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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEXU291OmYY
  2. Two points, 1 the youtube link ends at about 1 hour 4 minutes..... No further film, 2 I had to use my search skill, looked behind the fridge, under the lounge and even in the bin ;) and found the remainder (whole session) by clicking on Mr Skorkowskis' twitter link and discovered a link to the twitch channel. May I suggest linking the twitch feed in the op ? A good watch, enjoyed it a lot. I have not played in over 30 years, so was a good way to relive the game. I hope you do in fact finish this adventure. I look forward to the next session, may the gods be with you all.
  3. Thank you very much, I will do so. Thank you, all good ideas / information. Thank you, again good ideas. They will exist in MY Glorantha, that seems to me to be the best part. Thanks again for the replies fellas.
  4. I have a humble request of the community, as I am not great with converting anything. I have noticed, to my dismay that there is no entry, reference, or mention of the noble Pegasus anywhere in the Runequest rules or the Bestiary. I may have missed something, but looked at the second edition (my starting point), and no mention there either. Does anyone know if this is intentional, or an oversight ? Regardless, I would like to request advice on how to "make one", so that I may be able to utilise such a noble beast if and when I get to running a game. I have little idea as to what statistics would be appropriate, but think that maybe a warhorse would be a good base. Maybe, maybe a lighter horse. As for flying, I have absolutely no idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. (Also, seems odd that an expansion "Pegasus Plateau" would be a thing if there is no such creature in the game)
  5. I noticed that. It's a very good illustration of the world structure, but not much as a map. I do quite like it. Very good maps indeed, thank you for the link. Would be fantastic to be able to get them on paper or, better still cloth/canvas.... Genertela at 1 metre by 2 metres, and Glorantha at 1 Metre by 1 metre would be epic.
  6. I was referring to what is actually printed on the slipcase, and on the gamemasters pack that came with it. That being the most important, as it is essentially "as advertised", however, the website was also where I first read it was included. I have the Guide to Glorantha on order though. However it would have been nice to have the map I had hoped for, as it would be great on the wall. Thanks for the reply and info though.
  7. I recently bought the slipcase set, and it clearly states on the cover that a map "Of Glorantha Itself" is included... There is Apple Lane, Clearwine, Dragon Pass, but no Glorantha….. I hate to be "That Guy" but I did pay good money for this edition and that map was a carrot (I love maps). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Fantastic presentation and evolution of my favourite setting, by the way. Love the artwork and expanded character generation and bestiary. Just redo duck pond, duck tower and duck point (Ducks are cool)
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