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  1. @Jeff Thank you kind sir, for your clarification. It is always a good thing to get it from the Hippogriffs's Beak. 😉 I do like the strict doctrine.... Also to everyone else who has replied (Too many to quote, but you know who you are 😉 ), and thus contributed to this discussion... Thank you all so much, this is great, and it is fantastic to see so many different opinions expressed in a civil manner. Such an awesome community. Do not stop, I am quite enjoying this discussion. Have learned a lot, and should I ever play a Chalana Arroy, will use all of your input for reference. Thank you again everyone. (Awesomeness)
  2. Reading the Sourcebook, I found Chalana Arroy to be quite interesting in a few respects. And possibly quite an interesting thing to play a member of the cult...... The entry for Chalana Arroy on page 117 of the Sourcebook provides quite explicit taboos with regard to life and living things, Chaos excepted.... First question.... While Chalana Arroy is listed among the Deities of Air, there is no reference in the image of the Genealogy of the primary Air deities on page 107. (I did check the PDF this time to no avail) I am wondering if this is an error or is it that she was left off because she is the daughter of Glorantha, and thus has no lineage as such. This is just a curiosity..... In the Sourcebook, page 117, it states "Worshipers of Chalana Arroy practice total non-violence and take an oath never to harm a living creature". I'll assume that accidents happen and the ant that was not seen and was unknowingly stepped on is down to fate. How would this be played ? I have ideas, but am curious as to the intent. In the core rulebook it states, on page 290... "An initiate must take an oath never to harm an intelligent creature or needlessly cause pain to any living thing." There seems to be, from a certain perspective, quite a difference between the two books.... Which is it to be ? Also, was the decision of Chalana Arroy to cease being passive the reason that she became able to cure disease, and heal wounds ? I would assume that is the reason, but.... Curiosity. I am thinking the passive nature that Arroin urged her to mantain was that of not interfering in any way with the world (Not violence / non-violence), thus taking action gave her the position of primary healer ????? I may not have worded this particularly well, but it will have to do for now..... Thanks for any insights, and your take on this curious cult and Goddess.
  3. Cannot seem to reply with quotes or tags, just keeps saying "saving" in the bottom left..... Er... right Thank you Andrew for the replies. Have the atlas and found the location. The physical book Scotty, not keen on electronic publications....
  4. Finished reading the book. Good read. Probably less enthused about the Lunar Empire now 😉 (Never intended to play a Lunar anyway, but, things can change....) They are a strange bunch, and, well, chaos...... Two , make that three questions..... Page 181, last paragraph, last sentence.... And I will quote.... They accepted luxurious gifts and Lunar wives, who entered the cults of their land and taught some Lunar magic to a That's it... Next page starts with a new paragraph. Page 185, last paragraph... Will quote.... In 7/18 (1589) Procottus the Sailor took his first three Moon Boats over the empty, foggy wastes of Fronela and landed secretly among one of the Arrolian city-states there That's for that one. Could be lack of punctuation, but I get the feeling something is missing.... Bonus question (Not about missing text).... Where in Balazar is Gonn Orta ???Sounds like a very cool giant, that would be great to meet. (Page 208)
  5. Euro-centric..... What other culture has produced such fine sculptures ? And I'm not trying to be (insert anything you like here) Seriously though, show me an image of anything as beautiful in marble (which I do like the most) by anyone other than the Greeks or Romans. I'm willing to look and admire, but I have no knowledge of anything as realistic from anyone else. Sure, the Chinese and Japanese produced some great work, but is it as realistic ? As fine and true to form. I am not trying to take away from other works from those of other cultures, but credit where credit is due. I especially love the veils, blows my mind that that can be depicted so well in stone....
  6. I'm not one to usually get into a discussion like this, but...... The artwork is fantastic. There is no smut. It very much captures the "ancient" feel that the game is set in. Get over it. This is not D&D. (And you may rail against me for this, and I do not care, but I object to the whole six gender thing that panders to the wokeness pervading our culture today). I play these games to escape that shit, but can ignore it and say "that is not MY Glorantha" too easy. Maybe you should do the same. I'll link a bonus for you and all who visit this thread, some of the finest sculptures ever created by the hand of man, and many from the ancient world....... There is nothing sexual about them, it is about capturing the human form, and doing so as accurately as possible. This is art at it's finest.... ( I hope the link works, if not will attempt to edit) No Words - A Journey Through Sculptural Mastery Across the Ages - YouTube
  7. @Psullie @Nick Brooke @Sid Vicarious Thank you very much fellas. Will see how I go. Awesome.....
  8. G'day all. I am making this thread to ask about reliable sources for Runequest material in Australia. Specifically RQRIG. I understand that Chaosium has a warehouse here in Oz (awesome), however there must be retailers that are for want of a better word "regulars". Here is why I ask... I have the RQRIG slipcase set (fantastic), the Guide to Glorantha (fantastic), the Quickstart and the second edition reprint in hardcover (nostalgia). Usually I will buy from a company in Melbourne, Milsims (which I did for the mentioned titles), who I have found to be excellent over the years. My concern is this, they do not have The Red Book of Magic listed for pre-order. This is no complaint about Milsims in any way, so by now I would have expected to see it listed for pre-order by now for said title, considering it is on the way to warehouses. Also I have no idea how Chaosium markets in Australia or what outlets are preferred. If that is even a thing. This is probably the most important question for me..... If I order from Chaosium, does the item ship from the Australian warehouse ? Or does it ship from somewhere else with potentially horrendous postage costs ? This is the key for me. I wish to support local business, but if they will not get the stock, I'll have to go elsewhere..... Are there any Aussies on here that can help me out with this please????? Have a good one all.
  9. Looks like I have discord sorted. Let me know when/if/how to set up and get the ruffles smoothed. (I have never used discord)
  10. Cheers mate, I have discord installed, and have an account for roll 20, just having a bitch of a time accessing my emails to verify the discord account (should also test audio before locking me in). Fantasising about feeding the provider to the Crimson Bat..... ;) Will continue to try this evening and will let you know how I go no later than Saturday evening so you can get another. Cheers for the offer, I just hope I can get discord working, and would be happy for any help from you.
  11. I would be interested, though I have not played in decades, do not know Roll20 (I do have an account), and have enjoyed the White Bull campaign... I have no webcam, let me know what I need besides beer, and I'll see what I can do, but do not pin hopes on me. ( I do like the idea of finally getting to play, if I can). How soon do you plan to start ? (time to get and set up a cam if needed) Also character generation could be an issue, unless I get help..... Feel free to dismiss this at a glance though. EDIT: OOPS, underway, ok, I could join, but do not know if I would be of use in time. Up to you....
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEXU291OmYY
  13. Two points, 1 the youtube link ends at about 1 hour 4 minutes..... No further film, 2 I had to use my search skill, looked behind the fridge, under the lounge and even in the bin ;) and found the remainder (whole session) by clicking on Mr Skorkowskis' twitter link and discovered a link to the twitch channel. May I suggest linking the twitch feed in the op ? A good watch, enjoyed it a lot. I have not played in over 30 years, so was a good way to relive the game. I hope you do in fact finish this adventure. I look forward to the next session, may the gods be with you all.
  14. Thank you very much, I will do so. Thank you, all good ideas / information. Thank you, again good ideas. They will exist in MY Glorantha, that seems to me to be the best part. Thanks again for the replies fellas.
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