scribe (he didn't want to go for the philosopher). So now I am thinking, what should his next steps after gaining some experience be? How could I help him achieve a modicum of impact in the game (provide him with a sorcerous entourage? magic items? bound spirits? new spells?). All this should be using RAW in their best, player-friendliest version. I am no friend of munchkinnery, but since we did some D&D lately I wanna soften the shock of transition a bit. 😉 Thanks you all.
  11. Please correct me (gently) if I am wrong, but to me the objects of subcults are akin to saints. Take for example St. Michael. The same St. Michael is revered by the Catholic Church as well as the Greek Orthodox Church. As well as in the Torah and the Quran, etc. etc.. So to me subcults for the same gloranthan hero/demigod could exist even across different cults. If they don't exist, I don't mind either way. Could a subcult exist outside of the main cult? Why not! If the subcultists decide, that there gods teaching is not in line with the main cult anymore (brought to you due to some nefarious heroquesting by a bunch of Lunar Heroes), they just pack up and go (after some heavy religious and probably civil uprising).
  12. Hello again, I recently watched Psycho Pass, which is a near-future anime where "emotion-reading" is possible and deviant thinking can get oneself killed by a special police squad. All of this is made possible through an advanced AI, that pretty much oppresses society. Now apart from the mind-reading, which is not a thing in Glorantha, I wondered if a tyrannical chief like for example Harvar Ironfist could have used his clans/tribes wyter to oppress his people. If so, did the wyter cooperate willingly (because it's a robot) or not? And now, that the "tyrant" is no more, is the new King of the Vantaros tribe at loggerheads with that wyter? Does it need a heroquest to "cleanse" the spirit? Or do they even have to seek a new wyter altogether because the old one is bent for good? Could such a bent wyter even exist at all and start to be a negative influence on a community by its own (the dog vs tail conundrum)? I know, that wyters need the community to provide magic points, but what if an upper echelon of nobles or a misguided sect, who profits from an oppressed tribe, would be in league with that malign spirit? What about the other sub-wyters (other clans, temples, etc.)? Is there something like wyter-on-wyter civil war possible? Thanks a lot.
  13. Hello. Is there any official information about how the Sun Dome in Sartar stood politically during the Lunar occupation of Sartar? Were they neutral, did their troops fight abroad or did they even lend a hand to the Lunars? Or were they themselves occupied or cowed into submission („stand aside or else“). Sun-Worshipers and Storm-Worshipers don’t get along too well as it is, but post 1625 those differences could spike. Thanks a lot. P.S.: Sorry that this post was added to the "Group Read". I tried to transfer it to the main Glorantha-forum, alas was unable to.
  14. Hello, as a newbie in Glorantha I am trying to get a grip on the awesome concept of heroquesting. What I want to know is, how is it done? On the one hand from the point of view of the hero quester and on the other hand ruleswise (RQG). Is it "just" ritualistic reenactment wholly done on the middle plane? Is it a ritualistic reenactment (or “just” a ritual without the reenactment) that transports the heroquester to the desired hero plane (in person or just the soul, like a dream journey)? Is it a conscious “planeshift” to the heroplanes by a spell (which spell?) at the climax of a ritual or a portal at the center of holy site/the bottom of a nameless dungeon/the belly of a true dragon? Is there a connection between the hero planes and the spirit plane? Could a shaman get to the heroplanes via the spirit plane? Is it all of that or more? Does it vary depending on the Hero Quest? Or is it nothing like that? Is there a definite (upcoming?) answer? Or does it fall under YGMV (which I could live with)? Thanks a lot
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